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What We're Eating: Lard Bread

I love the lard bread at Mazzola's as well. Their chocolate bread is also very satisfying, though I wouldn't mix the two together!

Mission Chinese Food: Every Bit As Good As Its Predecessors

Ugh, I really want to go here, but a new allergy to all things spicy makes me wary. Is there usually non-spicy stuff on the menu like what you guys posted above? Would you say that it's still worth going if you can't have the hot stuff?

Speedy Romeo: Saint Louie, Louie, Oh Baby

Not to get snippy about neighborhood boundaries, but this is on the Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy border, not in Prospect Heights. Just so it doesn't get placed under the wrong neighborhood tags!

I'm really excited to try this place. I've been meaning to go for months.

How to Get to the Serious Eats Meetup on Saturday without the L Train

If you're coming from Queensboro Plaza or Queens Plaza and have an unlimited MetroCard, I highly recommend leaving the station and walking to Court Square to get the G instead of the B62. That bus is really slow/unreliable, and the walk between those stations and Court Square is 7 minutes at most. The same could be said for taking the 2/3/4/N/D/R to Atlantic-Pacific and walking to the Fulton St. stop on the G. Much quicker!

/oversharing my subway knowledge

Lunch Today: New Malaysia

If you get to Taste Good (so good!), definitely try the chili crab, hokkien char me (sp?), and assam laksa.

Anyone Else Like Pork Roll?

I know other people from Jersey at NYU who get the stuff overnighted to them by their parents on occasion. I get it every time I go home. So greasy, so delicious, so spam-like.

Flushing, Queens, NY: First Look at New World Mall's Food Court

Apologies on this end as well. I didn't mean to be overly critical either; just sharing my experience. While it's by no means my favorite food court in the area, as you noted (and as I said before) the variety is pretty awesome. It also might serve well as a jumping in point for people who are looking into exploring the myriad of cuisines that Flushing has to offer, but are a bit intimidated by some of the more hole-in-the-wall/less English language-friendly places. I'll have to give the casseroles and Manji a try next time I'm there. An elderly couple sitting next to me at one of the huge tables told me that the Vietnamese noodle stall was great, though for the life of me I can't remember which one they were talking about. Apparently there's a few?

Flushing, Queens, NY: First Look at New World Mall's Food Court

I have to agree with @feistyfoodie and @Chris Hansen on this one. Everyone I know has felt pretty "meh"--myself included--about the food here, though the variety is pretty astounding. I had a lamb and knife-cut noodle soup from the Henan stall which was fairly unremarkable and flat tasting, even after I attempted to give it some life with a liberal dousing of chili oil. The SnoPo (I had the Mango Pure Snowy) is friggin awesome, though. I ate the entire thing by myself, to the horror of the elderly man sitting across from me. Definitely going back for that, though I'm not exactly itching to try the rest of the food stalls, especially when Golden Mall is right down the street.

A Sandwich A Day: Cemita from Estrellita Poblana III

Noooooooooo! I was literally right across the street from this place on Saturday. Clearly another trip up to Arthur Ave is in order for me.

Any food events going on in NYC first week Jan '11?

I do the weekly round up, actually, and I'll be sure to find some exciting events for around then! There's always some kind of festival or something going on here. You'll definitely find dozens of things to check out!

Best Oatmeal in NYC?

I usually don't eat breakfast, but when Jamba Juice had that "oatmeal for $1" promotion, I think I tried all of them. To echo pretty much everyone else, I think the blackberry was the best option by far.

Spicy & Tasty: Can New York Clean Up Its Sichuan Act?

I really need to go try this place! I went to Chengdu Heaven in Golden Mall recently for my first taste of Sichuan food and ended up loving it. Their mapo dofu was delicious and rather spicy (I felt dizzy while eating it), though I don't have anything other renditions to compare it to in terms of authenticity and spice level.

Meet & Eat: Carly Gilfoil, Serious Eats Intern

Bring me, bring me! I've never been either!

At least we got good jerk chicken from that place in Prospect Lefferts-Gardens.

A Sandwich A Day: Pane e Panelle from Bar Stuzzichini

@jlewfoodie It came with a reasonably sized salad, but no drink...unfortunately.

Hill Country Chicken: Are Fried Chicken and Pie the New Burgers and Cupcakes?

@ginghampirate The Chick-Fil-A is in the Weinstein dorm, which is located on University Pl & Waverly Pl. It's on the first floor food court, which is straight ahead through the front door. Can't miss it. As a current NYU student, I can attest that despite there being a front desk with security guards, you'll probably be able to waltz in there and grab some without having to show ID. You have to swipe your ID card to access the elevators to the upper floors (where the students live), so no one really checks. The cashiers don't really care either. The younger you look, however, the better...just in case.

A Sandwich A Day: Fried Pimento Cheese at Hill Country Chicken

When I tried a sliver this, I think my heart stopped, but only for a second. So good, but I don't know if I could eat an entire one.

Looking For The Best Cholados in Queens

@NYC Food Guy -- I just went to Pecas y Mas, and they're open until 9pm (at least on weekdays). A bit later, but not by much.

I've been meaning to try these for awhile, and I'm so glad I finally did! My new favorite summer dessert! So refreshing.