I am a proud mother of 2 beautiful babies! I have enjoyed cooking all my life! I went to culinary classes in high school and now I'm getting ready to college for it! I have taught my kids how to cook, grill, bake, you name it we have done it.

  • Location: Florida
  • Favorite foods: Anything with chicken and seafood. Since that's about all the meats my body will tolerate! Which sucks
  • Last bite on earth: A big thick juicy steak if it was my last bite!

Making good turkey burgers?

The meat itself is what bothers me! I know that my turkey burgers aren't going to taste like hamburgers I just needed some ideas on cooking it cause it's kinda a new thing for me! Thank you to everyone so far too!

Most annoying food personalities

I cant stand to watch Giada DeLaurentis she is very annoying to watch I refuse to watch her show even though sometimes she seems like she might have a few good recipes. I really enjoy Gordon Ramsey he's a @ss but he knows what he's talking about and means well if you listen to what he has to say then his attitude is different!

Making good turkey burgers?

The only reason I cant eat it is b/c by body dont tolerate red meat at all every time I eat it or anything really really spicy I am doubled over in pain! Thanks for the advice, I just want a burger that has a good taste to it.

Making good turkey burgers?

I should also mention that I'm very limited on it being spicy too :(

Cook the Book: 'Home Made Winter'

My great great grandmothers dumplings we now add chicken too them the recipe has been passed down to me and I plan to pass it on down to my kids! I have had people tell me they don't like dumplings and then them try our family recipe and they love them!

Favorite/Most Amusing Chef Quirks

I cant watch Giada she reminds me of a Brat doll her head looks like its way bigger than the rest of her body.

But the way Anne Burrell talks to her food is funny and cute to me I really enjoy watching her cook; she's probably one of my favorite cooks!

Making good turkey burgers?

First off Hello everyone, I'm new to this site and new to the whole blogging thing. I have recently discovered that my body wont let me eat red meats. It has been forever it seems since I have had a hamburger and I have been craving one big time! Any ideas how to make this turkey burger I got taste even a little close to a real cheeseburger?

A Better Big Mac

Note: Store-bought ground beef can be substituted for the short rib. Mac Sauce can be used as soon as its made, but it gets mellower if you let it sit in the fridge at least overnight in a covered container.... More

Our 18 Favorite Hangover Helpers

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