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good pre theater restaurant

where can myself and my family-6 of us including 2 kids-14 and 9 eat pre-theater.around the hirschfeld theater area-46th street.dont want a diner but not looking for a le cirque type place either.however i do want a restaurant with a culinary trained chef-preferably-american-continental-eclectic food.dont mind spending the bucks for a good meal.thanks for any suggestions

good place for late afternoon appetizers and dessert

will be in mid-town for my wifes birthday sat dec 20 and want to go someplace good for us to have drinks-appetizers-dessert-maybe a full meal but probably not-we could make a menu of excellent appetizers a full meal for us

want to go someplace like Ed reviews on "reservations required"
good chef-good food

thanks for any suggestions

wifes birthday

from the island and coming to spend the day in manhattan next saturday and want a good restaurant for mid to late afternoon-not lunch not dinner-something light-maybe a dessert place-something nice-maybe downtown-village-soho-thanks for any suggestions

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