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Good food to freeze for a new mom?

Thansk for all the great suggestions, and the post to prior links. Much appreciated!

Good food to freeze for a new mom?

Thansk for all the great suggestions, and the post to prior links. Much appreciated!

Albuquerque/Santa Fe Food-need suggestions

Abolita's in Albuquerque. Best breakfast burritos out there.

Cucumbers + Tomatoes = Gazpacho

I made a gazpacho this weekend - greek style. I included about 3tbl fresh oregano and kalamata olives. When you are serving, sprinkle the top with feta cheese. (inspired from Ina Garten)

She paired the gazpacho with a greek nicoise salad platter with roasted salmon in a dijon sauce instead of tuna. It was divine.

What do you go "out" for?

Good pizza, my oven just doesn't get hot enough.

And pho. Haven't mastered that broth. Anyone have a good recipe?

Cook the Book: '100 Best Vegetarian Recipes'

There are so many, but my favorite meatless meal of late the smoked tofu from vegan yum yum. It makes a delicious dinner and lunch the next day (stuffed in a pita with some spinach and mustard - yum).

Tofu (For Carnivores...) ?

While pressing tofu and freezing it both really help with firming up the tofu, if you don't have the forethought (which I often dont) I think baking tofu works like a charm. You just need to put enough olive oil in the dish so it will crisp up. And as always with tofu, cook it longer than you think.

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Lemon Aid

Love the idea with firefly vodka. I would just say lots of lemons and a splash of agave. Agave is brilliant for dissolving in cold water.

Suggestions for Eating out in New Orleans?

I would second (in a big way) the Cochon recommendation. Ate there recently and had a to-die-for meal. They have oven roasted oysters that are incredible and the entrees were just amazing. Great cocktails as well.

Moving to Boston: What's in Store?

There is a GREAT sandwich shop/restaurant owned by a girl from Minneapolis called Mike & Pattys in the Back Bay that is just to die for. I don't miss it when I go to Boston, and neither do any of my friends. 12 church street.

Cook the Book: 'Real Cajun'

I love Cochon, just ate there on a trip to New Orleans this past weekend. Favorite childhood food memory has to be my mom making toast smothered in molasses whenever I stayed home sick.

Can't-Miss Eats in DC?

Yes, there is a farmer's market in DuPont Circle on Sunday. It is just opposite the metro station (O street exit). Eastern Market is open on both Saturday and Sunday (in capital hill) and has some great produce as well.

As for food it depends on price range, but I would recommend Cork, 2 Amys (to die for pizza and an amazing char roasted eggplant appetizer) and Central if you want to class it up a bit. Have fun!

Cook the Book: 'Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating'

Mark makes quick cooking easy and accessible so I am less tempted to eat out or pick up some processed food to eat quickly. After following Mark Bittman's column closely and reading some of Michael Pollan's work I am so inspired to cook everything myself starting from whole ingredients rather than eating processed/pre-cooked food.

Cook the Book: 'Kneadlessly Simple'

banana bread with a bit of strong coffee in it. Mmmm... dreaming of it right now!

Dinner Tonight: Bucatini alla Lipari (Bucatini With Raw Nut Pesto and Tomato Sauce)

A bit of lemon juice and healthy sprinkling of salt right before serving goes a long way in this recipe.


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