Lee Frank

I love nachos. I moved to NYC 2 years ago and started scouring for delicious nachos.

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  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Favorite foods: Nachos, Burritos, Wings, Pizza, Burgers
  • Last bite on earth: Shake Shack Double

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Why Coffee Dates Make Great First Dates

Nick Kroll has a joke about coffee for a date: "Cause my best foot foward is jittery with diarrhea and coffee breath."

Five Nacho Variations

I'd love to try them. I was also on the lookout for a great pizza nacho, but I haven't found it yet.

Zapp's Voodoo Chips Are Awesome

Those sound really delicious. I want some, please.

Get Quality Burgers at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen in Midtown

I've had the green chile burger, thinking I was in for a major treat. I thought it was as bland as the other people commenting before me. I also remember thinking twice about the price. I'd pass.


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