I love food, but more than that I love the feeling that eating whole, fresh, close to nature foods make me feel.

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  • Location: Fort Myers, FL
  • Favorite foods: Anything fresh and not overcooked - green vegetables, fresh smoothies and delicious juices are amazing
  • Last bite on earth: I might contradict myself here! Probably a beautiful hot, sticky chocolate steam spudding

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Couscous smells musty

Lol! I would throw it if it smelt funny - we had an issue with moths in one packet of couscous once, they were dead but must have got in there when they were packing - nice!

need advice for healthy foods for husband that hates veggies!

ecca31 I agree! Take it or leave it. I think for some people 'veggies' are a mind of matter thing, once you develop your tastebuds and give your body really healthy nutrient dense foods, he'll never go back to his old diet - sounds like he needs to make a decision that he REALLY wants to be healthy (he'll need to be with a child on the way!)

What won't you allow in your kitchen/pantry?

Good question! I won't allow any 'low' fat yogurt, creams etc either - low fat = low taste! just eat less of them. Also no heavily refined or processed foods (sometimes I don't allow my husband in to the kitchen either if that counts!)

Italian Easy: Spaghetti with Clams, Mussels, and Tomatoes

Sounds wonderful, and pretty easy too, a great supper with some crusty bread, would it work okay if the seafood was frozen and defrosted?

How to make thai sticky rice

Thanks for the responses so far, very useful - yes I had the purple/black sticky rice, loved it! Not sure if I can find it here, but have found the white sticky rice now which is good, will get a steamer and cheesecloth and take it from there! thanks again to everyone!

Exciting brown bag lunches?

This is something I still struggle with a bit, but I like cook on a Sunday eve some quiona and brown rice.

Then I use use this during the week to make really taste cold salads.

A brown rice salad, with a bean mix, chopped salad/veggies and a simple vinegar/oil/lemon dressing tastes great and is really filling.

Indian Prawn Patties

This recipe sounds amazing, quick question though - how spicy does this turn out? Want to make for family (7 and 9 year old kids - who are quite adventurous but not keen on heat). Thanks for your time.


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