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Food blogger and Harvard senior with a cast iron stomach.

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  • Location: Cambridge, MA
  • Favorite foods: The perfect mix of sauce from a Chinese dish and white rice. Anything that can be eaten with white rice. Big, bold curries. Tiramisu. Fruit smoothies. Very ripe mangoes. Sriracha.
  • Last bite on earth: My thumb.

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How to Make Macaroni and Cheese Waffles

Need to see if a friend has a waffle iron so I can try this... wish restaurants would serve these!

Check Out Our New Look on Monday!

Wow! Love the redesign, guys! The color scheme is much easier on the eyes and the navigation is far better organized.

The Physiology of Foie: Why Foie Gras is Not Unethical

Fascinating, extremely well-researched article - very necessary. Thanks for being thoughtful and avoiding the rhetorical shortcuts of extremists on either side of the issue.

A Guide to the Flushing Mall Food Court

@SqueezeBottle I just checked. It looks fine to me - not sure if it's a font issue. You can always print out the image on this page. Anyone else having this issue?

A Guide to the Flushing Mall Food Court

@exflexitarian I could have sworn I put that on the map! Not sure if I accidentally cropped it off or something, but yes, it's at the southernmost part of the map. It is listed in the links as "Lanzhou Noodle"

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Aww, good to see that Leah got a delicious sendoff! (and I love the Robyn anthropomorphic-ness)

What to Eat on Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's First Floor

Thanks for reading guys, so happy I've encouraged you to experience the wonder of the Golden Shopping Mall!

Don't forget to see the followup post about all 11 stalls in the basement:

How to Make a Quick Pizza with Slow-Rise Flavor

These look gorgeous! Wish you were here to bring them into the office for sampling!

Wang-Zheng's Halal Snacks (王郑清真小吃) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall

@geckostar Thanks for the translation clarification! (and I was debating what food to compare them to... there are so many cultures with bread-things sometimes filled with protein-things so it was hard.)

The Nasty Bits: Yak Testicles

Oh man, this is what SE was missing all along.

What to Eat on Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's First Floor

@BrooklynBrownie The places that listed closing times were generally around 9-10pm, so you can definitely make a dinner out of it!

Jack Yan's / Shandong Dumpling (山东水饺) in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall

I have not had those, but if anyone else has, feel free to chime in.

What to Eat on Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's First Floor

@famdoc Unfortunately, I don't think it'd be practical to order every last dish on the menu to figure out if it contains meat... but if you bring a slip of paper that says something like, "我不能吃肉。你能帮我推荐素菜或是海鲜吗?” ("I can't eat meat. Can you recommend vegetarian or seafood dishes?") That should do the trick.

What to Eat on Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's First Floor

@MyInnerFatty They're not a restaurant - it's actually packaged foods!

The Best Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York

I honestly don't know! But I'd love to hear if anyone else has any input. Halo-halo anyone?

The Nasty Bits: Omasum Salad

That's gorgeous! Do you know where I could get some in Flushing?

Seriously Asian: The Yardlong Bean

Chichi, thanks for this! Your recipes always make me want to run to the nearest Asian grocery store. Both of these recipes sound amazing - dry fried green beans has been a childhood favorite since forever.

How to Make a Vegetable Puree

@Larikatz What makes you think Kenji would take on a feminine moniker like "Sue Veed"? ;)

A Sandwich a Day: 'Smart Duck' from Lamazou

@Ratbuddy Since the mustard is a condiment and the lettuce doesn't contribute much, I focused on the three main ingredients. Note that "three" doesn't include the bread! :)

A Virtual Tour of Kenji Alt's Food Lab Kitchen

Hmm, so I love those containers, too (the proper tupperware kind is finicky and not all the lids fit on each other) but I was wondering if the plastic leeches onto food? Microwave safety? I used to work at a chemical company and would hear scientists go on tirades about plastic water bottles, so just a little wary.

The Best Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York

@ksalisbury warms my heart to know someone else is also a big baobing fan!

The Best Taiwanese Shaved Ice in New York

@philosykos I think Jojo Taipei and Blue Asia (down the street) have had the best shaved ices so far... try Blue Asia if you don't like JoJo's so much. I have not exhaustively tried to find the best shaved ice though! I also live in Cambridge so let me know if you find something awesome!

@Sam Forgot to include that! Good call... I'll blame it on heat exhaustion/too many beans.

@cuprien No idea, but looks like something I'll keep an eye out for!