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Making plans for New Orleans Jazz Fest in May -- best restaurants?


This will be, I think, our 7th or 8th time at Jazz Fest, and I see many of our favorites mentioned here, as well as a bunch of new ones for us. I'm pondering everything now and will be making reservations this week.

Best advice: The best way to go to the Fairgrounds is HUNGRY!

The vendors are the greatest, so try not to eat a big breakfast. Personal favorites: the Chicken Tasso and the Jama Jama (sauteed spinach with fiery hot sauce).

Restaurants in and around Pittsburgh, PA

thanks all.

ended up having Sunday dinner at Eleven. Really wonderful. My husband had sashimi and rare tuna with zucchini & red potatoes. I ate mesclun salad with concord grape vinaigrette and maytag bleu cheese, followed by scrumptious Alaskan halibut with a potato crust, stewed tomatoes and sweet corn. Ended with a cheese selection and mascarpone cannolli with balsamic reduction and fresh peaches. just terrific.

Gadgets: Top 5 Favorites From a Year of Reviews

silicone egg poachers are fab! use mine ALL the time.

Maialino Breakfast Review: Do Romans Really Eat This Well at Breakfast?

I live around the corner from Maialino, and they serve the best restaurant breakfast I've ever had. Early morning is the best time to snag a seat here, too. We can almost never find a spot for dinner.

If you're too early for breakfast on the weekends, you can sit in the bar and enjoy their excellent coffee and pastries. You'll miss the amazing egg dishes, etc., but the olive oil muffins are worth a trip all by themselves.

Help with Lard Pie Dough

I'm wondering what I'm doing (if anything) that is preventing the dough from forming a smooth, intact pie shell. The dough is frozen in a wax-paper-wrapped ball when I buy it. I let it soften in the fridge overnight, then flatten & roll on floured board. I can roll out and place it in the pie plate without problem, but it pulls apart during pre-baking--even with pie weights.

What's On Your Memorial Day Menu?

Saturday dinner: broiled swordfish sandwiches with tapenade, fresh tomatoes, red onion on toasted ciabatta and potato salad (made with Nicola heirloom potatoes, lemon marinated olives, red onion, celery)

Sunday lunch: "baked" white beans with fresh rosemary, sage & thyme (from Union Square Second Helpings cookbook) with poached egg and toasted ciabatta.

Sunday dinner: guacamole (avocado, roasted tomatillo, roasted garlic, roasted jalapeno, lime, red onion, cilantro) and Rick Bayliss zucchini tacos

Monday: leftovers


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