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A Sandwich a Day: Welsh Rarebit Sandwich at Rubi's in Great Barrington, MA

Reason would suggest that when you're eating on-the-go, a gooey grilled cheese is not a practical sandwich choice. Reason would also suggest that when you're picking up lunch from a fine cheese shop—in this case, one of the finest in New England—it's only prudent to order the gooiest, most spectacular-sounding grilled cheese sandwich on the menu. More

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Grilled radicchio

Pai Men Miyake's Chirashi, a One-Bowl Meal for Sashimi Lovers in Portland, ME

Oops, my mistake on the Squares--mixed them up in my head. Thanks for the correction.

Boston's Best Bagels —and Best Bagel Sandwich—are at Bagelsaurus at Cutty's

To me, Bagelsaurus outshines Iggy's by leaps and bounds (and I'm a fan of Iggy's bread). I also really like Rosenfeld's, and agree they're the best NY-ish bagels in the Boston area.

Boston: Asian Street Food from Fugu Truck

In Boston, I'm fairly sure Mei Mei Food Truck has (or has had) pork belly buns sometimes. That said, they're certainly more common truck food in other cities.

I thought the bibimbap portion was pretty good. Definitely more than 1/2 cup of rice and I'd say at least 1/4 cup of meat. Didn't feel skimpy to me.

Northampton, MA: Amanouz Café, A Perfect College Town Feeding Spot

Thanks, @scalfin! Sounds great.

Chocoholic: Chocolate Oreo Cake

I can personally attest that this cake is fantastic! So glad you surrendered the recipe :)

10 Ice Cream Scoops We Love in Boston

@jkaww: check out slide #10: Christina's khulfi.

Moroccan-Style Spicy Carrot Dip

made this last night. terrific--especially on hard-boiled eggs. (thanks, adri.)

Snapshots from Thailand: The Best Things I Ate

finsbigfan: pad se ew is fresh wide rice noodles, chinese broccoli, sliced meat (often pork or chicken, i'd say), and egg that's stir-fried in a smoking-hot wok and lightly coated with a sweet-salty dark soy–based sauce. the best versions have good wok char flavor. often has white pepper sprinkled over top and it's served with chile vinegar on the side. to my noodle-crazed heart, it's one of the best creations on the planet. if you have a thai restaurant nearby, there's a good chance it's in the noodle section of the menu.

Snapshots from Vietnam: The Best Things I Ate

Thanks! I did take the photos, though credit really goes to my smart camera. And as far as I'm concerned, it's never too early for a bowl of fresh seafood :)

Snapshots from Hong Kong and Mainland China: The Best Things I Ate

Ha. If they did, I'd be hightailing it to Jersey right now.

Boston: Pho Hoa's Banh Cuon Thit Nu'o'ng (Steamed Rice Rolls with Grilled Pork)

I have two current favorites for banh mi: Mei Sum, Inc. Bakery on Beach St in Chinatown (right across from Pho Hoa) for the fried tofu; Pho Viet in Super 88 in Allston for the grilled pork.

My Thai: Creamy Tom Yam Kung

Are you taking recipe requests? If so:

Homemade chow fun
Chive buns
Som tum
Pad ka na moo krob

Glad you're here!

Portland, ME: Getting My Ramen Fix at Pai Men Miyake

Spicy garlic paste is pretty much just a good chile-garlic paste. Spicy, punchy, and fresh-tasting.

Portland, ME: Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, and Spätzle at Schulte & Herr

@Will Gordon: Haven't been; is it on Exchange St? I think I walked by there. No-go? There are so many good places up there, I can never get through my list.

The Best Soup Dumplings In Chinatown, Manhattan

This is one of those "tough job, but somebody's gotta do it" assignments, eh? Nice work.

Chocoholic: Triple Chocolate Cream Puffs

If you're not here to bake them for me, I guess your recipe is the next best thing.

: ) Nice start, lady.

Welcome To Cutty's Week. Here's Your Breakfast.

I should note that these sandwiches are really sizeable. Eating any of them may do you plenty for breakfast and lunch.

Belmont, MA: Shangri-La's Homestyle Egg-drop Soup

Forgot to mention it's only on the dinner menu. Just FYI.

Preserved: Concord Grape Jam

So, so glad you posted this. Thank you!

Thai Market: Bangkok-Style Eats in Morningside Heights

Dumplings wrapped in fresh noodles. Favorite food groups collide!

3 Great Eastern North Carolina Barbecue Joints: Grady's, B's, Wilber's

Recipe to follow, yes?

What to Eat On Martha's Vineyard

I have to sincerely apologize about leaving Chilmark Chocolates off this list. Completely unintentional. My family and I are there regularly--especially in the middle of the summer when they dip fresh local berries in chocolate.

Scooped: Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet

I think the recipe link isn't working--but would love this recipe!

Boston: Dumpling Cafe Dishes Out Soup Dumplings Worth the Trip

Love the soup dumplings (and the noodle dishes with pork and pickled cabbage) here, but can't decide if I like them quite as much as the ones at Dim Sum Garden in Philly's Chinatown. Close call though.

Providence, RI: Al Forno's Other Greatest Hit: Free-Form Tarts

Al Forno's grilled pizza needs no introduction, but the restaurant's desserts—particularly the free-form tarts—don't get the chatter they deserve. Chef/owners Johanne Killeen and George Germon run three or four of them at a time, filling the same ultra-flaky tart dough (flour, sugar, salt, water, and lots of butter) with a variety of produce: apples, peaches and raspberries, plums—and during the fall months, sugar pumpkins. More

Boston: Tamarind Bay's Lalla Musa Dal

As food aesthetics go, the murky, rust-brown, pebbly lalla musa dal at Tamarind Bay Coastal Kitchen can't compare to the restaurant's other specialties like the fennel cream-sauced cauliflower dumplings or the spiced lobster tail. But famed Indian chefs like Julie Sahni don't consider this dish "the most exquisite of all dal preparations" for nothing, and speaking in terms of decadence, it outclasses the rest by a long shot. More