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Know Your Chicken: What USDA Poultry Labels Actually Mean

that is a gorgeous photo of a chantecler rooster. a handsome roo. any way speaking on the the chicken article. you may want to mention exactly how much $$ they have to pay to use that label on the product and how that effects the cost, not how they raise them. I my self raise 60 cornish cross a year, 25 hen 25 roo poults, while they may not be grade A because not all chickens are "pretty" after slaughter.they sure do taste good and are a lot cheaper than store. also all the egg lables are complete BS too. i guess i would rather have a dang good chicken that i might have to pull a few missed pins out of at a lower cost than some thing pretty, and i would rather have odd shaped and colored eggs than pay for lables.

Win a Copy of 'Fried & True'

I use what I have on hand we usually make a large batch of fried chicken when we butcher as a family. yes... I raise cornish cross broilers for butcher every year would LOVE to use this book to mix it up a bit

Extra Large, Cage-Free, and More: How to Shop for Eggs

we have a small hobby flock, and have rainbow eggs. ie shades of pinks, greens, blues ect even one girl that lays a butter yellow one. It is sad when a farmer robs a chicken of being an omnivore for the sole reason of ethics of a consumer. yes some of our chickens are more pets than others and at the moment we are raising 5 breeds in a flock. all heritage. when you are that close to your food you can tell the moment there is something off. i don't wash unless its absolutely needed. then its a rinse and carton them up. our flock is self replacing ( we have a rooster ).

Cook the Book: 'Stewed'

wow it would make my day if i won this as i currently cant really eat more than soups or stews... my favorite right now is Matzoh ball.. filling comforting and hits all the right spots

Taking a temperature on a column idea: Food for athletes

the diabetic, would be the one in the family that is choosing to just solve her health issues with popping a pill. the over weight man would be the asthmatic farmer/carpenter how is 65. the cholesterol is a genetic problem, as is the highblood pressure there is a long standing family history of it, with the medications he is on 3 crackers = 2 snickers bars (roughly). no matter the meds they put him on for the pressure or cholesterol even in combo with sensible diet there isnt much of a change. the 28 yr old mom has a dilbilitating autoimmune disease thats provoked by chemicals in processed or semi processed foods. the toddler has the metabolism of a humming bird and chooses low fat foods over high fat foods so will have a weight problem all her life.

the point being for the rant.. dont just do blah blah running if you INSIST on putting this together. hit all the targets if you want to do a health thing of making pleasing foods that serve a purpose. if you do "running" take a time out to hit another part of things that would benefit people, like heart healthy meal, or low glycemic index meal. if you want to do this so badly take a week in the life of every one and write. dont do a subset when you can benefit a larger group of people. look past yay running and take a broader look at the group of people out there with dietary needs that they dont personally choose to have. honestly with the back ground i have a running nutrition series ie just for cardio based sports is for me a no brainer because i have had the experience of cooking for a vast number of dietary needs. if you feel the need to educate, educate a large group. also fatties=meat head athletes in my book.. thanks so much for the insult to a group of people who may not have much control over their physical limitations or medical needs.

Taking a temperature on a column idea: Food for athletes

why are you focusing on the subset of athletes, why dont you focus on a larger group like people with illnesses say DIABETICS or DIABETIC children. perhaps the few of us that are needing of a diet very very low in artificial perservatives. perhaps quite possibly the group of us that are cooking for both some one with a illness, a child, and a family member thats diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, over weight, but with a high activity level.

to say yay look at the runners when you are ignoring the whole group of people who cook scratch 3 meals a day because of REAL health needs is simply idiotic.

what it sounds like to me is that you want to write a column about yay athletes look this is yummy i have no idea the real benefits or caloric counts. but YAY ATHLETES.

Name suggestion for a food blog

oh god another name my blog post you know this isnt really the place for it

What is dummer: St. Patricks Day or 420?

I'm of Irish heritage, both sides of my family as is my husband. we make dinner and have a quiet night in, usually Irish stew. as for 4:20 we watch star trek and listen to the police scanner. and im trying to think of why people even celebrate 4:20 or get drunk on st. pats my biggest pet peeve is people claiming irish who are in no way irish

Same old Valentine gifts...

i buy my husband trade paperbacks of his favorite comics, im a valentines day hater... romance to us.. silent sleeping toddler, icecream to share and old episodes of star trek deep space 9. im not a flowers, goofy romance, jewelry or chocolates type of girl. i guess im an odd one. give me a quiet night of cuddles and scifi.. and im happy

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

as much as i can get.. but i like it vietnamese style.. dark black as sin, with a touch of sweetened condensed milk or ala cakedaddy pepper flakes and cinnamon in the french press

Eating in Front of the Customers

i did the same stuff but ... i yelled for some one to cover me.. the manager used to cover for me and she said she only did for me because. i can "hork" down a whole plate of food in 5 min if needed and slug down water while getting back in the kitchen to take the plates that were up out to tables... then again i didnt eat in view i booked it to the back door and ate out side by the trash. :) i had a good relationship with the cooks and they had a plate for me waiting usually. so when i maddly dashed in and said im starving need cover. amanda (manager) met me with the plate as i was coming back then boom dash to door.

I ain't eatin' THAT again !!!

this is saying alot because i love tripe..and crickets with chocolate i eat about any thing so this is going to be a big one for me. when i was 7 i was staying with my uncle and his 2nd wife, they had a young son as well and lived on a farm. horses chickens ect. it was wood cutting season and they had sliced process meat. they told me it was turkey.. but it was puree excess parts that were flavored and molded into tube form then sliced. it literally tasted worse than cheap alpo smells. and no amount of mustard could cover it. so ton of mustard and the mystery "dog food" on wonder bread. i tried to bury it in the field to fake eatting it but was punished and forced to eat it dirt and all. i kept it down a record 4 min.. my brother did the count down .. and yep came up all over the freshly split wood. i chose not to eat for almost 2 days till my parents came to get me.. cause the sandwhichs were all they had. to this day i cringe passing the deli section and look for meat grain when buying deli cuts.

Can Your Parents Cook?

At the risk of a double post, no idea why this is going on today:

my mother is the queen of pork, its also why i do not willingly eat pork but grudgingly do so to apease my husband. my mother honestly claims to do good enough. but canned veg rules her house, all baked goods come from a box, and canned soup is considered fancy seasoning. if its not just S&P its greek seasoning on every thing. cinnamon is too spicey and anything that is spicer than ketchup is in the ugh ill get heart burn catagory in her book.

i grew up with less than the best. i do have to say that i looked forward to summers cause then dad would grill and we would get veg out of the garden. im trying to think of how to accuratly describe her. my dad was the farmers/mechanics version of Jack mccoy from Law and order. my mother.. roseanne conner but a bit quieter and less mouthy, usually smoking (until last year in the house) and reading the latest trashy romance novel. her favorite meal to cook. greasy fried to death pork chops just S&P canned "nuclear" green beans, and betty crocker scalloped potatoes cooked in the microwave. :) you can imagine what her bean soup/ham and beans was like.. or the giant pork roast which my youngest brother dubbed groast. the highlight of my dads holiday season. im going to visit back home and will cook. but i cant say it was the worst as we were fed. though all the kids loved summer more. we didnt go hungrey but i cant lie there were times we were tempted.

saying that mom was a her needs came first so we ate on the lower side not just because we were working poor but because she had to have nicotiene, books, and her diet pepsi. so im quite familiar with dent can sales and became quite the left over wizard. where am i going with this.. a confession about how food matters. both my brother and i, mine more severe are calcium defiecent. we were both mildly lactose intolerant so dairy wasnt bought. and to this day the drs and dentists cringe at the shape of my bones and teeth.

Need help with my blog name!any suggestions?

there you go lola.. NOT THE PLACE for you to squeal ooooo help me with my BLOG. besides that you posted it under food, not media and news..

i dont have any problems telling you that its not appropriate to be here. the reason why serious eats pops up when you search are blog shillers.. DONT DO IT.

as far as the i dont know what to name my blog it is either schilling, or you have no clue about who you are what you want or your style.. GOD MAYBE ITS BOTH.

13 is my lucky number fyi and mynx is a play on spelling for the word minx go figure.. not rude perse truthful and bold.

Need help with my blog name!any suggestions?

how bout. i need other people to name my blog because i have no idea about my self identity or style. wait.. thats too long. seriously did you just create an account to shill your blog here??? i see no other comments or posts. move on. this isnt the place for what you posted.

My Parents' Kitchen

my mother does not have a good kitchen, but she also doesnt cook well, clean much of anything and cheap crummy pots she sets her stove at the highest setting cause high heat = fast cook. the knives i just have to have dad sit down with the wet stone. the rest of it is purely just an aging house. nice cabinets ect but needs a new floor and the table sanded and refinished. im currently looking for a 2nd hand cast iron to see if she can destroy that pan as well.

my suggestion if you want to get her something for her kitchen, i love my calpahlon contemporary non stick stainless set. every thing dish washer safe, light but built well, and life time garuntee. but im a mom of a 3 yr old with a love of cooking :). if you get her that remember to tell her no metal. only non scratch scrubbers, and not to worry nothing sticks any way if they are properly taken care of. that being NO PAM NO NO NO.. :) be a dear and buy her a misto.. cheaper and will save her brand new pans. if the pan fails.. or breaks that was not her cause.. instant replacement.

Any tips for egg topped pizzas?

we make a version of that its a blt with a pesto based sauce though yes the L part is romaine tossed in ranch on top after... totally yummy

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

CONVERT ME I DARE YOU!!!.... i dont generally eat pork but my husband a great man serving his country atm HOOAH ... does.. so CONVERT ME COME ON I DARE YOU.... CONVERT THIS NON PORK EATTER. (no i am not a vegetarian)

Blog Shilling Question...

i second what jerzee said.. the other rash of no-nos is saying OH HELP ME!!!! then putting the solutions talk gave you in your blog, claiming it as your own work and giving no credit in anyway to the talk members.

How accommodating are you?

jerzee... would i be welcome at your house.. my first response to any invite is.. COOL .. ou ou what are you making.. can i help ou, ill do dishes if you let me help.. can i bring any thing do you want or need or would like me to bring any thing :).. i have a dairy sensitivity but.. dont worry about it i know my limits.

Whole Foods is sneaking up the prices

im a shop local girl, i go to asian pacific market, laborio, any thing else is sunflower market (plan on sales and such), other than that when the sales are exceptional im a local king soopers girl. i dont tend to buy out side a budget unless its a stock up kinda thing, and i bake ect so premade in our house doesnt tend to happen. my latest trip.. 1.29 for eggs, 1.97 for gallon of milk, 4$ for flour, other than convience and not being able to slice a loaf straight why pay 5$ for ONE loaf of premade bread. i dont shop at whole paycheck unless its bulk and not offered at my other stores.. which is rare.

Molasses Spice Cookies - AMT Recipe Question

my grandmother used to call them molasses crinkles. they were rolled in a pall dipped in sugar then had water dripped on top, if they are the ginger snap type.. that may work for you.. if they are the soft cookies.. i have no clue my family were crispy cookie people. they are a HUGE holiday fave in my house. and i second getting the mixer.. even a cheapo isnt a loss.. 10-12$ well spent. i have now had my cheapo for.. 4 years

How accommodating are you?

to add more to that with the vegan peta supporters.. your welcome in my house at my table no problem as long as you dont push your agenda, and feel sorry for my feline "slaves". i have a Aunt in law who cant leave it at the door. there are many loved ones i have who have been medically saved by animal bi-products or use animal bi-products to stay living or keep a quality of life. i myself use a beta interferon 1-a which is made with porcine cells. that is the only thing i ever ask of any vegan .. leave the agenda at the door.

How accommodating are you?

i have a lactose sensitivity, and it depends on how far the dairy product is cooked, im also highly allergic to aspartame. when i had went to fl and stayed with a friend.. his roomie forbid me from cooking, and made every thing dairy she could think of.. she honestly hated me for no real reason. only thing that was in the house caffienated.. was diet pepsi.. this is even after i gave her money to buy groceries. when i have special requests.. i offer to buy or provide things needed and help with prep and/or cleaning. im not ungrateful when people think of me. that being said.. i can also just suck it up and deal with the pain so long as its not the aspartame.. vegan i will accomodate to a point, diabetic.. i can rock that, allergies you bet i understand that. pickiness well thats a big old kiss my butt.


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