a hungry college student, i love reading about the tasty things other people are cooking up!

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  • Location: listener
  • Favorite foods: anything italian - carbonara is my favorite italian dish.
    pasta, of any kind
    BBQ pizza - classy, i know.
    air-popped popcorn
    lo mein
  • Last bite on earth: a perfectly cooked steak, carbonara, mashed potatoes and for dessert, my mom's magic squares. all served with a large glass of sweet tea.

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Can You Cook What You've Never Eaten?

i think that "authentic" is all in your head. what one person considers authentic may be totally different from another person. recipes that are old and have been around for years are staples because they are good no matter what cook makes them, and allow for creativity and expression with in that culture. so if you follow a good recipe and it tastes delicious to you, that should be all that matter s.

what's good food to eat as you study?

peanut m&ms. cheese-its. popcorn. altho popcorn can get greasy, watch for smudgy fingerprints on your notes/books lol

What's for Dinner Tonight? The 'Come-Back-GatorPam!' Edition.

i am envious of all of you sitting down to a homecooked meal!! tonight i will probably eat whatever greasy campus food seems the most healthy. probably some kind of wrap. *sigh* i do miss good home cooked meals!

How do you control your food cravings?

@hungrychristel - how in the hell do you partake of MJ and NOT get the munchies/craving? i envy that lol

when i crave something i make myself drink a full glass of water and wait a while to see if i still crave it. if i do, i eat it. half the time tho the craving goes away.

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

McD's is the only fast food i will actually crave. when i want a cheeseburger, nothing will work but one from the golden arches. it is rare but it does happen. that and I love their sweeet tea.

Surprising Comfort Foods

i agree w everyone about the buttered noodles. pasta of any kind is always a comfort food to me

Surprising Comfort Foods

@bareneed - yeah this place is small and tiny and hidden in the back of our student center. but its amazing. the rest of campus is the greasy fake fast food you would expect. i eat at this little place w the wraps probably every day lol

Frozen Pea Pops for Kids

i agree with gunbarrelgirl - kids are definitely NOT that stupid.

SE College Division...

any one from the SE team want to chime in on this?

SE College Division...

thanks for all the support guys!!

@chiff yes that could work too. i just think that hearing from those of us with limited means and money and our relationships with food would be an interesting addition for SE

SE College Division...

@ emilytaylor - thats why it would be so interesting. to see how those of us with limited means and time and unique living situations figure out ways to find amazing food. yes, i am busy, but food is something i am passionate about. you make time for your passions, you save money to get that special item at the store. we may be young and broke but we are the next generation of foodies and we are going to be the driving force of change in the way America eats.

SE College Division...

lucky that you are in NYC! oh i forgot to say - I am at Kent State University, located in Ohio, in between Cleveland and Akron. sort of a farming town but a great school nonetheless.

Bento Help!

also - do i have to use the traditional japanese foods for bentos? I am not a fan of rice at all -its a texture thing. and acquiring certain things in a dorm room or campus shop is hard. just wondering!

What's for Dinner? 09/02

i love these dinner threads. alas, as i am limited to campus food im afraid my contributions wont be that tasty.

but for tonight - my new favorite food - a smoked turkey & brie wrap. with dried cranberry mayonnaise. its amazing and the best thing i have ever eaten on campus.

"Nerdy" recipe ideas?

or maybe its a health potion, cant remember, havent played in a long time. there are now WoW themed mtn dew too.

a cake, decorated with series of 1 & 0.

Cold Pizza

this is probably wrong but when we order pizza to the dorm we often order an extra one that goes straight into the fridge for breakfast the next morning. cold pizza for breakfast is the best. especially if you have a hangover lol

"Nerdy" recipe ideas?

im sure this is not the nerdy/dorky stuff you are talking about but all i can picture in my head are WoW (world of warcraft) themed cakes and food... such as blue kool-aid as a mana potion.

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

we always just add the butter to a boxed brownie mix. comes out fudgy and delicious!

Your Edible Vice

chocolate chip cookie dough. i can eat and eat cookie dough. and also cheesy garlic bread. cant stop eating it!

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

@ hungrychristel - apparently i am getting it from the wrong source. ive never heard of anyone eating just the buds and enjoying it. interesting.

Sweet tea

i agree witth teddyburr, sometimes its just that sentimental feeling. and i know what you mean, my Grandma makes the most amazing sweet tea, and we even have her recipe, but it just still isnt the same. i attribute it to the fact that she uses well water.

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

@onepercent99 - it doesnt really taste good if you eat it tho....

What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

@ juliebugsmama - i totally agreee! he is delicious as captain jack :)

im not a huge fan of cornflakes but i would say fresh strawberries and honey

What's in your kid's lunch bag?

@ sailordave - are "special brownies" for special occasions okay? :)


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