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We Taste 9 Fast Food Vanilla Milkshakes (and Risk Permanent Brain Freeze)

I had a Sonic milkshake yesterday and it definitely seemed like the whipped topping was NOT whipped cream, left a bad taste in my mouth. I prefer Steak n Shake.

Grape-Nuts Cookies

I must be missing something, but what temperature do these bake at? Thanks!

Cook the Book: 'Secrets of the Best Chefs'

I think the best advice I have gleaned from watching Top Chef, 2 things: 1) taste everything! and 2) the judges talking about acid levels in food helped me realize adding some vinegar or citrus juice can fix lackluster food

Madison, Wisconsin: A Disappointing Dud at The Roman Candle

I live in Madison and I've only had Roman Candle, but I was extremely disappointed. It's pretty expensive! I also think Glass Nickel is overpriced, but much better than Roman Candle. I also thought that Greenbush was overrated as well, and didn't love Cafe Porta Alba either. Honestly the best pizza I have here is when I make it myself, but I'm also a poor grad student so I haven't tried everywhere I'd like to, such Pizza Brutta.

Candy A Day: Mary Janes

I'm glad I'm not alone in loving Mary Janes, Bit O Honeys and candy corn! But then again I think I also just love all candy

Have You Tried Candy Corn M&Ms?

I also like vanilla midgees, and have been eyeing these candy corn M&Ms for our candy stock-up trip on Nov 1... but maybe I will pass now.

We got plain white chocolate M&Ms from Easter which I quite liked.

Cook the Book: 'Burma: Rivers of Flavor'

Hm this makes me realize I haven't eaten many exotic things lately! I recently got some extremely cheap humanely raised veal (a perk of having friends work on cow development studies at an Ag university) and eating that will be exotic for me.

Grilled Naan

I made these today with a pre-heated (at 500 degrees) pizza stone and broiler on high and they were awesome! I didn't even let them rise as long as I should've, and they were still great

The Scoop: On the Need for More Pralines 'n Cream

Pralines & Cream is one of my favorite flavors too, probably also developed by a first job at Baskin Robbins! The University of Wisconsin-Madison Babcock Dairy ice cream has an even better version, with praline-flavored ice cream as the base. I'm going to have to get a scoop tomorrow!

Got a Question for The Food Lab? Kenji Will Answer Everything

How can I make a replica of a Chik-Fil-A spicy chicken sandwich at home?

David Lebovitz's Chocolate Chip Cookies

I baked these tonight (after 24 hours refrigeration) and they are pretty good but I think they could use more salt. And I even sprinkled salt on top! I agree with LizLemon, the NYT CCC recipe is my go to.

Eat for Eight Bucks: Pupusas con Curtido

I've never been to El Salvador... but I have been to Guanaco's Tacos and Pupuseria in Seattle many times, and here you are missing the herb loroco from both the pupusas and the cortido. From what I understand it's particularly essential in the cortido.

Unfortunately now I live in Madison, WI, where I haven't found a pupuseria or loroco source!


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