a hungry college student, i love reading about the tasty things other people are cooking up!

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  • Location: listener
  • Favorite foods: anything italian - carbonara is my favorite italian dish.
    pasta, of any kind
    BBQ pizza - classy, i know.
    air-popped popcorn
    lo mein
  • Last bite on earth: a perfectly cooked steak, carbonara, mashed potatoes and for dessert, my mom's magic squares. all served with a large glass of sweet tea.

Can You Cook What You've Never Eaten?

i think that "authentic" is all in your head. what one person considers authentic may be totally different from another person. recipes that are old and have been around for years are staples because they are good no matter what cook makes them, and allow for creativity and expression with in that culture. so if you follow a good recipe and it tastes delicious to you, that should be all that matter s.

what's good food to eat as you study?

peanut m&ms. cheese-its. popcorn. altho popcorn can get greasy, watch for smudgy fingerprints on your notes/books lol

What's for Dinner Tonight? The 'Come-Back-GatorPam!' Edition.

i am envious of all of you sitting down to a homecooked meal!! tonight i will probably eat whatever greasy campus food seems the most healthy. probably some kind of wrap. *sigh* i do miss good home cooked meals!

How do you control your food cravings?

@hungrychristel - how in the hell do you partake of MJ and NOT get the munchies/craving? i envy that lol

when i crave something i make myself drink a full glass of water and wait a while to see if i still crave it. if i do, i eat it. half the time tho the craving goes away.

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

McD's is the only fast food i will actually crave. when i want a cheeseburger, nothing will work but one from the golden arches. it is rare but it does happen. that and I love their sweeet tea.

Surprising Comfort Foods

i agree w everyone about the buttered noodles. pasta of any kind is always a comfort food to me

Surprising Comfort Foods

@bareneed - yeah this place is small and tiny and hidden in the back of our student center. but its amazing. the rest of campus is the greasy fake fast food you would expect. i eat at this little place w the wraps probably every day lol

Frozen Pea Pops for Kids

i agree with gunbarrelgirl - kids are definitely NOT that stupid.

SE College Division...

any one from the SE team want to chime in on this?

SE College Division...

thanks for all the support guys!!

@chiff yes that could work too. i just think that hearing from those of us with limited means and money and our relationships with food would be an interesting addition for SE

SE College Division...

@ emilytaylor - thats why it would be so interesting. to see how those of us with limited means and time and unique living situations figure out ways to find amazing food. yes, i am busy, but food is something i am passionate about. you make time for your passions, you save money to get that special item at the store. we may be young and broke but we are the next generation of foodies and we are going to be the driving force of change in the way America eats.

What Fall Foods Are You Excited For?

SE College Division...

lucky that you are in NYC! oh i forgot to say - I am at Kent State University, located in Ohio, in between Cleveland and Akron. sort of a farming town but a great school nonetheless.

Bento Help!

also - do i have to use the traditional japanese foods for bentos? I am not a fan of rice at all -its a texture thing. and acquiring certain things in a dorm room or campus shop is hard. just wondering!

What's for Dinner? 09/02

i love these dinner threads. alas, as i am limited to campus food im afraid my contributions wont be that tasty.

but for tonight - my new favorite food - a smoked turkey & brie wrap. with dried cranberry mayonnaise. its amazing and the best thing i have ever eaten on campus.

"Nerdy" recipe ideas?

or maybe its a health potion, cant remember, havent played in a long time. there are now WoW themed mtn dew too.

a cake, decorated with series of 1 & 0.

Cold Pizza

this is probably wrong but when we order pizza to the dorm we often order an extra one that goes straight into the fridge for breakfast the next morning. cold pizza for breakfast is the best. especially if you have a hangover lol

"Nerdy" recipe ideas?

im sure this is not the nerdy/dorky stuff you are talking about but all i can picture in my head are WoW (world of warcraft) themed cakes and food... such as blue kool-aid as a mana potion.

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

we always just add the butter to a boxed brownie mix. comes out fudgy and delicious!

Your Edible Vice

chocolate chip cookie dough. i can eat and eat cookie dough. and also cheesy garlic bread. cant stop eating it!

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

@ hungrychristel - apparently i am getting it from the wrong source. ive never heard of anyone eating just the buds and enjoying it. interesting.

Sweet tea

i agree witth teddyburr, sometimes its just that sentimental feeling. and i know what you mean, my Grandma makes the most amazing sweet tea, and we even have her recipe, but it just still isnt the same. i attribute it to the fact that she uses well water.

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

@onepercent99 - it doesnt really taste good if you eat it tho....

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

@ juliebugsmama - i totally agreee! he is delicious as captain jack :)

im not a huge fan of cornflakes but i would say fresh strawberries and honey

What's in your kid's lunch bag?

@ sailordave - are "special brownies" for special occasions okay? :)

Surprising Comfort Foods

so with all the stress of college and projects, there is one thing i have found on campus that once i take a bite of it, i instantly feel better, no matter what is going on. its not what i would normally really consider comfort food, but it works for me. it is a smoked turkey & brie wrap, on a spinach tortilla, with warm turkey and hot melty brie, with cranberry mayo that adds the perfect amount of sweetness. its probably one of my favorite things to eat. so, whats an odd comfort food of yours?

SE College Division...

hey guys!! from reading other comments i guess there are several other college students on this site, and even some high school age as well. I was wondering if maybe there was some way we could maybe take turns writing articles for SE? or even a college branch of SE... i just think it would be so interesting to see how those of us in dorms, apartments, and very limited budgets make do with food. we could talk abt our favorite campus foods, the worst campus foods, and local favorites, not to mention microwave meals. this is just an idea but i think it would be so very cool. I am a magazine journalism major and i think writing about food would just be so amazing!

Bento Help!

Hello! As my schedule gets busier and busier, i want to start packing healthy lunches and snacks to take with me around campus. i love the idea and concept of bento boxes, as portion control has always been an issue for me, but i am just not sure where to begin. where can i buy good bento boxes? are laptop lunchboxes okay? also, what are some good bento foods? i have very limited grocery access and i have a fridge, freezer, and microwave. i want to eat as healthy as i can, while still eating foods that i like and are easily packable. thanks!!

No Soup For You - Favorite Soups!

So, I am about to begin my sophomore year of college. as September starts in a week, this has me thinking about fall. and soups and stews. my favorites are homemade Beef & Barley stew - i eat it cold sometimes, straight from the fridge, its delicious at any temperature, and Cincinatti chili that my mom makes. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Italian Wedding Soup.

what are your favorite soups/stews/chilis?

I CAN do it - Favorite Canned Foods

i was inspired by the thread about canned foods people cannot stand, and wondered what foods you love from a can.

my favs - canned mandarin oranges, i love them and eat them often in the dorm. i also love canned ravioli - i figure i am in the minority on this, but i have always loved them.

what are your favorite canned foods??

Crazy Combinations

Hey guys!! the two recent threads about hangover foods and herb-induced munchies food got me thinking. on campus we have a sandwich place called PJ's. they make the most insane sandwiches. a normal sandwhich can include chicken fingers, fried ravioli, french fries, mini corn dogs, and mac and cheese. anything that is fried and greasy can be put on a sandwich. they are the BEST for munchies or curing/preventing a hangover.

so what weird combinations would you put on a sandwich? any other weird combos you guys love to eat?

Gluten Free in Columbus

Hey Guys!! last october, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. luckily everything went well, and she just finished chemo and is now on some kind of hormone therapy. anyways, her doctor and nutritionist reccomended that she cut out all products with gluten, bc she has a gluten sensitivity, not as severe as celiac disease, but enough to make a difference. anyways - i was wondering if anyone has some favorite gluten free recipes for breads or pastas or anything of that sort, or if you know of any gluten free restaurants or bakeries in the Columbus OH area. Thanks Guys!!

I love _____ but I'm allergic to it!

hey guys! so, i love pineapple, but eating it makes my tongue ( and the roof of my mouth) go numb, and itchy. its a weird sensation. i hate the feeling but i love pineapple! so i eat it anyways and then take some benadryl.

so guys, what foods are you allergic to that you still eat? or anyone you know of have a weird allergy?

How Do You Know Its Summer?

Hey guys!! so, what foods scream summer to you? that food that the moment you see it/taste it, you know its summer.

for me, its a few things.
fresh, hot, grilled corn on the cob, tons of butter and S&P
fresh tomato sandwiches
and something we call ratatouille spaghetti, which is cubed chicken, cooked with S&P, olive oil, onions oregano and summer squash, zucchini and tomatoes, mixed with spaghetti. delicious!

Pesto, Please!

i absolutely LOVE pesto. i put it on everything - sandwiches, toast, cottage cheese, and of course pasta. today i made pasta with (canned) tomato sauce, and added a few spoonfuls of pesto. i could not believe the taste improvement! delish. so guys, what are your favorite ways to eat pesto? any strange versions you like eating?

Too Many CookBook Editions!!

Hey guys!! a while ago i posted a thread about your favorite cookbooks. in looking online for them, I have easily found most of them but my problem is that there seem to be at least 3 or 4 editions for each one. any suggestions on which one is the best?

for example, there are multiple editions of the following:
the joy of cooking
the food lover's companion
how to cook everything
the silver palate cookbook

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Food Funnies!

Jokes involving food - This topic came up the other day over dinner, and i was wondering what you guys had to share! here are a few corny (no pun intended lol) ones to get started!

Q: Why did the tomato blush?
A: Because it saw the salad dressing!

Columbus Serious Eaters - Help Please :)

hey guys! i was wondering what restaurant recommendations you could give! the bf and i are celebrating two years together, and any ideas you guys have would be appreicated! preferably not on the expensive side, as we are both college kids on budgets. thanks in advance!

It Doesn't Taste Like Mom's

hey guys!! with mother's day coming up, i've been thinking about certain foods that it seems only my mom knows how to make, and it just isnt the same if she does not make it.
for me, its potato salad. im not a fan of anything with mayo, but i love my mom's homemade red potato and dill salad. perfect summer food!! for a long time, it was guacamole too. i will now eat other kinds, but still, nothing compares to mom's. same with homemade mac and cheese.

what are those foods, the ones you just cant eat if mom doesnt make them? it doesnt have to be mom either! mom, grandma, aunt, dad, etc!

It's A Texture Thing....

i got an idea from the "talking textures" post. how many times have we heard some one say "well i would it eat it, but its a texture thing...." ? it happens more often than not.

for me, its peanut butter, and anything creamy. its taken me a long time to like sour cream or dips of any sort, just because i hate the mouthfeel of something creamy. the same for yogurt. i love the taste but i can only eat small bites bc large ones make me gag.

what about you guys? any weird texture problems you have or have heard of?

Your Cookbook Arsenal

hey guys!! im here to ask you guys what are some of the best cookbooks you have ever had? your cooking bible? my goal is to make a list, and slowly buy them when i can so that by the time im out of college, i have a good arsenal at my disposal. (i am also doing this w a book list of classic novels) Ever since i can remember, i have loved cookbooks. when i go to a new person's house, its where i am instantly drawn, the cookbooks. any kind, any specialty is appreciated. so far i have the joy of cooking and how to cook everything on my list. (i know we have a thread about the best for beginners, but i want a wide range of experience levels and types of cuisine)

so guys, what are some of the best/favorite cookbooks out there? any kind, any specialty, just list your favs!


Cocktail vs. Mixed Drinks

after reading the Serious Cocktails article and this got me questioning -is there a difference between a true cocktail and just a mixed drink? for instance, is rum-n-coke a cocktail or mixed drink? the same for a bloody mary?

what are some of your favorite drink combinations? (so far, my favs are bloody marys and rum-n-cokes)

Help! My Future Housemate is a Vegetarian

hey guys! this summer, several of my friends and I are moving into a house together. there are six of us, and one of my friends is a vegetarian. she eats cheese and milk and etc, and is not too picky about things, such as she will eat soup made with chicken broth or etc. out of all of us, im the one who cooks the most, so most of the cooking will be left to me. im wondering if you guys have any suggestions for vegetarian things i can make that wont seem too "weird" to the meat lovers of the house, and things i can easily add meat into just before serving. i have some ideas, but i figured i would see what you guys have to say! thanks a million!

What's So Weird About That?

When I was younger, I hated peanut butter (still do) so my mom would make me cream cheese and jelly sandwiches instead of PB&J. Only upon entering high school did I realize that no one else ate this and considered it very odd. I also loved broccoli, spinach, and my favorite meal was corned beef and cabbage, which had for St. Pat's day and my birthday. Apparently all of these things I was not supposed to like.

So, what are some things you remember eating that no one else did? Or something you heard of that you thought was very strange?

Edamame vs. Soybeans

ok guys - help me out. isnt Edamame a certain way of preparing soybeans, baby soybeans if im not mistaken? i often hear the two terms used interchangeably. so is edamame a type of soybean or just a preparation?

Food On The Run

hey everyone! this week marks my second quarter of college. so far so good. but, due to my schedule of classes combined with work, i barely have time to eat a good breakfast or lunch. i have granola bars/cereal bars, but other than that im at a loss. i want to try to eat as healthy as possible, but combine that with no time and little money and its not easy... so serious eaters, what are your favorite fast, cheap, and healthy eats?

Ice Cream Before Thanksgiving Dinner?

ever since i can remember, every year before we eat thanksgiving meal, we have a small bowl of sorbet with a fruit cocktail mixed in. i am not sure how this started or why we do it, but my mom said her mom always did it and now so do we. i've never met anyone else who did this, and was wondering if anyone could shed some light maybe on where this came from?

i think it might have something to do with cleansing your palate before eating?

Migraine Foods - Triggers/"Cures"

hey guys! since i was around 14 i have struggled with migraines. my mom gets them too. it is most often stress or hormone related. i have been doing well the past year in controlling them, but i just recently started college, and they have began to make a comeback. this is probably because of a whole new level of stress, along with majorly different eating habits. for me, caffiene can trigger one, but when i have one it can also bring relief.
any foods trigger headaches for you? what is your go to food for headaches? do you even feel like eating?

Break Up Food/ Emotional Food

well, my douche of an ex broke up with me. actually correction - had his friend text message me to say we were broken up. needless to say, im upset. i was more angry at first then sad, but i can feel the pain coming on. (we were dating two years) anyways. i've had scares with eating disorders before, and i really am afraid i will slip into it again. i dont eat when im really emotional, sad angry etc. so serious eaters, what food have gotten you through your worst emotional times?

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