Good Mail Order Steaks?

Okay, okay, GREAT steaks not good steaks. I do tend to avoid things which my sole familiarity is through in flight magazines so I was hoping to give Omaha a miss.

Thanks for all the great suggestions.

Good Mail Order Steaks?

Sorry, should have said we'll be in the Bay Area. And as much I love Costco, but I'm not going to attempt it with a baby and a toddler after an 11 hour flight!

Thanks for the list Annie- I'll check it out.

What Foods Do You Miss Most as an Expat?

Thank you boroughbear, thank you, I didn't know Cool Chile Co had started doing corn tortillas! Now I just need to find some Rosarita refried beans....

Now tell me if this crazy- the thing I miss most after living in the UK for 8 years is- jicama. There is just no substitute.

Good Mail Order Steaks?

We're going to stay with my cousin and her family for a few days in April and I'd like to do something to contribute to the cooking. I'll be facing the twin terrors of young children and transatlantic travel so I thought getting some steaks sent might be something I can reasonably achieve. Does anyone have a recommendation? Or should I come up with plan B? Thanks.

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