• Location: Southwest Florida
  • Favorite foods: vegetables, fruits, cheese, homemade bread, beans, seafood....and any combination thereof
  • Last bite on earth: the most ridiculously decadent taco ever

Hey ya'll, where does a Foodie eat out in Oklahoma City ?

Cafe 501 in Edmond is good, in addition to the ones already mentioned. I also make SURE to eat at Chelino's for the true Tex Mex experience.

Gadgets: The Apple Peeler/Corer

This gadget (available in many places other than the overpriced WS) is a lifesaver at holidays. You can stick the kids working the apple slicer while you prepare the pie crust. Apple pie is not the same without this thing!

Northern New Mexico

Michael's Kitchen in Taos is the best breakfast or brunch I have ever eaten. New Mexican specialties, coupled with homemade baked goods. YUM.

mayo-free slaws

I love's Lime and Peanut slaw (sounds weird, but is GOOD). I also love a simple cabbage, carrot, green onion, cider vinegar, oil, and diced chipotles in adobo. Delish!!

Bitter dandelion greens

You know, this batch did seem to be significantly larger in leaf size/length than previously, maybe that's the key.

What to do with leftover refried beans?

Pinto Bean Pie?!?! That sounds awesome/weird/genius! Too bad I put jalapenos in the beans. Maybe next time. I think I'm going to use them to thicken some soup, and for a weekend brunch tostada. I knew I'd end up with that tostada again, but I have tons of ideas for next time, thank you all!

What to do with leftover refried beans?

These are all awesome ideas! Thanks everyone.

Tabasco... or some other hot sauce?

I love hot sauce! I agree, Tabasco is pretty thin and boring. Marie Sharp's habanero sauce is my absolute favorite. It adds spice and flavor, but not an overtly "Latin" flavor like I think some others (Cholula, etc.) do. You should try it!

Bread Baking Books

My husband relies almost solely on The Bread Bible also. He went from a kitchen newbie to the envy of all my coworkers in a few short weeks. Once you get over the initial shock of a day-long process, it is easy...and DELISH!

Eating in/around Leadville, CO

My family is going hiking in Leadville, CO (coming from Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Arizona). Anyone know anywhere good to eat or drink in/around Leadville? We are up for anything, and will be there for the long weekend. Thanks!

Buying bison meat online

Does anyone have any good recommendations for buying bison meat online? I'd like to get my dad a variety pack of some sort delivered, and have only really found one place online (Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat) but they seem pretty pricey. Has anyone bought bison meat online?

Bitter dandelion greens

I've had dandelion greens many times, both sauteed and raw. I sauteed some last night with Indian spices, and they were noticeably more bitter than I've ever tasted them. I could not finish a serving. Is there something to look for when buying the greens that can affect the bitterness, or is it just something you either like or don't like?

When I've had them before, I loved them. Last night, however, made me wary to buy them again.

What to do with leftover refried beans?

We had tostadas with homemade refried beans for Cinco de Mayo, and I have quite a heap left. Any good ideas for a way to use them in a non-Mexican, or just atypical, way? I'm looking for something different than your typical burritos, etc.

Steaming clams?

I bought a bundle of local clams and am thinking of steaming them for a delicious Final Four appetizer for me and the mister. Any ideas about delicious steaming concoctions, or otherwise yummy and easy clam recipes?

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