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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck - that Salty Pimp with the sea salt and dulce de leche is amazing!

Baseball Game Snack

awesome options, guys! Thanks!

How did I not think of beer?!

Win Tickets to Bouchon Bakery's Bastille Day Dinner

Wine. Cheese. Baguettes. Macaroons.

Cook the Book: 'The Book of New Israeli Food'

I was lucky enough to live in Tel Aviv last year, and fell in LOVE with the cuisine. The fresh vegetables and fruits from the market were amazing, and the dairy was incredibly sweet and fresh. I love the food so much, and miss it now that I live in New York again.
Fave Israeli food in NYC - Miriam's in Brooklyn!

Our Favorite British and Irish Crisps, Candies, and Other Snacks

youre missing the best one - Minstrels!!

Best Chocolate Souffle in NYC?

Mundo in Astoria, Queens!

Its DELICIOUS and affordable @ only $10

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The Gourmet Cookbook by Ruth Reichl

With over 1000 recipes, as well as educational pages, it has all of the information you need!

Baking Party

My friend wants me to host a baking party, and I was curious if anyone out there has ever hosted one. I'd prefer to have my friends not just ice and decorate cupcakes (we're adults!), but also have a hand in the flavors and actually baking the items as well.

How did you organize your party?
Did you stick to only one type of baked good (cupcakes, cookies, etc) and recipe?
Which recipes did you choose?
How can I keep the costs down, so I'm not buying every flavor chip, candy bar, extract, etc?


Baseball Game Snack

I'm going to my boyfriend's baseball game this Sunday, and I would like to bring a snack/dessert/something for the team after the game. I can bring a cooler, or not...

Any suggestions?

Mint Extract in NYC

Where can I find mint extract in NYC? Its not in ny local supermarket, or Whole Foods, or the common drug store. I've found almost every other flavor (vanilla, orange, almond, etc), but no mint...

Best Tacos in NYC?

I cant believe I'm going public with this but...
My favorite taco joint in NYC actually isn't a restaurant - its a bodega! St. James Deli on 34th Ave./34th St. in Astoria is amazing! You walk into a small bodega with Mexican groceries, and off to the side is a small kitchen where they hand-make tacos full of delicious fresh ingredients. I am partial to their chicken tacos in red sauce with fresh crumbled queso fresco. The tacos are only about $2 each, so it's an affordable snack or meal. Plus, you get to chat with the friendly family while they prepare your food; they might not have the best English, but they definitely have the best tacos!

Where is everyone's favorite taco joint in NYC?

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