I'm a food writer and flavor chaser based in San Francisco. My blog, Lick My Spoon, covers all things delicious. Current obessions: brandied cherries, lavender, soba noodles.

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Desperate for tomato pie recipe

Nailing this recipe has been an ongoing quest for me...but I think I've done it!

Here's the play by play:

Hoping this fills the Tomato Pie void in your lives :)

So Long, Folks (and See You Next Week)

glad you will still be around these parts, and congrats on the new gig! no doubt, you will be doing ny tourists from around the globe a huge service :)

The Burger Lab: The Fake Shack, Mach Two—The Double Shack Stack Cracked you've blown my mind. i've always been a devotee of the shroom burger, but never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined the crispy, juicy, meaty, goo of a Double Shack Stack. omg.

Top This: Potato and Roasted-Garlic Pizza (à la Pizzeria Picco)

Thanks, Adam! I listened to so many "Top That" remixes and spoofs that I think the song will permanently haunt my dreams.

Rhode Island Showdown: Coffee Milk Taste Test

coffee milk! what a blast from the past. the stuff hasn't touched my lips since my days at brown. p.s. kind of jealous they actually serve it at the ratty now.

The Food Lab: How To Make The Best Chili Ever

great post and love the breakdown of flavors! I just wrote about my personal favorite recipe for's a Big-Ass Pot of Chili with 2 pounds of bacon, 4 pounds of sausage, 6 pounds of ground beef…size matters.

Cook the Book Party Planner: La Cucina

xmas eve isn't complete without pecan pie at midnight!

Not-Boring Thanksgiving Recipes?

this comment chain is amazing! loving all the great ideas.
This Sweet Potato Gratin is a go-to side for my thanksgiving -- it is pure savory-sweet bliss

Results and Photos from the NorCal Regional Grilled Cheese Invitational

thanks for the mention, robyn! the event really was a blast. I'm glad they're rolling it out to more cities :)

@GretchinF: ewww...that's it, you've just ruined it for me. I'll never be able to look at a honeypot the same way again. :( haha

Have You Eaten Burgers Made With Fruit?

Usually when someone thinks a burger made with fruit, all one can find is a Hawaiian burger simply with a round slice of pineapple.

I reviewed a San Francisco burger joint called Bill's Place where they have a "Chantastic" burger on their restaurant menu. This cheeseburger is topped with two heavenly onion rings, grilled beets and pineapple, and coleslaw on the side. It was a delicious and interesting twist on the typical pineapple burger.

Thanks for the great post. It's nice to find other ways of including fruit to spice up your everyday dish! :-)

How would you Praise the Lard?

If you want to praise the lard, make carnitas!