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Biscotti Book

I was able to order it on Amazon, but they could never deliver (nice, eh?). I'll try Alibris... Thanks for the feedback. I'm looking for a really good recipe that includes chocolate (powder)... Any thoughts?

Boston Restaurant Recommendations (seafood and Asian especially)

Ok - it's easy. Legal Seafood - yes it's a chain but their seafood is not terribly overpriced and always, consistently, very good. The clam chowder is thick and creamy (and not all potatoes!) and their wine list is excellent. Union Oyster House is fun for the atmosphere - sit at the bar and get apps.

Good cheap and interesting in Boston - try Casablanca in Harvard Square. It's an institution (been there a very long time) and is absolutely delicious. Just get several items from the apps menu and enjoy (Make sure olives are part of your meal!).

Boston is also very good for Italian food (think about it - Italy is a penninsula - so you can get seafood and Italian together!) There are many good Italian restaurants in the North End. Do some homework though, there are also tourist destinations that are disappointing.

Enjoy our fair city! It's a great city to walk around in and has so much to offer!

Biscotti Book

I make a killer anise biscotti. It's a modified recipe from a book I can no longer get (at least through Amazon). Anyone have any suggestions on either a) how to get a copy of the book "Biscotti" by Lou Siebert and Piet Halberstadt or a reliable source for biscotti recipes? (A reliable source would offer recipes for traditional Italian style biscotti, not just any old cookie in a biscotti shape). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Grazie!

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