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PLEASE HELP. Mashed potato snafu :(

Thanks guys! I will try microwaving, and if that doesn't work, I'll make my bf race against the clock to get more. (There are no grocery stores open on Sunday before 1 pm. Awesome.) The one day of the year that I can't get away with just roasting potatoes ...

Pizza suggestions for a trip to Chicago this weekend

Thanks all! And don't worry, I'm getting a bit of a pizza fix tomorrow as well ... visiting friends back home in NYC and going to Donatella. Man, Bermuda really has shitty pizza ...

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Erin's Boerum/Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens

Great overview. I'm not quite in the neighborhood, but close enough to make the trek to Sahadi's (esp. their amazing dates) once a week -- and I love planning where I will eat while I'm over there. I'm out of town until the end of the year, and this article makes me anxious to get back! Also, I know the categories were a one-per, but I do have to make a special shout out to the beet and egg sandwiches at Nectar. Oh man, now I'm hungry ... off to plan lunch!

My Three Favorite Lamb Burgers in New York

Lamb chops rescued me from vegetarianism ....

Pie of the Week: Sour Cherry Pie

@Lauren Weisenthal:

I used to go to a place called Belltown Hills Orchard in Glastonbury, CT. It's very pretty, but also a steep trek once you get to the cherry orchard itself -- I would suggest a somewhat rugged car. They usually post their picking seasons on their website (they also have great blueberries), so you can keep track that way. I'm jealous already ...

Pie of the Week: Sour Cherry Pie

Man, when I lived in CT, my boyfriend and I used to love to do pick-your-own, and sour cherries were his favorite. We were little pie aficionados back then, and would love to put bourbon in our cherry pies. We would get probably 25 lbs between bing, Rainier, and sour cherries, and then give a bunch away and freeze whatever we couldn't use right away. I would totally suggest that anyone with a car do this, though I guess it's a bit late for picking by early August.

From Behind the Bar: On Vodka Sodas and First Dates

I do have to say that, though I am a somewhat enlightened booze hound, vodka and soda is a great option when I'm at a club and am drinking a lot -- keeps me relatively hydrated and the sugar levels at a minimum, and limits my hangovers. Also, mlle noelle was absolutely right about v-and-s as a safe go-to at dive bars.

Eyewitness Booze Investigation: Four Loko vs. Crunk Juce

When I read your aside about mixing drinks in one's mouth, I remembered that there is some movie in which a character makes chocolate milk in his mouth by swishing together milk and chocolate syrup. I can't remember what it is for the life of me .... does anybody know what I could be referring to, or am I crazy?

Anyway, I have to admit that I, too, am guilty of that method of delivery, but in my case it was JB and Pepsi -- truly awful stuff, and I swear it wasn't my idea. Proud to say I haven't touched malt beverages since I could legally drink.

Mixed Review: Frontera Guacamole Mix

My boyfriend and I both like serious heat, so we use habañeros -- the only question is seeds or no seeds (and he always wants the ribs/seeds). For two avocados. Yeah ...

So a few years ago we tried guac with pomegranate after watching Alton Brown do the same (we're also huge pomegranate sluts). Super super good when they're in season, especially if you're going to do high heat. Great textural contrast from the seeds, and those pops of sweet/tart liquid ... Otherwise, we're pretty minimalist: lime, salt, and cilantro if it's handy.

The Vegetarian Option: Cambodian Cuisine Torsu Truck

There was a Cambodian restaurant in Ft Greene before I moved here?!?!?!?
sigh ...

"Big" salad ideas, please!

Kale salads are great for packing lunches - a very sturdy leaf! My favorite one to make at home also has sliced pear, feta, and chick peas. I make a warm dressing by softening thinly sliced shallots (or red onion, or whatever is on hand) in olive oil, then adding balsamic toward the end, just until the acidic edge subsides a little. I like to mix the greens and dressing before I put the other ingredients in, but that's just a personal thing i suppose.

Other than that, there are lots of good ideas above, but another solution for a meatless salad with a lot of protein is some sort of chickpea and barley salad - together, they are a complete protein, which is always nice. It's pretty versatile; you could do something simple like diced bell pepper, cucumber, parsley, olive oil, and lemon juice, or whatever flavor combos come to mind.

What's your favorite sandwich?

Summertime thick-sliced tomato with a thin layer of mayo and black pepper on Italian bread, cold meatloaf sandwich, reuben, and a proper banh mi with bird chili instead of jalapenos. And for breakfast, an oozy egg sandwich on thick toast with frizzled prosciutto.

The Best Bánh Mì in Manhattan, NYC

could you clarify which, if any, of these sandwiches use bird chilis rather than jalapenos? my first banh mi-love used them, but it seems like everyone else uses jalapenos .... really not the same. thanks!

United States of Pizza: Massachusetts

Maybe I have a faulty memory, but from what I remember from living there 10 years ago, Joey's pizza really isn't that great. I hope that it's not included just for the sake of geographic diversity; Vineyarders already get enough of a leg up in the college application process because of their location.

Mapo Tofu, When Low-Brow Just Hits the Spot

My mom was pretty strict about food growing up, so most of my serious childhood indulgences came on the down-low from Grandma. Crescent rolls, "coffee" (sweet milk with barely enough coffee to flavor), Fritos, and pierogis. With my mom, it was never quite as simple, but her mac and cheese has never been matched in my eyes.

Afternoon Tea: Podunk

it sounds like a lovely place, but would you mind sharing some of their practices for brewing teas -- especially whether they pay attention to times and temperatures, as well as storing methods? (i've found in a lot of the shops i've visited around nyc that they have sometimes beautiful loose-leaf teas, but they handle them all wrong. it's to the point now that i usually order a tisane the first time i go anywhere, because they are much harder to screw up.) thanks!

The United States of Pizza: Connecticut

I gotta say, as a girl raised in central CT, I had to sign up (after a long time merely reading SE) just to comment on this article. I think you hit it straight on with WH pies, although it would have been amusing to include the mess with Barb's, Harry's in the center, and the Harry's at Bishop's Corner . . .

So originally (and anyone feel free to add or correct) there was only the Harry's in the center, owned by Harry and Barb, who met working at Pepe's. When they got divorced, Harry lost the restaurant (named after him, no less) and its recipes to Barb and the manager of the restaurant. Barb turned around and opened Barb's Pizza, then was bought out by her partner. Harry had to start from scratch and opened another Harry's on the other side of town. I actually prefer the Harry's at Bishop's Corner (along with First & Last in the South End), but again, nothing worth a day trip.

@Damian: hell yes on Gio's. My first job was at their Glastonbury branch when they opened! We could eat anything for free, and had so much fun just making shit up on slow nights.


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