International Face Off: Nutella

That is the irritating thing about living in the UK - when you go to the states, everything tastes different! I've never managed to acclimatise to the US flavours with things like nutella or fanta. They always taste a little too sweet to me, which is funny because most US chocolate doesn't taste sweet enough.

1 Week in New York-Where to eat cheap?!

Loving Irish food, one of my favourite places for a meal was Perfect Pint on West 45th Street. Fantastic guiness onion gravy for bangers and mash and great desserts.

Soft foods/soups for someone after oral surgery.

I'll be having some minor surgery on my jaw next month, which will interfere with my ability to chew for a couple of weeks. The doctor has suggested soups, but I tend to find them a bit bland.

Is there any other foods or tasty soups you could recommend? The only things I'm not a huge fan of are seafood and most cheeses (usually savoury). It would be much appreciated.

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