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What You Taste When You Taste Sumatran Coffee

Why is Sumatran coffee so contentious? Coffees in Sumatra are traditionally processed using a method called Giling Basah, or wet-hulling, which results in a coffee that leaves the farm with a much higher moisture content than other methods used more popularly worldwide. Coffee processed this way tend to be described as herbaceous, spicy, wild, mushroomy, funky, earthy, and other things that may or may not sound good to you. More

How Japanese-Style Slow-Drip Coffee Brewers Work

Japanese slow-drip cold coffee brewers make a concentrate of patiently wrought coffee one drip at a time. These handsome towers use the variable of lots of time, not lots of temperature, to extract a brew that's more subtle and aromatic than cold brew methods that require steeping grounds completely in water. More

These In-Season Winter Coffees Will Melt Your Blues Away

Coffee (it's a fruit!) is fresher at certain times of the year. But keeping track can be a little confusing. Between what's arriving to roasters now, countries with multiple harvest seasons, and the time it takes coffee to travel from its country of origin to the roaster, it can be hard to know what's freshest. Want to drink what's best right now? More

Coffee Maker History: The Moka Pot

Though it's essentially a percolating device, Bialetti legend suggests that the machine was inspired by early clothes-washing machines which used a heat source to boil a pail of sudsy water and cause it to rise up out of a tube, which could be aimed at soiled laundry. More

Is Shade-Grown Coffee Better?

As a savvy coffee consumer, you know by now that a deep stack of feel-good adjectives like 'shade-grown', listed at the top of your coffee bag, may sometimes be deceiving. A coffee that's fair trade, organic, hand-picked, and roasted by people who've never been late to return a library book is better than a coffee that isn't, right? Could be—but what do you mean by better? Does shade-grown coffee taste better? Let's find out what it is to begin with. More

The Mastery of Tasting Chocolate

As with wine and coffee, chocolate lovers increasingly have the benefit of being able to identify incredibly specific growing origins of their favorite finished product. But do we make assumptions we shouldn't based on the label? What can we really know about what a chocolate is going to taste like based on the country of origin written on the bar? More

Throw Away Your Blade Coffee Grinder

@Adam: I still think the Hario Ceramic Slim is great. Some prefer the Skerton b/c you can turn it into a sealable jar, but since I don't keep ground coffee around, I now use my Skerton as a spice grinder. :)

Throw Away Your Blade Coffee Grinder

It's always fun to do taste tests, but I'm not sure why we need either science or a panel of experts and laypersons to confirm the obvious fact that larger particles and smaller particles will extract coffee from coffee grounds at different rates. This will result in more inconsistent results, uneven brews, and, it follows, coffee that tastes less reliable and balanced than if you were brewing it with coffee pieces that were cut to the same size. But, hey! It takes all kinds to make a world.

Where to Drink Coffee in Midtown Manhattan

As stated in the bright orange letters in the first paragraph, we actually ran one of these in 2011. I guess you missed that one since you forgot to troll it.

That's incredulous!

The Serious Eats Guide to Pourover Coffee

Hey Adam! A Clever is a pourover, but it's also an immersion brewer (which steeps water and coffee together, like a French press)—and at the end of the day, it's probably more of the latter, that just happens to conically drip down. Many of the awesome parts of the brewing experience (aroma, great final cup) are the same in a Clever as in the other methods though, it's just a slightly different mode of extraction since the coffee doesn't drip straight through as it is brewing. Good question!

Where to Buy Coffee on the Internet

In case it wasn't clear (apparently it wasn't!) I intentionally rounded up places that curate a wide selection of beans from different roasters, for people who like to change it up and experiment with different styles. Many, many, if not all small and quality based roasters sell their own coffee online--but if you've never heard of them before, how would you know to order?

And yes, Sweet Maria's is truly wonderful, but they're largely considered a green coffee resource and not a roasted one. And FoodPorncess? TMI!

Which Is the Best Bottled Cold Brew Coffee?

Both Birch Coffee and NolitaMart offer cold brew in growlers here in New York City.

We Try The New Starbucks Hazelnut Macchiato

wingedcoyote: My information about this being the first permanent new addition to the espresso menu in 16 years is from Starbucks.

The Dark Side of Flavored Coffee

Thank you to everyone for their comments, and for the understandably impassioned defense against kneejerk fearmongering, blue food coloring, etc.

Trialbyfood: "solvent" in that context wasn't my initial word choice in this piece, and your comment is fairly made. It's gone back to the original pre-edit phrasing. (Other word choices made by my sources are their editorialization, not mine, and if people who have worked firsthand with these elements found themselves repelled and/or hazelnut-flavored to the point of headache, you'll have to take that up with them.)

Food processing and engineering can encompass any range of practices, from those that sound innocuous to those that sound scary, and at no point did I assert the idea that this stuff was going to kill you any more than anything else. (I live in a major North American city and breathe its air daily—you go ahead and spray whatever you want on your coffee beans.)

Eric M. took the piece in the spirit it was intended, which was to poke fun at the strange flavors that are used to mask the flavors of bad coffee, when my goal is to urge us to drink coffees that are inherently of higher quality and have their own unique flavors. These higher quality coffees I'd prefer people to drink not only have more nuanced flavor, their better taste is not-accidentally derived from better practices on all levels of the coffee chain: from growing to processing at the mill to how producers are paid, how the coffees are transported, and the care and attention shown by roasters and those who brew your coffee. Simply put, it's an agricultural product that, when respected, tastes better.

Let's keep that the focus of our pursuit of good coffee.

In Pod Veritas: We Try Starbucks' New Verismo Single-Cup System

The machine attempts to match the flavor profiles of Starbucks coffees, which it does well.

In Pod Veritas: We Try Starbucks' New Verismo Single-Cup System

To be clear...these pods are not liquid.

3 Ways to Brew Better Coffee at Home for Under $150

Agree with Dorek -- I have a Baratza and simply measure the dose before grinding. Better than leaving the beans in the hopper indefinitely anyway!

It's Time to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee!

Good luck enjoying the flavor of raw coffee...and if you find a grinder for it, let me know! ;)

3 Ways to Brew Better Coffee at Home for Under $150

Syphon coffee is a very delicious expression of many filter coffees, while also being super, super fun to use. But yes, it's fussy — not necessarily in a negative way. If there's a place near you to try it out (Blue Bottle isn't my favorite rendition of this style of brewing, but they've popularized the method in this country more than anyone else) I encourage you to see what the hype is about. At the least I can assure you that the drama isn't *needless*.

Which Fancy Automatic Drip Coffeemaker Is Best For Me?

I'd be curious as to how the brew temperature holds up in the Cuisinart. Either of you want to stick a thermometer in the grounds slurry while it's brewing?

And Kevin: the Clever dripper (not ceramic, but great) is only about $13, makes an amazing cup of coffee whether you're budget-minded or not.

10 Lobster Rolls We Love in and Around Portland, Maine

Yes!! This went up right before my first-ever trip to Portland. Becky's was great, though I've never spent that much at a "diner" before. And darn the rain for washing out my chance at Bite Into Maine, but with these low airfares (only the price of 6 lobster rolls from JFK to PWM) I may have another shot in the near future...

It's Time to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee!

Jen, this is a subject of debate -- and ultimately it's a hard one to measure, since cold brew is typically done as a concentrate, which everyone adjusts differently. You'll find those who say there is *more* caffeine than hot brew, and those who suggest it is less. All I can promise for sure is that it has less heat. :)

It's Time to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee!

Edited to make far more sense — this is what happens after a weekend switching between the US and Canada (and space and time dimmensions, it would seem.) We apologize for any confusion!

Where to Drink Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia

Sadly there's never enough time to get to every great cafe in every city, but I always do my best to mention great local roasters like Batdorf, who owns Dancing Goats. Incidentally, Jason, don't you work for that company?

Espro Press: For Better Tasting French Press Coffee

I wrote about Aeropress here last fall. It doesn't really behave the same as a French press, though it does incorporate similar principles.

10 Cauliflower Dishes We Love in NYC

Cauliflower (and potato chip) sub at No. 7 Sub. Hellooo cruciferous deliciousness!!!!

Soda: The Dubious History (And Great Flavor) of Vernors Ginger Ale

Thumbs up to the Boston Cooler!

Kenji, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Vernor's is also its ability to make people cough immediately upon drinking it. Also, it's no wonder the woman on the telephone couldn't be straight with you. According to a very beautiful mural adjacent Bill Thomas' Halo Burger (downtown Flint) it's plainly explained that Vernors is made by gnomes with wheelbarrows. Case closed.

Tea Time: All's Well That's Dragon Well

Hi cookiequiz, when we describe a tea's "liquor" it's describing the color of the tea itself after steeping. So in this case I meant to say it had a slight yellow-golden hue in the cup.

How Ceramic Coffee Drippers Stack Up

kdewitt, it's personal choice on your type of dripper but many prefer the ceramic for its durability, looks, and ease of cleaning. Some are squeamish about plastic near their hot water, too, which makes ceramic a natural choice.

As for filters, bleached always taste better (i.e., taste LESS) than the natural, I'm afraid. Go pick up a pack of bleached #4s, jeromesmom--they're thankfully easy to find in any grocery store.

A Sandwich a Day: Cheesesteak at Steve's Prince of Steaks in Philadelphia

I meant the ROLL, but sensitivity totally understood!

NY Coffee Guide: The Best Coffee in Chelsea

Simon....Soho/Nolita guide is coming. Sit tight!

NY Coffee Guide: The Best Coffee in the East Village and Lower East Side

There are few neighborhoods more pleasant for a coffee wander than those on the East Village and Lower East Side of Manhattan. There must be something in the proximity of the East River that just brings the magic—wait, scratch that—at least there's something in the community, anyhow. This list comprises a handful of our favorite coffee destinations in the neighborhood. More