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PizzaHacker is My New Go-To in San Francisco

An impressive looking group of pies. Congrats Jeff on opening up a joint!

How Do You Feel About Chicago-Style Pizza in NYC?

Good pizza will travel. We don't have to be regional about these things. When Detroit style gets out to Hoboken, we'll know progress is being made.

My Pie Monday: Cauliflower, Pulled Pork, Hash Browns, and More!

Solid group of pizzas.

@crkoller - Congrats on the new WFO!
@Eric and @Derrick - Love the egg additions.
@foxeslovelemons - That pie looks insanely good.

Pizza Lab: How to Make Ramen Crust Pizza

I hope to see a few of these bad boys on the next MPM.

My Pie Monday: Avocado Pizza, Tomato Pie, Pizza Balls, and More!

@rickZ - The crust came out well, but needs a bit of tinkering. I shorted the oil/water mixture a pinch. The resulting texture was like a crispy cornbread, which added awesome flavor to the other ingredients. The crust also soaked up some of the flavors from the fire, which was great. Thanks for asking!

My Pie Monday: Cured Pork Shoulder, Deep Dish, Artichoke Pizza and Much More!

I second (or sixth? whose counting?) everyone's sentiments this week. Probably my favorite lineup of the year thus far. Cheers MPM'ers!

The Pizza Lab: We Test The New and Improved KettlePizza Grill Insert

@dmcavanagh You nailed it. For those of us who would love a WFO at home, items like this seem so tempting. I'd love to see Slicers collectively put together their own versions of a Hacked Weber. Oh the ingenuity we'd see!

My Pie Monday: Squash Blossoms, Pork Roll, Montanara, and More!

@TXCraig1 Are you serious? That oven looks professional! Amazing job @Scott. I'd love to know more about the building process.

My Pie Monday: Squash Blossoms, Pork Roll, Montanara, and More!

Awesome lineup of pies, and so many cooking methods! MPM is the pizza mascot of variety, which I dig to no end. I'm very jealous of @ScottD's new family member; the oven looks awesome.

Thanks @dhorst and @amusebouche1! Cheers everyone!

Home Slice: 'Pizza Within a Pizza'

Oh I'm definitely trying this. Adding in the focaccia pan would allow the dough to do its thing w/o too much handling. I love finding gem recipes in old cook books. Delish post sir.

Video: Caleb Schiff Interview

Whoa! This is awesome. Love Caleb's story and the video is excellent.

My Pie Monday: Fiddleheads, Sambuca, Youngstown Sicilian and More!

@jimmyg: I've been playing around with variations off of Hamelman's Country Bread recipe from his Bread book. I've found that a preferment between 12 and 16 hours seems to work the best. I'd be happy to send along the finer details of the mixture.

@Thanks TXCraig1! I'm planting my garden this weekend and then I'll really thrash a pizza with some herbs.

Great pizzas everyone!

My Pie Monday: BEC, Sicilia-NY, Gluten-Free Pizza, and More!

These are awesome. Digging @BKMatt's Bacon, Egg, and Cheese pizza. I would eat that for breakfast every day.

My Pie Monday: Blue Point Crab, Nettles, Redneck Pizza, and More!

Awesome pizza by all. Slicers in 2012 are killing it for MPM thus far.

@AdamKuban: Fingers crossed we'll confirm some sweet interviews for the next few months. Hard at work on it sir! I'm ready to make a bunch more episodes.

Lombardi Pizza Co.: Truckin' Great Pizza in Edison, New Jersey

I'm steadily amazed at the creativity behind pizza trucks. So much thought into make the space work. And every truck's solution is different. For my tastes, I dig the amount of char.

My Pie Monday: Roasted Grapes, Scallion Garlic Cream Sauce, Naan Pizza and More!

Wow, My Pie'ers are really stepping their game up. Amazing mix of pizzas this week.

@hogletboglet: Agreed. This is a truly amazing looking breakfast pizza.

@Norma: Oh man this Sicilian looks amazing! The striping reminds me of fine wood patterns. Super crumb.

@dmc & @TXCraig1: Killing it, as always, with your posts.

@redwgn67: I've always wanted to put grapes into a NY style pie. It might even be fun to throw them into a deep dish mix to add some sweetness to the mass of flavors.


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