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Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Chef Knife

Cabbages and Squash. They can certainly present a challenge if not using the right knife.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Pork Belly Heaven Package

My favorite way to eat Pancetta would be to pan sear 1/4" thick slices in olive oil, sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper and served with German Pancakes (which is more of a fluffy omelet than a pancake), homemade vanilla syrup, and fresh fruit. I don't crisp the pancetta, rather cook it until it starts to turn a bit golden. I'm a pancetta purist, what can I say?

Movie theater food: what's your favorite and are you a smuggler?

A note to smugglers: If what you smuggle has a strong odor, please leave it at home. I'm looking straight at you Sharona Zamboni.

Bringing Chinese dinner to a theater? That just shows a lack of respect to the other patrons. I was recently on an airplane, where the lady sitting next to me opened a salad topped with tuna fish and feta, and started to pour red wine vinegar over it. I turned to her and said politely "Now that certainly has a strong odor".

She replied, "But it tastes delicious".

I responded, "I don't doubt that it is delicious, but everyone on the plane can only smell it, not taste it".

She shrugged her shoulders and ignored me as I took pictures of her on my blackberry to email to friends.

Oh! And my favorite movie food would be popcorn with "butter".

Planked Salmon- Suggestions Please

I'm with joanmc, whatever you put on salmon, it's going to taste like salmon. Enjoy that dominant flavor.

I keep it simple. Ground coriander, cumin, and fennel sprinkled on top of the salmon, with of course, some s&p.

New to Whiskey - Help me enjoy it!

I love Laphroaig, but you just got to venture out and see what you enjoy.

Which food and Juice is good for the health of skin

There was a segment on this on The Today Show this morning.

Almonds, Walnuts, Strawberries, Apples, Leafy Greens, Dark Chocolate were mentioned.

An apple (or two) a day


It's not that it's unhealthy, but it's good to mix it up and include pears, grapes, oranges, etc.

That said, I wouldn't mind living off of sliced apples with brie cheese.

And this is somewhat on topic: If you've never tried cooked bacon dipped in apple butter, do yourself a favor and try it. It's such a great pairing. Back when I was in undergrad and played hockey, I used to eat bacon with apple butter after games to help bulk up (and also because it just tastes so good).

An apple (or two) a day

Mix it up.

My wife says I eat like a horse because I usually have an apple and a carrot every day for lunch. It's actually not that healthy. Try not to get in a routine of eating the same fruits and veggies every day. Variety is the spice of life for a reason.

Pre-sliced ham. Why?

Doesn't really matter if it's spiral cut or not, the main thing you need to look at is the added "moisture". I let mine adjust to room temp then smoke it in an electric smoker with hickory chunks. We smoked a whole ham yesterday, and while adjusting to room temp, I'd say the whole ham had at least 15% more water in the package than a usual spiral ham. What a waste of money.

When in doubt, ask your butcher.

help, my potatoes turned black

What kind of potatoes?

Sorry for your loss, gruyere is rarely cheap.

Taking my hot sauce to market

Expect to spend a lot of money, and don't have hopes of huge roi.

Keep the operation small, or the regulatory agencies will be all over you.

Sell it like insurance, start with friends and family, and get the word out.

Hope luck is on your side, but be very realistic with your goals. If you have a great biscuit recipe, it doesn't mean you can have a successful breakfast recipe. If you have a great hot sauce recipe, it doesn't mean you can sell it commercially.

I'd suggest hiring a small business consultant, and I'm not just saying that because I am one.


Cube, steam, and season with salt, pepper, and freshly ground nutmeg. The nutmeg brings out the flavor of the rutabaga, big time.

Cube the rutabaga into about 1/2 inch squares. When steaming, if you pinch the rutabaga, it should have just a little give to it. Mushy rutabaga tastes just like that, mush.

Restaurant Shenanigans


"I'm a seafood lover and it's something I take pride in cooking at the restaurant, so the first post in this really pisses me off."

What did I do this time?

"I'd like to strangle the chef at that restaurant."

Oh, whew!

At the time, I felt the same way. Not just because I was being deceived, but I felt sorry for everyone else there who was being taken for a ride.

Chicago restaurant recommendations.

Use the search function in the top right corner, there have been a few threads on this topic:

Where exactly in Chicago? If you can tell me the closest El station to where the reception will be held, I may be able to give some recommendations. Also, what type of cuisine and atmosphere are you looking for?

Noticing a Change in SE Members?

The best way to deal with nasty posters is to ignore them, and not start topics such as this. It really only baits people to be nasty back.

Don't reply to negative posts, don't start threads about negative posters, just ignore them.

I'm unaware if there is a mod here, but if so, just contact him/her and they'll take care of the situation.


I just bought Annatto what do I do with it?

I added and palm full of annantto seeds to some olive oil, which added a little flavor and a lot of color. Great on greens.

Restaurant Shenanigans

I can't agree more with rasellers, and although his/her profanity doesn't bother me the slightest, it might bother some other visitors. I'll leave that up to whoever moderates this board, but all good points by the poster.

From what I've heard from loyal customers, The Chelsea has been substituting skate for scallops for quite a while. Now, that doesn't say much about the chef, but it also doesn't say much for their customers either. The tip off for me, other than the texture and flavor, is that the scallops were all perfect circles. Each a carbon copy. It was the blatant deception that bothered me.

There is a "haute cuisine" restaurant in Greenville, NC called StarLight that seems to have one snafu after another. The "chefs" are always outside of the front of the restaurant smoking. Fine with me if a cook smokes, but don't advertise it in the front of the restaurant. And I've got a feeling they aren't always smoking cigarettes. To each his own, but still, do it behind the kitchen. I've been served "Sea Bass" there, which was nothing but poached red snapper. I love red snapper, love it, but it's not sea bass.

I've got bad luck finding good restaurants in Eastern NC, great luck in finding incredible restaurants in Eastern SC.

Restaurant Shenanigans

Saria had it right, it's not too difficult to tell the difference, but the chef sure did put some time and effort into making the skate appear like a scallop. I'm all for trompe l'oeil, but that was just ridiculous.

I can understand mixing up an order, it happens, I can understand that some cooks don't know the difference between medium rare and well-done, both can be fixed. But that was too much deception on their part. Their "pheasant" is probably a cornish hen.

Your "Poor Era" Eats

My parents had me cooking dinner 5 nights a week since I was a freshman in High School, so I was set for cooking during college. Budgeting, it was cheaper to buy a whole chicken and some ground beef and make it last than to eat out everyday, as most of my friends did, if they weren't eating my food.

My favorite budget meal is probably roasted Kielbasa sausage (dipped in prepared horseradish), served with Kraft Mac&Cheese and steamed broccoli.

The Burger Lab's Top 10 Tips for Making Better Burgers

One mistake that I see happen a lot is when people who grind their own beef for burgers, they use cuts that are too lean. This is just a preference, but sirloin is too lean to make decent burgers. Burgers should be somewhat fatty. I've been grinding my own beef for over a decade now, and the burgers that get the most "wows" are the ones made from a nice large chuck roast with a decent amount of marbling.

I'd recommend keeping the metal parts of the kitchen-aid attachment in the freezer as well, but not the plastic tube or plastic ring. They are much more likely to crack if kept in a freezer.

One last tip is that having a instant read thermometer is paramount if also smoking your burgers while grilling them. The meat will appear well done even if just cooked rare.

Notes from the South: North Carolina Barbecue

There is no better NC style BBQ like B's BBQ in Pitt County.

Where is it? Well it's on B's BBQ road, off of highway 264. It is the melting pot of Pitt County. From the prince to pauper, there is always a line out the door and almost into the highway waiting for B's BBQ.

And get there early, they usually run out of food by noon.

Serious Beer: Tasting North American Stouts

Agreed on the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout. I've been to the Duck Rabbit brewery twice, and each time had a blast. The funny thing is, the brewmeister is actually lactose intolerant.

Irish Soda Bread...

St. Patrick's Day is actually my second favorite holiday of the year. Corned beef, steamed cabbage with caraway seeds, roasted red potatoes, soda bread, Guinness, and Irish Whisky always makes for a great meal.

True, there is a lot more to Irish cuisine than this, but that meal is more of a tradition for me. Plus, leftovers make for a great Colcannon.


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