Hawaiian Vacation Townhouse Cooking

@Cassandra: I appreciate the suggestions and insight. You had me at "cookie"!

I wanted to try to impress my new husband with my cooking skills, but after price-checking nearby places to eat it probably does make much more sense to hit some of the cheaper joints instead of stressing about cooking too much. From what I can tell the quality will be better than anything I could cobble together in our bare-bones kitchen.

@salpico: I do plan on bringing a few knives and maybe a peeler for cutting fruit. Searing Ahi is a great idea. I will bring a few 59cent packets of sesame seeds from the Mexican grocery.


Recipes for cookies that hold up well in the mail?

Hi, NYCEater I'd love to have the recipe for the shortbread if you don't mind. I have some nice Murray River salt I could use for that (I think). I'm trying to sort out which is the best shortbread recipe to use and that sounds like a winner.

Recipes for cookies that hold up well in the mail?

Catboy, did you use any cookie cutters on the shortbread? I wonder if shapes would hold up in the mail. I kinda want to do round with scalloped edges. I bet she would love it with the lemon rind btw.

I think I'm going to go with a variety of lemon shortbread, apricot hamentaschen, and sour cream twists.

Thanks so much for the great shipping and baking info everyone! My grandma will be so happy.

Schmancy lunches in San Francisco

I second the cafe at Chez Panisse. It's very reasonably priced and it'll knock your socks off.

Sunday Brunch: Chai Tea Cupcakes

I was thinking the same thing, squid. My friend's birthday is tonight but I'm sure she'd be just as happy with cupcakes.

Hawaiian Vacation Townhouse Cooking

Good News Anyone! I am going to Kauai for a week starting on Friday and we have the luxury of having a little kitchen in the townhouse we are renting. It will be equipped with some very basic cooking implements (pots, pans, maybe a rice cooker, probably not a grill). I am mostly just worrying because I feel like I am really lacking in terms of recipes that utilize the fresh Hawaiian ingredients. Do any of you have past experiences, suggestions, or recipes for me?

I am packing some things like pre-measured brown, white, and basmati rices, olive oil, sesame oil, red chili flakes, curry powder, some hot sauces, and good honey (we love spicy food).

Please suggest other spices or small, packable ingredients for me to bring? I plan on buying produce and fish once I'm there (but the original plan is to SAVE money by eating in). Thanks Anyone!

Recipes for cookies that hold up well in the mail?

I wanted to send my grandmother some cookies in the mail. I can do the next day shipping if it's recommended. I have no experience doing this so any advice is greatly appreciated.

My grandmother doesn't really care for chocolate and cannot eat seeds or nuts. She does like lemon and apricot flavored cookies as well as most fruit filled cookies. I'd prefer something that looks cute if possible--I'm pretty good with delicate work. Thanks!

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