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Grocery bagging violations

I too hate it when they try to put cleaning, personal hygiene, household pet products in with my food. That is when I start taking out the items and bag the items myself. They are not to keen about me taking the items out but I have to let em' know that is soooooooo wrong in sooooo many ways. I do compliment the ones that do a good job So far and between though.

By the way I like the idea of having the plastic bags against the law. I think all states should start right along with the plastic water bottles eg :Aquafina, Dasani the list goes on and on.....

Bid Daddy's House

I think I like the show, not to mention he is handsome and fun to watch. I liked the cooking that he did with his boys. Nice to finally have a new flavor in the mix.
Overall I'm glad he won.
It's way better than that new show with freaky miss Neely, down home and out the door show. I can't even watch their commercial.

Game Over for Mario at the Food Network

I have wrote FN about the shows they are putting out lately. They never wrote back apparently we the viewers don't have a say in what garbage they are putting on. It's so disappointing I use to enjoy the cooking shows, now it's like watching food porn. I haven't watched PBS yet but I will definitely be checking it out.

The Neely's have ANOTHER show..WTH??

My mouth dropped open when I seen they had another show. My thought is they are so hard core, demanding, strict on their show "The next food network star". Then in return they hand us the Neely's. "Cooking for Real" is right up there in the annoying category also.

Down Home With The Neely's Dilemma!

I have watched the show a couple of times and every time I end up turning the channel. The spice fairy needs to go some where, I'm glad there in love and all but come on. I'm here to watch a "food" network show to learn not to turn up my nose b/c the spice fairy is shaken her booty and shovin' beaters down her throat.
That goes ditto for Paula's party show, "GROSS"!!


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