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A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

I love doughnuts of every kind. I wish I could say I was more discerning, that I was an expert on the best doughnuts in the U.S. or even in NYC, but truth be told, you stick any sort of sugar-coated, fried ring of dough in front of me and I am going to eat it and ask for more. I've also made known my love for a similar but different sweet treat—the snack cake. Where do these two worlds combine? Sweet, sweet Entenmann's doughnuts, baby. More

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

On this multi-part Snack Attack installment, we're going to celebrate snack cakes in all of their brightly-colored, artificially-flavored glory. So before we begin, I need to hear from the loud and proud masses— what are your favorite snack cakes? Have you tried every kind of Little Debbies? Do you know the difference between Yodels and HoHo's? Any Pennsylvania natives who believe it's TastyKakes or bust? Come to me, my snack-loving friends! Let us revel in the joy of snack cakes together. More

Snack Time: Handi-Snacks, Revisited

As you might imagine from my sad cereal ramblings, my childhood was not only devoid of Froot Loops and Lucky Charms, but of nearly every other good snack food on the planet. supposed I should be grateful she wanted to nourish me with fruits and vegetables and I am, but that deprivation in childhood awakened a snack food lust that I fear will never be satiated. Today we are talking about Handi-Snacks. Join me on this snack odyssey, won't you? More

Cereal Eats: Lion Cereal

While I languished in Florida over the holiday break, other Serious Eaters were far and away in wild and exciting places. Jamie went to Cyprus, Kenji went to Turkey and Robyn went to London, where she encountered Lion cereal. Lucky for me, she brought me some back to try. More

Cereal Eats: New MultiGrain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch

Multigrain Cheerios are one of my all time favorite cereals. I personally feel that this cereal needs nothing added or taken away whatsoever—it's a near-perfect cereal as is. I've tried two different new varieties of MGC's over the past year: Dulce de Leche (ick) and Peanut Butter (delish). That said, I wasn't mad when I happened upon the new Multi Grain Cheerios Dark Chocolate Crunch. More

Cereal Eats: Two New Cereal Reviews

Nothing gets me more excited than a new cereal, and I'm happy to report on two new offerings soon to be hitting your supermarket shelves. New Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolatey Almond Crunch and Poppin' Pebbles are both worthy cereals in their own right. Both of these cereals will be available in January, so it's something for you cereal-lovers to look forward to after the excitement of the holidays. More

Cereal Eats: The Raisin Bran Family Tree

I wrote a post about a funny little candy bar called Chunky last week and a fierce battle about raisins raged in the comments. How does this wrinkly little dried fruit evoke such intense feelings in Serious Eaters? I decided to probe a bit deeper today, as we explore some of the other members of the Raisin Bran family. More

Why Have I Never Tried: Chunky?

The Chunky fascinates me. The name alone made it worthy of my selection. And what about that early 90s outfit it's wearing? Those power-suit pinstripes, that clunky font! Chunky feels no need to keep up with the times—it's confident in its retro-self! More

Cereal Eats: Do You Cook Or Bake With Cereal?

Hola there, Cereal Eaters. Looking to get your input today. Seen some very nice looking cereal recipes gracing the site and it got me thinking: why don't we talk about cereal recipes more often? Yes, we all love Rice Krispies Treats, but surely there's got to be another great cereal idea out there? I must admit, the most creative I've ever gotten was making the quick microwave version of marshmallow cereal treats using Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Here's a few goodies from the Serious Eats recipe archives. More

The Vegan Experience: How to Make a Vietnamese Noodle Salad That Eats Like a Meal

AWWW YUBA :( may her buggy eyed memory live on

The Glorious Return of French Toast Crunch

@Red Ran Amber - I agree with RyanW2. While this has the spicy-mapley-sweet essence of French toast, it's missing the squishy, eggy bread element (which is grossing me out to write it like that) Give it a try! Honestly it was one of the most well-received cereals at SEHQ, even by some cereal-agnostics.

And friends, I don't think this is the end of our cereal musings, so stay tuned!

The Glorious Return of French Toast Crunch

Well thanks, all! Appreciate the kind (and especially the creepy) words.

An Easy Thanksgiving Menu for Two

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Dolly hugged me back RIGHT after the picture was taken, so...

The Serious Eats Guide to Italian American Recipes

Bring him the gabbagool.

Every Diner Should Serve a Gyro Omelet

How to Make Rich and Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo That Won't Weigh You Down

Finishing that 5K was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I ate more fettuccini Alfredo and drank less water than I have in my entire life. People always talk about triumphs of the human spirit. Well, today, I had a triumph of the human body. That's why everybody was applauding for me at the end, my guts and my heart. And while I eventually puked my guts out, I never puked my heart out. I'm very, very proud of that.

Lunch Hack: Use a Pizza Wheel To Chop Your Salad Directly in the Bowl

Well now, my lazy lunch habits finally amounted to something! This such beats the heck out of hand-ripping bell peppers. I should note that this technique does not actually serve to dress your salad, dry any inappropriately damp ingredients or otherwise add flavor or joy to your lunch (though smaller pieces are, in fact, easier to swallow through the tears.)

A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

@All Good grief, what an shameful error. Of course they are Rich Frosted, not Frosted Devil's Food.

A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

@simon Not! This post was basically written in my mind at the age of 11. I wish I was enterprising enough at that age to mastermind compensation for this post, but I was that. All that to say, this is most emphatically not a sponsored post, I just love Entenmann's. Sponsored posts are indeed always, always clearly marked.

Brunch at Five Leaves is Worth the Wait

+1 @Cay The pancakes are my everything, shocked to not see them in this post!

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

@k_d Oops! Thanks. Must have been dreaming I was in the Sound of Music

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

@A Serial Cereal Eater - I have MAD LOVE for Entenmann's, but I figured I needed to narrow it to the kings of the single serve snack cakes. Entenmann's focuses on danishes and pound cakes. But they do dominate in many categories and I'm suddenly realizing the mini-muffins of my youth were actually Entenmann's Little Bites.


A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

@katzimmer, imwalkin - You caught me. Sadly, I've not actually tasted a lot of Tastykakes offerings, but those who love them claim no other snack cake brand comes close. MAYBE I'M JUST A LITTLE JEALOUS CAUSE I DON'T HAVE ACCESS.

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

Anyone got love for Hostess mini muffins? The kind that covered your hands in grease if you even look at them? DELICIOUS.

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

@ +1 for Little Debbies oatmeal cream pies, Drake's coffee cakes (Seinfeld) and NUTTY BARS!

This column may just have to change to be called Snack (Cake) Attack.

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

@ESNY1077 - I've always wondered who actually CHOOSES Devil Dogs? I mean really.

Snack Attack: What's Your Favorite Snack Cake?

@A Serial Cereal Eater - What do you think about the orange ones? I like NEVER got those cause why would you when you can get chocolate, but the orange ones are actually strangely good. LOVE me some Hostess cupcakes.

@gheehappy - COSMIC BROWNIES!!!! I went through a huge obsession with those. The dense fudginess and the colorful pieces on top and they were somehow dry/flavorless and yet delicious at the same time? Love them.

The Food Lab's Soup Month: Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup

Is this what they have for dinner every night at Tim's House of Jeffs?

Snack Time: Handi-Snacks, Revisited

@EVERYONE - I knew I could count on some very serious snack lovers here. Can't wait to write about and hear your thoughts on: Fruit by the Foot, Little Debbies, Toast-Chee & Friends, any Hostess cakes (Yodels above everything), mini muffins, animal crackers (circus box) and MORE.

Snack Snack Munch: We Try Takis For the First Time

Snack! Snack! Snack! Snack!

ah, this was a great day in the office.

Thanks for everything, Serious Eaters and Drinks-ers

Best of luck, to a fellow Grape Nuts devotee! We'll miss you around here!!

Top Your Thanksgiving Pie With Ricotta Gelato

Ok....I'm feeling VERY conflicted right now. Between my unpopular hatred for all things, especially pie, a la mode and my intense LOVE of ricotta.

Ok, the ricotta won. I want this!

Easy Chopped Greek Salad

To the young me, a Greek salad was one thing: chopped iceberg lettuce topped with wan slices of pale pink tomato; watery cucumber; red onion that may have seen better, less stinky days; a few token canned black olives; and a ladleful or two of "Greek" dressing, which as far as I could tell was a cross between ranch and Caesar, with some crumbled feta cheese crumbled into it. I'm a much bigger fan of real deal Greek salads—the kind that are made of cucumber and really good tomato and feta and herbs and real lemon and awesome olive oil and stuff. Doesn't that sound much better than gloppily-dressed iceberg? (Who am I kidding? I also love gloppily dressed iceberg...) More

Market Tours: El Gauchito, an Argentinian Steakhouse and Butcher in Queens

The first hint that you've entered Argentinean/Uruguayan territory is the telephone pole on the corner of Corona Avenue and Junction Boulevard. It's painted blue and white, the colors of the flags of both countries. The second hint? El Gauchito: a butcher/restaurant. Don't be fooled by the seemingly small spot. Inside you'll find enough Argentinean goods to make any hardened expat or recent tourist ecstatic. More

Pumpkin Shandy

Use a strongly flavored pumpkin ale and combine it with the tart sweetness of ginger beer and what you end up with is a spicy sweet cocktail that is perfect for some AM sipping. More

Where to Drink Cocktails Outdoors in NYC

New York is littered with rooftop bars, sidewalk cafés, and microscopic backyards all vying for your drinking dollar during the summer months. But few can actually mix up a proper cocktail and even fewer can do so without the encroachment of the neighbor's hanging laundry. So we took to the streets, sipped and savored our way through the competition, to bring you our five favorite outdoor cocktail spots in New York. More

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, the Best Restaurants and More

Once a week or so, the question pops up in the New York talk boards: "I'm coming to the city for two days. Where should I eat?" It's a question so open-ended that it's tough to answer. But our fair city has so many visitors that we figured it was high time to put out a little guide. So here's our guide to eating in New York: whether you're traveling solo or traveling with kids, up for adventuring or not leaving Midtown. More

Cakespy: Tunnel of Penuche Cake

For those of you who aren't into the chocolate overload of the famous Tunnel of Fudge Cake, I have configured a sweet counterpart: the Tunnel of Penuche Cake. If fudge is the inspiration for the original, penuche (a "blonde" fudge made with brown sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla) is the muse for this honey-hued variation. More