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Pork Chops with Norman Cider Cream Sauce and Thyme

Sounds great, but a question: chop thickness? Given the timing, I'm guessing they're fairly skinny?

Seekh Kebabs: The Grilled, Spiced Pakistani Meat-on-a-Stick of Your Dreams

This looks like something that will be good for the "everything on a stick" cookout this weekend.

Also, do you think we've done the "what cilantro tastes like" discussion to death, and can we move on? Use it if you like, leave it out if you don't like, don't try to substitute other things whose only similarity with cilantro is that they're both green, the end.

Seriously Asian: Tofu Skin

Not a vegetarian, and I LOVE tofu sticks and tofu knots. Love love love love. I think I'll try this with maybe the addition of some scallions partway through, for a little green. Ya think?

How to Choose the Right Pie Pan (Hint: Cheaper Is Better)

That's good to know about why ceramic is a lose. In addition, they break. I use a KAF steel/aluminum pan. I got it a couple years ago and have been very happy with it.

How to Choose the Right Pie Pan (Hint: Cheaper Is Better)

That's good to know about why ceramic is a lose. In addition, they break. I use a KAF steel/aluminum pan. I got it a couple years ago and have been very happy with it.

Easy Teriyaki-Glazed Salmon, Cucumber, and Avocado Rice Bowls

This is pretty much what I do, but I marinate the salmon for a bit beforehand with a marinade made of soy and mirin and a little ginger and garlic. And, because I want to actually glaze the sauce, I remove the pan from the heat and spoon it over when it's still in the pan. Your method no doubt makes for an easier cleanup though. I'd only caution that you def don't want to do that with the sauce lower than room temp.

The Food Lab: The Best Southern Fried Chicken

I'm really not a fan of brining, and especially for six hours. Honestly, the mere memory of the salt-water-injected horrible texture/taste of KFC is enough to keep me from ever eating it again. A short brine is not a bad idea, but six hours? Madness.

Meet Me at Moe's: 9 Fictional Restaurants and Bars We Wish Were Real

Are you KIDDING??? Inn at the Crossroads is where you go to get killed!

The Comfort Food Diaries: My Coke Habit

I don't drink Coke as a regular thing anymore, but for a hangover, there is nothing like a blisteringly cold can of Coke. And it's gotta be a can.

How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar

@edflanders: the chocolate chippers with the browned butter. OH yeah. And what else? How about spritz? I finally got my spritz recipe working the way I want it to, thanks to some tips from the nice people at the King Arthur test I gotta try this!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a kneejerk distaste for recipes that pronounce themselves the "best" or the "ultimate" or whatever. So, these cookies started off with one big irrational but nevertheless very real strike against them in my book.

But after making them, not once but several times, I have to say: they ARE the best chocolate chip cookies, and that's all there is to it. And I'm about to make another batch.

The Secrets to Perfect Spritz Cookies

dtremit: I got one of those on ebay, but fwiw, the trigger-operated press I just bought will do the same thing -- you squeeze a little or a lot, depending on what you need. The level of control is fine, and it's FAST!

The Secrets to Perfect Spritz Cookies

I bought a new press from King Arthur Flour this year, and got some tips from a helpful sales associate in their store. Mind you, I've been making these since I was a kid. My mom always refrigerated the dough, and I don't know (maybe she was sometimes using part margarine?), but this is a Bad Idea. Mix the dough and straight into the press with no refrigeration, and away you go. Result: the most successful spritz-making in years.

Slow-Cooker Pulled-Pork Chili With Cornbread Dumplings

Here's my planned substitutions:

- Pintos instead of kidneys, added later in the cook
- Masa rather than flour, also added later I think
- Something else hot instead of jalapeno, I'll see what's in the bucket from the garden
- No crushed tomatoes. Sorry, that's just too much tomato for me.

Looking forward to this!

Pulled Pork and Cornbread Make This Slow-Cooker Chili a New Favorite

@KevinMofM if it were me, I'd mix more batter, put the leftover chili in an ovenproof dish (maybe heat it some first), cornbread on top and bake at fairly high heat. guessing?

The Food Lab's Ultra-Gooey Stovetop Mac and Cheese

That's a lotta mac. Any problems with dividing this recipe?

Hot Dogs Here! My Day as a Ballpark Hot Dog Vendor

I've had jobs like this, and they do have a kind of magic to them. And yeah, I observed that the people who were rollin' in it were frequently the very worst tippers, probably because they've never had a job like that. Those who have, know how hard you're working.

Grilled Flatbread With Olive Oil and Za'atar

I don't get it, why isn't there any za'atar in the recipe?

6 New Must-Try Summer Beers

Honestly, most of these sound really unappealing. Summer beers now are what "harvest" or "Oktoberfest" beers became a while back, overloaded with unnecessary adjuncts that are supposed to represent a characteristic flavor profile. Bleagh. My favorite this summer is Long Trail's Partly Cloudy, a Belgian style without a bunch of added crap.

No Tools? No Experience? No Problem. How I Hacked an Ace Barbecue Smoker

Wow. Some serious punchbowl-pissers in here. It was a nice thing to do and his dad was happy with the results. You don't want it for yourself, then don't do it. But please stop raining on the parade. It wasn't written as a Grand Ultimate Guide to Barbecue as sanctioned by the KCBBS, for God's sake, lighten up people.

The Subtle Secrets to Making the Best Ice Cream Mix-Ins

So, with the swirl do you serve it? Do you just scoop it up out of the loaf pan?

The Tea Lover's Way to Make the Best Cold Brew Iced Tea

I just started cold brewing and could not be happier. Hoi polloi, I drink decaf black ;-)

A New Summer Favorite: Grilled Chicken with Za'atar

Thanks for this, I decided to add za'atar to my herb garden this year and have been looking for recipes.