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Bake the Book: 'The Cookiepedia'

I recently bribed my research students with chocolate biscotti. Still crossing my fingers that their first papers will be decent though.

Ice Cream Topping Debate: SHOTS (or sprinkles? HUH?)

The answer is clearly sprinkles. I believe the setting has indeed been straightened.

Mine is Better Than Yours

I make the best pecan pie. Well, myself and the wife of my high school A&P teacher. She forced me to try her's once, and my dislike of pecan pie ended that day. It's replaced my mom's decades old recipe for the Thanksgiving table.

What are the foods you've taught yourself to like?

Lima beans. My mom used to use make me eats foods I didn't like as a mild punishment. It was a time out until we downed them. I remember actively trying to hide it when I learned to like them. She eventually found out and switched me to pickles, which I still can't stand.

What to eat when visiting Hawaii

@BitchinFixins, "Guava plantation" are the most wonderful sounding words I've heard all day. Where? Will they let me live there?

@missvenuz, Thanks for the tips, Hilo is proven to be the more difficult to find ideas for, and you just gave me a good running start.

Bake the Book: 'Sugar Baby'

Toffee is king. Cotton Candy is the noble queen.

Annoying Lunch Habits of Coworkers

It's the super-load chewing that gets to me. Close your mouth! Really, it ain't that tricky.

I used to work with a woman who would have some type of really crunchy cereal everyday for breakfast. I would put headphones on and crank up the music to drown it out, but I could still hear the crunching. One day, she added a different sound to the mix. It was so odd and loud that curiosity finally got the better of me and I had to figure out what was making the sound. It was grapes. How, how are grapes a loud food?!

Poll: Ranch Dressing on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Heated, no, that's just gross sounding. Cool and dipable, that's how I fed myself through high school. It seems odd, but is totally good times.

Bake the Book: 'Plum Gorgeous'

Peach crumble with vanilla ice cream.

What's your favorite childhood meal?

When my mom was cooking, it was all about the hamburger soup, ground beef and veggies in broth. We sometimes had her make it one night then we'd get fast food, because the soup tripled in awesome over night.

If dad cooked, it was the glory of fried chicen gizzards and plantain chips.

And somehow I got my whole family hooked on the 10-layer no-bake cake I came up with when I was 12. The first layer was Twinkies :)

What would you want from Portland, OR?

I've had people pack VooDoo donuts for my when they were flying out of Portland. Mango Tango is the way to my heart.

Cook the Book: 'Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese'

Goat with Indian or Greek preparations has a special place in my heart. And I could have goat cheese on crackers for dinner every night.

Food you like that everyone else seems to find disgusting

I love chicken gizzards! Haven't had any in years, gotta get back to those.

I also love prunes. People seem to hate them, but they're so yummy. My mom had to ration me with them to keep me from eating dozens at a time when I was a kid.

What is your favorite food spot in Tampa?

If you're willing to expand outside of Tampa itself, I will always have a soft spot for Santorini's in Tarpon Springs.

Everytime I'm down there, I always make a point to go. And to swing by the Fudge Factory in Tarpon as well. Mmmm, Fudge Factory.

Foods everyone seems to like but you just can't get into....

@Zombieshark, you're not alone, I hate sweet potatoes too. They are vile and serve no purpose in life.

Also, pumpkin. I hate pumpkin anything. I have a hard time with fall desserts because of this.

Expats: What foods do you miss from back home?

I must be a little spoiled, I have the glories of Marmite and mint Aero bars hanging out in my local grocery store. That's what I get for living close to embassies.

Drink the Book: 'Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes'

There's a place near my office that makes the best milkshakes. I'm a sucker for the Heath bar milkshake.

Weekend Giveaway: 'Clean Start'

Spring time means berry time, that and grilling. Gotta find a way to grill raspberries.


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