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Lindsey Howald Patton

Lindsey Howald Patton


Lindsey Howald Patton is a food, architecture, history, and art writer based in Chicago. When not accidentally leaning in way too close to the paintings, she tinkers with recipes in her narrow home kitchen. She blogs about food At Burning Degrees.

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  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • Favorite foods: Home-popped coconut popcorn, bibim makguksu, Thai curries, Castelvetrano olives, almond butter and date molasses.
  • Last bite on earth: Three words: Mango. Sticky. Rice.

Watch Tony Bezsylko Bake the Best Bread in Chicago at Cellar Door Provisions

...Awesome. Great piece, Nick!

A Few of the Greatest Hits at 90 Miles Cuban Café

@iamnotdenny What does Habana Libre do best? I'll have to check it out.

A Day in the Life: Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

If one Mexican-food-related idea was going to make it to the holiday party, champagne margaritas were the way to go. They were delicious—thanks!

Swap Sushi for Hearty Home-Style Japanese at Sunshine Café

Hey @katkat, thanks for the clarification. It was so similar in texture to yuba I thought there was no way it had been fried!

Take a Look Around Eataly Chicago

Gah. So excited this is finally happening.

6 Brick-And-Mortar Brunch Spots We Love In Portland, OR

Ha, @danny6114 -- as in not food trucks. We'd been there, done that.

Although I do love myself a good virtual brunch.

We Eat Everything at Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Pies

Sorry for edging into your turf, Titus! I couldn't resist. I'll have to give Top-Notch a try sometime, though.

A Tale of Two Thai Curries at Rosded

I know! It definitely wins that dish the beauty contest.

Escolar Ceviche at the Publican

Oh, wow. I feel for everyone that has had a rough experience with this fish!

I had also heard about the hazards of escolar, but decided not to mention it in the post because I can vouch for having had zero "side effects," if that's what we'll call them, after dining on this at the Publican. As Dennis said, it's okay in small quantities. (But I have read that it is banned in Japan as well as Italy, which is ironic considering the preparation.)

Where to Buy Wine in Chicago

I wholeheartedly agree that Fine Wine Brokers is a wonderful place. Free tastings every Saturday afternoon as well.

11 Awesome Veggie Tacos in Chicago

I want to eat all of these.

Lunch in the Loop: U.B. Dogs

There are so many strange things in here that I don't know where to start, but it certainly ends with gravy bread. Never heard of it. Wow.

Off the Beaten Menu at Nhu' Lan Bakery

@Centelleo, I think you're right. That's exactly what it looked like. So it really is just pork...

Off the Beaten Menu at Nhu' Lan Bakery

Ah! Good to know someone can vouch for it; I had no idea it was even a fruit. I'll definitely try it soon!

The Vegetarian Option: Little Market Brasserie

Asparagus + quinoa + kale chips + cherries ... that sounds heavenly. Haven't been to this place yet, but it just climbed up the list.

Summertime Salads at Opart Thai House

Right you are! Thanks for the catch.

Order Like a Pro at Lao Hunan in Chicago's Chinatown

Culled from a dozen or so trial and error trips, the following dishes represent sure-fire hits when planning a trip to Lao Hunan. Admittedly, this is not a list of the most obscure, most adventurous dishes on the menu. Instead, it represents a palate-challenging (as opposed to alienating) crash course on dishes guaranteed to result in return visits. More

The Cider Press Taste Test: Canned Ciders

Unpretentious and refreshing, canned ciders should be drunk ice cold, preferably with a group of friends, during the hot summer months. As the thermostat hit 90º this past weekend in NYC, we scoured the shelves and came back with four canned ciders to test out for your next camping or boating trip. More

Staff Picks: What's Your Favorite BYOB Restaurant in Chicago?

I always think of a BYOB restaurant as a dare. Sure, I could use the occasion as an excuse to load up on frosty cans of cheap booze, thus saving real money on the final bill. But does the beverage honestly pair well with the food? And now with more fine dining BYOB options, isn't it my duty to buy a better bottle of wine with the money I'd otherwise spend? (Because, let's face it, I would have spent that money.) More