Leonard Pierce

I am a writer and editor most commonly found wandering aimlessly through central Texas.

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  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Favorite foods: Brisket, chile con carne, red beans and rice, char siu, crawfish étoufée, sushi, Chicago dogs
  • Last bite on earth: Give me barbecue or give me death.

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Morning Becomes Dew: We Try Mountain Dew Kickstart

@hungrychristel - Dew had a fine orange-flavored drink with LiveWire, but I think it's been discontinued. @nobug - true, but most people don't drink 16 ounces of coffee in a single serving, and there are a number of energy drinks (Bawls, Jones, WhoopAss, Swing Juice) with fewer than 100mg of caffeine in the same serving size.


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