I love to eat and I love to cook. I am not the world's most adventurous eater but I am getting better. I can honestly say that I spend a good portion of every day reading about food, thinking about food, cooking food, and eating food.

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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

Crispy on a panini with cheese and arugula.

Serious Entertaining: What to Eat Before a Robyn Dance Party

Also was hopeful for a Robyn Lee dance party!

White Chocolate Cake recipe?

My wedding cake was lemon cake with lemon curd and white chocolate frosting. I used the Martha stewart 4321 cake and curd recipes. It might be too sweet if the cake is all whit chocolate because even with the tart curd mine was quite sweet.

Cordova Farmer's Market International: The United Nations of Food In Memphis

I have a similar market near work. Produce is so well priced that I am always tempted to drive over during vacation. It doesn't hurt that there's also a delicious Polish deli in the same plaza.

Vegetarian: The Best Way To Grill Zucchini

I just grilled the first zucc I've ever grown myself! Yay!

Cheap food near University of Toronto?

I second Kensington market but you are also right at Chinatown where there are lots of cheap eats.

Canadian foodies - Anthony Sedlak is dead?!

Whoa! He was so young. :(

The Urban Gardener: Check Out My Garden

I'm so excited by the progress of my own garden! I just hope I actually get some jalapeños and tomatillos to make salsa.

Need road trip food recommendations

I second

Chain Reaction: Burger King's New Bacon Sundae

I think I'll stick with Ed's small batch maple bacon toffee ice cream. Perfection.

Pulled Pork Options

I take leftover pork shoulder and make a sort of stew with salsa verde, chicken stock, barley and quinoa. More of a fall winter meal though.

French in a Flash: One-Pot Sausages and Lentils with Sweet Roasted Shallots

Ooooh I've got sausages in the freezer and canned lentils in the pantry! Win.

We Try Every Barefoot Bubbly

My SIL loves champagne and while she likes the pricey stuff who can afford that for frequent brunch mimosas? She buys barefoot for that.

Cheese should go under or over the toppings?

Cook the Book: 'The Homemade Pantry'

Butters. Nut and cow.

30-Minute Skillet Plum Cake

R. Kelly themed party - need to make punch that looks like pee.

The Urban Gardener: Weeding Stinks

Weeds are the worst!

Scoopable ice cream: corn syrup, alcohol, both?

I used the corn syrup alone and it turned out very well. It is pretty velvety and scoopable straight out of the freezer.

1 cup sugar
1 cup water
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 pound fresh rhubarb or frozen, thawed, drained, cut into 1-inch pieces
6 oz chopped strawberries
2 tablespoons light corn syrup

Chickpea, Coconut, and Cashew Curry

If I have cashew butter but not cashews... any idea how much I'd need to make 1/2 cup worth of cashews?

Scoopable ice cream: corn syrup, alcohol, both?

Scoopable ice cream: corn syrup, alcohol, both?

This is actually a rhubarb sorbet do there's no fat. It calls for water, sugar, corn syrup, lemon juice and rhubarb.

Italian 'Cassoulet' with Sausage and Beans

J-rod... I have green beans and zucchini on hand so I was thinking of incorporating some combo of the two.

Embarrassing childhood foods

Agree with blizcheetah... PB&J often turns into a total horror show in your backpack. Edible but texture-wise pretty gross.

Sadly, I remember myself and some classmates being less than kind to a student who had pickled tongue sandwiches. At least now, I have tried tongue and can say I don't like it from experience.

Michael Natkin's Peppery Absorption-Cooked Red-Wine Capellini

I'm sure you meant strain instead of stain but considering the hue of the pasta it's an apropos error. :)

Scoopable ice cream: corn syrup, alcohol, both?

I know there have been posts on SeriousEats (especially re: Jeni's ice cream) about using corn syrup to get ice cream parlour texture at home. If I use corn syrup should I omit any vodka that was in the recipe to keep it "soft and scoopable" or use both? Do they each serve a different function?

Savannah BBQ and Fried Chicken question

I keep hearing rumblings online that Wall's BBQ might be permanently closed. Anyone able to confirm or deny this? If they are open does anyone have tips on time of day or day of week to eat there?

Any thought on Pink Pig BBQ?

Lastly, is there better fried chicken than Mrs. Wilkes that I don't want to miss?

Torontonians - Mexican ingredients / Mexican grocers?

I was just wondering if any Torontonians have any hot tips on where to get Mexican ingredients that aren't readily available in supermarkets (i.e. tomatillos, poblanos, Mexican cheeses, herbs/spices). I know there is a small grocers in Kensington market but I'm in the east end and traffic makes Kensington only an occasionally shopping destination.

What do I do with mediocre steaks?

I bought a ton of strip steaks when they were on sale... and then figured out why they were on sale. They aren't very good. Tougher than you would expect from a strip steak and fairly flavourless despite good marbling. Can I cube and use them in a non-grilling application like a stew or braise? What would you do?

Chicago Eats - Serious opinions required

DH and I are going to Chicago for a few days and need to seriously limit some of our meal choices. We have about 15 restaurants selected for about 6 meals. Haha.

Hot Doug's is on the list for sure. Also, XOCO (thoughts?).

Here is where I need opinions:
Fried chicken: Remus' or Harold's?
Barbecue: Lem's or Uncle John's?
Taqueria: El Pasadita or Tierra Caliente?

Also, any recommendations for reasonably priced must try eats near Navy Pier? We are going in about a week so will be too late for reservations at a lot of the pricier hot spots I imagine.

Cherry pitters?

I want to make the most out of my cherry tree. I was thinking of drying or freezing a lot of them... but I shudder at the thought of pitting them. Does any one have a favourite pitter?

Flank steak - without a grill

Any favourite recipes for flank steak? I saw it at the grocer's today and decided to finally give it a try. I don't have a grill though, just a 10.5 inch cast-iron skillet.

Braised beef conundrum - advice needed

So I was thinking I'd braise some beef for tacos in the vein of barbacoa or similar but a lot of recipes seemed too intensive for a work night. Long story short, I braised the beef in a 2:1 ratio of beef stock to salsa. The beef tastes delicious and has a mild chili heat but the tomatoes from the salsa became so intense and sweet I'm not sure tacos are the best application for this now shredded beef.

Would you still make tacos? If so, with what garnishes/ toppings? If not, what would you make instead?

Gallbladder friendly Tex-Mex dinner ideas / recipes?

Our closest "couple" friends are coming for dinner Friday. They are both big eaters/food lovers but he has to have his gallbladder out and is on a fairly fat-restricted diet. I really want to do something Tex-Mex-ish but need ideas beyond the main course.

I was thinking of braised skinless chicken drums shredded for make your own tacos with avocado, fat-free sour cream, salsas, etc. But what else can I serve? Anyone have a great recipe for a gallbladder friendly Mexican inspired salad? Sides? Things that can be cooked the night before or are quick are also ideal because the dinner is only a few hours after work.

Processed Cheese... healthy or not?

Many schools are adopting healthy snack programs which are intended to include healthy foods from each of the food groups. Cheese and yogurt seem to be the obvious choice for many of the programs, but often the cheese is stringable cheese or processed cheese slices. Are these actually healthy (compared to "real" cheese) or do you think it is just a cost effective "better than nothing" solution?

Kitchen Design, advice please

Husband and I are looking to into the viability of a kitchen redesign. I am wondering how people feel about cabinets with shelves versus with drawers. What is your ideal ratio? The kitchen is 9ft x 9ft and will most likely be an L shape design with a free standing work table. Big windows on 1 1/4 walls with low sills make a U or galley shape unworkable.

Polytunnel gardening - Tips? Advice?

The previous gardening thread got me thinking. One thing I've been mulling over is building a polytunnel in my yard to plant some veg and herbs. I have a black thumb and have had (no lie) zero success growing veg and herbs from either seeds or small plants. I think the two major problems have been cold springs and an overly shaded yard. Anyone have a polytunnel? Had a polytunnel? I must admit I am a huge River Cottage fan and got the idea from H F-W. Haha.

Stocking the pantry - what are the bare essentials?

My husband and I just bought our first home. The kitchen is fairly small and we want to keep the pantry to the essentials to (a) eliminate waste and (b) save space. We've never stocked a kitchen from scratch before. What do you consider your essentials? Also, the basement is large and dry so we could put a pantry down there for large/dry/canned items if needed.

Infused Alcohol - Recipe needed

A friend was recently married and had her favourite drink (mojito) as the signature drink at her wedding. For Christmas I was thinking of trying to make a lime and mint infused rum (sort of a mojito-cello) that could be mixed with bubbly water to make mojitos.

Would this work? Any tried and true recipes? Do I have enough time? I've found limoncello recipes and wondered if I could just adjust to use lime and mint instead of lemon... but wasn't sure about quantities.

I don't want to "waste" an expensive bottle of booze. So I also wonder if just making a minted simple syrup would be the better route? Make a gift basket with all the mojito makings and some snacks. Ideas?

Food waste/Recycling activism - Need advice

Long story short, I went to the States to visit the in-laws and have an early Thanksgiving this weekend. At dinner, I met a corrections officer who is trying to introduce recycling, compost, and horticulture programs at his prison. He was trying to find organizations that advocate for these types of programs who might be able to help him apply for funding/implement these programs. I couldn't really come up with any ideas, so I thought I'd tap into the brainpower of my fellow SeriousEaters. Any ideas? It is in PA if that makes any difference.

How do I pickle red tomatoes?

My uncle called me up this morning asking me for a recipe to pickle tomatoes. I've never pickled anything but I have a basic pickling recipe from Ad Hoc at Home (1 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water). I am not sure if that is appropriate for pickled tomatoes or what seasonings would be good to add.

Any tried and true recipes you can share?

Torontonians: Good Eats at or near Fairview Mall?

The husband and I are supposed to be meeting up with some people in the Fairview Mall area for dinner. Looking for relatively cheap eats, but tasty. I've had a few recommendations for Johnny's Burgers but I'm not sure if it is an eat-in place or just take-out. Any ideas?

Food Inc. - Thoughts and questions...

Let's forget that I am coming late to the party... I have wanted to watch the movie for a long time but was worried it was going to really stress me out. I already knew most, if not all, of the information presented in the documentary but it still upset me a lot. My husband and I do not make a ton of money, and we are trying to buy a house which means taking on a mortgage, but we want to try to make some changes in our day to day lives that are affordable and can help make even a small impact against the big agribusiness machine (i.e. joining a meat CSA). What changes have you made? What realistically can be accomplished on a limited budget?

Mobile SE

I often use my iPod to surf seriouseats and have been having a few problems. In many, if not most, mobile articles the recipes are missing. I can access them via the recipe section but not through the related article. Also, I read all sections of the mobile site but often miss out on entire articles (possibly because they are cross-posted Slice or AHT articles). Anyone else notice this?

Does food obsessiveness give you a trivia leg up?

Last Christmas, my sister-in-law brought over a trivia game for the Wii. I was surprised how many questions were either directly or indirectly food related, and was pleased that my food obsessiveness gave me the winning edge. Since then, my husband and I have befriended a new group who are very keen on board games. Each of my teams has ended up winning, in part because of the number of food related questions that seem to come up in trivia games. People often ask how/why I would know those answers. Has anyone else benefited in this way? Or, is it just a fluke?

Can I freeze no-bake granola bars?

The title says it all. The ingredients are honey, brown sugar, oil, peanut butter and granola. The recipe made more than anticipated and I am going on vacation (with no fridge so they won't keep). Think they will freeze okay?

Burned the beans

Curse my @!!***!!! electric stove top! I was cooking a pot of pinto beans on the stove and misjudged the amount of time I had before I needed to remove them from the heat and the beans on the bottom... More

More Evidence That Trader Joe Paid Attention in Grammar Class

Grammar nerds, rejoice! [Photograph: @TimOfLegend] We've admired Trader Joe's use of good grammar in the checkout line before, but here's evidence that it's not just limited to the TJ's in Brooklyn we posted about last April. Game developer Tim Schafer finds this edited checkout-aisle sign in, I assume, San Francisco, where he lives. [via Super Punch] See also: Less vs. Fewer... More