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Win Two VIP Tickets to the 2012 Vendy Awards on Saturday, September 15th

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck - that Salty Pimp with the sea salt and dulce de leche is amazing!

Baseball Game Snack

awesome options, guys! Thanks!

How did I not think of beer?!

Cook the Book: 'The Book of New Israeli Food'

I was lucky enough to live in Tel Aviv last year, and fell in LOVE with the cuisine. The fresh vegetables and fruits from the market were amazing, and the dairy was incredibly sweet and fresh. I love the food so much, and miss it now that I live in New York again.
Fave Israeli food in NYC - Miriam's in Brooklyn!

Best Chocolate Souffle in NYC?

Mundo in Astoria, Queens!

Its DELICIOUS and affordable @ only $10

Win Tickets to an NYC Advance Screening of 'Julie and Julia'

The Gourmet Cookbook by Ruth Reichl

With over 1000 recipes, as well as educational pages, it has all of the information you need!


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