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Eating in Taipei

Thanks for the great tips everyone! I haven't been back to Taiwan since I was 8 or 9 and the only food memory I have is going to a McDonalds and the live frogs being prepped in my grandparents' kitchen for that night's dinner. How would you rate the cost of food and eating there?

How was your (wedding) food?

We just got married in September and I have to say our food was awesome for both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception. We were working on a budget but food was really important to us so we cut other places to be able to afford the food we wanted.

We started with passed appetizers which included shrimp scalling potstickers, spicy eggplant tingmo, crab cakes, and shiitake chopsticks. The dinner itself was served family style so people could taste a little of everything and everybody could get served at the same time.

The salad was a Tuscan grill bread salad with pesto, kalamata olives, mozzarella, and coppacola. The entrees were black cod with shiitakes and sesame salad, pork belly with muscat figs, lacinato kale with lemon and toasted garlic, garlic fried smashed potatoes, and brown butter delicata squash.

For dessert we had a donut lounge where they did made to order donuts with you choice of chocolate sauce, caramel, vanilla mascarpone, or a seasonal jam. We also had a cake that we got at a local bakery who does pretty cakes. We saved money by just ordering a regular cake and not a wedding cake because the regular cake looked like it could have been a wedding cake but for far less money.

This post is already super long so I won't put up what we had at our rehearsal dinner but that was amazing too. It was just a great food weekend that helped make it a perfect wedding.

Win Fuchsia Dunlop's 'Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper'

My favorite would be the jiaozi (dumplings) we would make every Sunday when I was growing up. A close second would be za jiang mien...which I'm sad to say I haven't had in years.

Matching Wine with Food?

I highly recommend the book What to Drink with What You Eat by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page. They have an extensive list of pairings, and it isn't just wine but also things like beer and water!

Whole salmon

Thanks for the suggestions, I may have to pass on the poaching in my sink though. To answer Wookie's question, it's a 6.5 pound sockeye.

Mac n' Cheese: Tips?

I usually make a bechamel for my mac and cheese and fold in cheese and partially cooked macaroni before putting it in a casserole and baking.

For a pound of macaroni I'll use 6 tablespoons of butter, 1/2 cup of flour, and about 5 1/2 cups of milk. I'll cook my macaroni a few minutes short of the suggested cooking time on the box and then rinse with cold water to stop the cooking.

Start by making a roux with the butter and flour and then slowly pour in the milk (whisking the whole time). After you've got all the milk incorporated and the sauce has thickened season it with salt, pepper, and some cayenne. Next stir in some sharp cheddar (I usually use sharp white cheddar) and pecorino, about 4-5 cups total with most of it being cheddar. Of course how much cheese you want depends on your taste. Then I'll incorporate in my partially cooked macaroni and transfer to a casserole. Next I'll top it with more cheese and some buttered breadcrumbs before I pop it into a 375 oven until it gets browned on top, usually about a half hour.

Hope this helps!

Seriously Delicious Giveaway: Zingerman's Gift Certificate

i love me some chevre

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Bacon of the Month Club

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Two Peter Luger Steaks

Bone in ribeye!

Win Your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Elements of Cooking'

Care and respect for the food you are cooking.

What''s your favorite way to eat peanut butter?

My favorite is on warm toast where it starts to get a little melty

Cook the Book: 'How to Cook Everything Vegetarian' Book Giveaway

Curried lentils with roasted cauliflower

Cook the Book: 'How to Cook Everything Vegetarian' Book Giveaway

Farro with Swiss chard and chanterelle mushrooms...the ultimate comfort food!

Weekend Book Giveaway: Judith Jones's 'The Tenth Muse'

How could I not choose Julia

Terrific Local Products

We just love the beef, pork, bacon, chicken, and eggs we get from Skagit River Ranch here in western Washington State. In the summers we also get fresh halibut and salmon that had just been swimming a couple of days before and was never frozen. There's also a local forager who sells at the farmers' markets in Seattle and I just love to get all sorts of things from him...chanterelles, morels, lobster mushrooms, huckleberries, sea beans, etc. Being in the Pacific Northwest we're pretty lucky with all the fresh produce around here as well.

Eating in Taipei

We're headed over to Taipei for a couple of weeks in the spring and was wondering if anyone has recommendations for places to eat and things to try while we're there.

Organic Seeds for the Vegetable Garden

I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for where to get seeds for a vegetable garden, preferably organic and/or heirloom varieties. We just rotated our second set of veggies in for the summer which we got from starts from Seattle Tilth, but now I'm starting to think ahead to the fall.

Whole salmon

We just picked up a whole wild salmon from the farmers market and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. What would you do with a whole salmon that's only been out of the water one day? Would you fillet it? Cut steaks? Cook it whole?

Your favorite place to dine in San Francisco

I'm heading down to San Francisco in a couple weeks for work and was wondering if folks had any recommendations for their favorite places to eat down there. I haven't been there in a couple of years but I already have reservations at Chez Panisse, and I'm thinking about Jardiniere and Zuni Cafe. Any others people would suggest?

Any ideas for left over apples?

I have a bunch of apples left over and was wondering if anyone has any ideas or good recipes they might want to offer up. I'm a little apple pied out (never thought I'd say that) and there are just too many to eat raw. I have granny smith, cameo, and fuji all procured from a local farmer so I definitely don't want them to go to waste. What is your favorite apple dish?

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