Former Gallery Director, Culinary Guide & Interpreter & Milliner, I am now a full-time writer and food blogger. I love to cook and bake in my multi-cultural kitchen.

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  • Location: Nantes, France
  • Favorite foods: Too many to list: Tiramisu, coffee ice cream, most things chocolate, Indian, Italian, Asian, Cajun cuisines.

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Cook the Book: 'The Glorious Vegetables of Italy'

When we lived in Italy, we could buy tiny artichokes - no bigger than golf balls - which could be eaten whole like Brussel sprouts once cooked. My husband would make a gorgeous lamb and artichoke tagine with saffron that he learned to make when he lived in Morocco. Those tiny artichokes would cook down until they practically melted in the mouth. Incredibly glorious!

Bake the Book: Edible DIY

Since I live in France, friends love receiving typically American foods. I bake cranberry-orange-walnut bread, chocolate chip banana bread, pumpkin bread and lemon bread among others, bake them in small disposable aluminum tins, wrap them up and hand them around.