Best Classic Tiramisu in NYC?

at genaro's on 92nd and amsterdam

First Look at Fulton Stall Market

what a disappointment!! this market doesnt hold a candle to the union sq greenmarket! there was one short row of vendors selling overpriced produce and meat/fish out of coolers. the location is much less convenient than the greenmarket and has a tiny selection. i travelled all the way down to elbow my way through tourists and chain stores / restaurants only to find myself completely shocked by the so called market...

chopt'd, toss'd, stress'd!!!

when i go to get lunch in nyc and want a salad i usually try to find a place that will make a salad with anything i want in it and then chop and toss it for me. even though i am good at making salads when im home, i get so overwhelmed by all of the options that i end up with bad combinations. i need some good go-to'!!

greek / turkish coffee

any recommendations for a place to get a great cup of greek or turkish coffee in NYC...? i have never had it and am looking for a great place to try it. thanks!!

who loves cucina!?!

for all of you new yorkers who scurry through the met life building on your way from grand central to the better parts of you love or hate cucina? whats your favorite thing to get there?

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