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Pizza Hack: Is Copper Better Than the Baking Steel?

Pleased with the research ... and the outcome, for I can't quite imagine the cost of copper. I think a few hundred dollars may be a low estimate.

Cast Iron Cooking: The Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots That Will Forever Change How You Entertain

Using your NY pizza dough--an extra bag in the freezer--I did "these knots" a couple of weeks ago for my trivia team. (We play at a bar where the pizza and knots come from next door, and you can bring your own food.) My method was much lazier than yours, and basically involved kneading pepperoni, cheese, and herbs into the dough, cutting the dough into small pieces, and baking the pieces in a pull-apart method. Big, big hit, much better than the next door joint's very good but pretty commercial knots. Doing them the right way--see above--ASAP.

What Would You Choose for Your Last Drink on Earth?

Dry No. 209 gin martini, straight up ... and since I'm "dry" until April 1, I'm counting on 82 very healthy days!!!

The Best-Looking Burgers of 2013, Part 2

I did not have a burger at Barleymash, but very much enjoyed the ceviche one evening and the ahi salad two days later. Food, drinks, wine, and everything was much better than I would have expected ... if I had not seen your review!

Taste Test: The Best Sourdough Bread in San Francisco

I was in San Francisco for a couple of days earlier this month. I bought loaves from Acme and Le Marais. (Time did not permit a visit to Tartine, and I did not order early.) I tried both the morning after I returned to Tucson, and crisped both loaves briefly in my home oven.

I was disappointed by Acme. Pretty--no, beautiful--to look at, but bland and lacking in a stretchy texture. Le Marais was better. Netiher, however, came close to being as good as the pain levain from Time Market in Tucson, a little neighborhood shop that makes three breads--a baguette, a walnut loaf and pain levain--and only started baking in the last year or so. Stretchy, light texture and a great char with a slightly bitter flavor.

Vivian Hernandez-Jackson's Guide to San Diego Sweets

When I'm in San Diego--not often enough--I walk most every day from Market and State to Bread et. Cie. Exercise is the stated reason, but I'm really going for the amaretti!!! The macarons aren't bad either!

Poll: Vegan Pizza, Way or No Way?

I don't do purely vegan, but I think a vegan pie with a dusting of parmigiano reggiano can be amazing. Different from a saucy/gooey pie, for sure, but with the right vegetables and a great crust, the toppings and crust rise above the sauce and cheese.

Staff Picks: Our Last Bites on Earth

Everything looks wonderful, but no one included french fries? I guess I need to be moving to another foodie site!!! :)


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