90th birthday celebration

@jpeckjr Thanks for all the thoughtful input - like the idea of finding an old (circa 1921 or older) place with lots of atmosphere - so far most of them are bars primarily. I'm a baker myself, and plan to re-create some of her favorite desserts for the weekend....but still need to find a place for the party.
I plan to have lots of old photos around, particularly ones of her and family

@kitchenista - yes, am looking in NYC, or surrounding area

@teachertalk - I hadn't included Mom in this process yet - but I think you're right - I need her input, plus then she'll be able to look forward to it if it's not a surprise.

need input for best eats Miami

Will be in Miami and need suggestions for great, reasonable places to eat - preferably ethnic. Also one or two higher end sure shots
as we haven't been there in years...

90th birthday celebration

Am looking for the perfect place to have my very youthful and vibrant mom's 90th bday lunch or dinner. It happens to also be mother's day which could be a problem (noise level) as hearing is her only weakness.
She's totally into great food (native New Yorker) and sensational desserts are essential for this group.
A place with stunning decor and/or killer views would add to the festivities.
I know this is a tall order with many stipulations.
We're willing to splurge if needed.

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