Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies


I assume you can either do it in the microwave (simpler) or in a double-boiler set up (slightly less simple IMHO)

Pie of the Week: Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Pie

Wha....why wouldn't chocolate and pumpkin go together well? :/

I've always enjoyed pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And pumpkin chocolate chip bread...

Austin: 7 Places To Try Kolaches

Czech Stop in West Texas


Serious Entertaining: What to Eat Before a Robyn Dance Party

Hey, Fembots have feelings too.

The 25 Best Things I Ate in Israel

But...but...but....I want hummus like that right now. front of me. With pita. Serious Eats is a cruel and withholding mistress.

Breaking Bad's 'Franch' Dressing

Franch: Not Even Once

First Look: Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco


(If you didn't see the season premiere of Breaking Bad a few nights ago, you won't get that reference at all...and I apologize.)

Kale & Swiss Chard for sceptic

Does he like sausage? Cause kale + sausage is a lot of fun!

Ways to Expand the Palate of Picky Eaters?

I realize that's what they say. That's what I told my mom about asparagus. But she kept making it despite my protests.

She made it roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper. The rule was, I had to try a bite every time. I thought it was dumb, but that was the rule. She tried it breaded and fried. She tried it with bacon. She tried it with a yogurt sauce...etc, etc. etc. Eventually, I found that I started to develop a taste for asparagus. Now I simply roast it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Had I not "tried a bite" 20 times over the years, I would have just assumed asparagus was "off limits" for me.

Palates are developed, not discovered.

Ways to Expand the Palate of Picky Eaters?

I'm no expert, but I would think the starting point to expanding palates is to not make anything off limits. A taste for some foods isn't naturally ingrained into someone. I didn't like asparagus for a couple years, but I kept trying it...I kept having it cooked different ways. Now I love it and it's often part of my menu.

Kids tend to have smaller palates. You have to keep introducing them to new new preparations of old foods. You're not just expanding their palates for...say...bok choy...but teaching them how to expand their palates for the next time.

Older people are more set in their ways. At some point, if they don't like certain things, they almost hold onto that dislike as a self-identity label. Maybe others can help there.

The Foodie Rabbit Hole

It's a rewarding and crazy addiction. It's a joke with people about me. At any given time, I have a lot of random homemade items around that people aren't used to having homemade versions sauce, mayo, bread, liquors, etc.

Taste Test: Salsa Con Queso and Cheese Sauce

@tdiggitydog make/serve in a crock pot maybe?

Taste Test: Salsa Con Queso and Cheese Sauce

Add some Hatch chiles to the Rotel/Velveeta and you're in heaven...

Kenji's Recipes

I have probably made the 2 minute mayo recipe the most. (I make it every couple weeks or so) I want to do the sous vide hack though...someday.

Amazing--negative calories! says dominos

That seems wrong...unless the addition of veggies reduces the amount of cheese that the pie gets?

Starbucks for the non-coffee-drinker

To avoid caffeine....

- There's the passionfruit iced tea, which is good sweetened or not.
- The cream-based frappacinos (or however it's spelled) are coffee-less. But they are definitely not good for you.
- You can "hack" an italian soda if your SBUX is willing to bend the rules a bit. Buy a san pelligrino and ask them to make it with raspberry syrup. It's actually pretty good.
- I like steamed apple juice in the winter. I find the "apple spice" or whatever too sweet.

Important Passover Question: Is Matzo and Peanut Butter Kosher for Passover?

Most of the rules of passover are fairly arbitrary. Quinoa is kosher because the rule-makers weren't aware it existed, so there was never a rule made against it.

I believe it's the spirit of matters that counts and each individual should develop their own plan to observe the holiday. But I'm a rebel like that.

Carmine and the Starbucks Controversy

Carmine has been around for a while to dye foods. I don't know if SBUX ever marketed their strawberry syrup as vegan, but even if they did, I'd be extra wary about any red foods.

I think this "controversy" is more due to people's laziness in regards to their own food choices than anything else. Either you research what you are putting into your stomach or you risk consuming something you might not otherwise want to. If SBUX misrepresented the product, I guess it's a slightly different story, but a lot of the onus lies on the consumer either way.

I need a grown-up condiment to replace ketchup

You can get chipotle ketchup...that's fun.

I've found there are a lot of dipping sauces that go well with fries...eggplant dip, queso, jalepano BBQ sauce, parm sauce, etc, etc.

Sliced Mushroom RAGE!


There was also an episode of Good Eats (The Mythbuster one) where Brown weighs mushrooms pre-wash and post-wash and found that the water they absorbed was minimal.

Food For Thought: Xiao Long Bao and Authenticity in Food

Thanks for article...lots to think about here. Also, I want soup dumplings now...

Coffee History: The French Press


Is washing it like any other cup not an option?



I use yelp and chowhound sometimes for cheapy places to go. They are the same as any site that has reviews for anything. Whether it's Amazon or Yelp, some might be worthwhile reviews and some may not be.

Double Chocolate Tart

Serious Eats needs an "I'm on a diet" button that automatically hides posts that those on diets should not see. Like this one.

More Snapshots from Serious Eats Meetup Day 2012

I almost made it to Philly but ended up driving around South Street looking for a parking spot for 30 minutes. I got frustrated and drowned my sorrows in a DiNic's Roast Pork sandwich and maple pecan sticky buns at Reading Terminal.

I don't think I'll be allowed to complain about the result too much. Hopefully I get to meet y'all next time.

The Problem With Talk (A Humple Opinion)

Hey...I know SE has gone through some awesome changes. I love the site and have used it for a long time. It's changed the way I eat, cook, and think about food.

But the talk section kind of frustrates me. It's not a forum...and it's not just a comment section because you want users starting content rather than just reacting to content.

Unfortunately, there's no real way to respond and interact naturally with other SE'ers. To respond within a thread to another reply, all you can do is use the '@' symbol and hope that person manages to find their name in your post.

That inhibits so many potential interactions. It's a hassle to go and do that. If a talk thread gets past 20 comments, it becomes fairly bulky to deal with.

I don't know how to keep the structure of the section while adding better ways to interact. But some kind of notification system of...say...your name in someone else's post might be a starting point. At least then it won't require someone to constantly check every thread they comment in to see if anyone has replied to their post.

Again...just my 2 sense...not trying to step on toes!

Lunch Idea for Hell's Kitchen

Gonna be in NYC this weekend and am looking for a lunch spot in Hell's Kitchen...

Price: $15 or under?

Party Size: 3

Cuisine: Pretty much anything...although something that won't be a ton of bricks in the tummy would probably be best since I will be out and about most of the day. Oh, and I'll rule out pizza and mediterranean.

Restrictions: Need it to be relatively quick...can't be a long, long wait. There will also be at least one vegetarian there.


Question about restaurant etiquette...

So...I am just genuinely wondering what the proper etiquette would be for this situation. I can't stress enough it didn't impact my overall enjoyment of the meal. I am just wondering what SE thinks...

At a decently nice place ($20-$30 entrees), I ordered an alcoholic beverage along with my meal. When the drink was brought out, the server opened the bottle and poured it into my glass. I then realized they brought out the wrong wasn't what I ordered.

I alerted them immediately, but by that point, the bottle was open. The server took the bottle and the glass and came back with the right drink. My question is...would SE'ers expect the server to take the drink back? Again, it didn't bother me that the server did, and I don't want to come off as a spoiled customer trying to capitalize on the mistake of a server, but by that point, the bottle is open. It's not like they can just pour the drink back in and serve it to another customer.


What's the proper etiquette for the staff at this point? Personally, I feel like if I were the server, I would have asked the customer if they wanted to try the drink anyway. Is that wrong of me??

Bad Omens

So...what are some bad omens when you walk into a restaurant? I went to a Mexican place the other day and saw a cook walk from the kitchen, sit down at a booth and start eating a pizza that was delivered from a block away. Needless to say, it was a pretty terrible meal for me that night.

Anything else that should make me just turn around and leave upon entering?

HFCS Causes More Weight Gain Than Sugar in Scientific Study

Obviously one study ain't an ironclad argument...but since it's not THAT hard to avoid HFC...and since sugar tastes better anyway...why mess around with it?

Rats with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained significantly more weight than those with access to table sugar, even when their overall caloric intake was the same.
"When rats are drinking high-fructose corn syrup at levels well below those in soda pop, they're becoming obese -- every single one, across the board. Even when rats are fed a high-fat diet, you don't see this; they don't all gain extra weight."

Making Salmon/Dill Ravioli...Need Help with Binding...

So after perusing SE's talk threads... I decided to do a salmon/dill filled ravioli with a lemon beurre blanc sauce.

But I was wondering about the binding...I saw a bunch of ricotta binded ones...but is it possible to use egg/egg yolk? Would that be silly to do? I'm kind of a ravioli filling novice!


Question About Bugles

Anyone remember bugles? The cone-shaped fried thing that was obviously about as bad for you as any food possibly could be?

Can anyone explain to me why the serving size is done in cups? Has anyone ever tried measuring a cup of bugles? do you stack the bugles for optimum space usage? Is it just come as they are?

Not that I eat bugles anymore...but I find this fascinating. Is there any snack food that would be harder to measure by the cup?

Question About Favorites

Just a quick question...does SE keep all the favorites you click over the months/years? Or is it just the last 20-30 or whatever?

I feel like I should know this but I don't. Sorry! :)

Lost Sourdough Mojo Update

As a reference point, here's my original thread:

Sourdough Starter Lost Mojo

So I went ahead and made the starter and have continued refreshing it every few days. The starter has gotten more and more lively over the last couple weeks, so that is fun.

The first loaf of sourdough I tried was a disaster waiting to happen. The dough never rose. I let the first rise (supposed to be 3-4 hours) go for 15 or so and it really wasn't responding. I ended up spiking that dough with commercial yeast to at least salvage something out of it. I got a nice "country loaf" from that one...but you had to basically use your imagination to taste anything sour from it.

But the starter was getting more and more bubbly/foamy, so I decided to give it another go and I vowed to not spike the dough. Well, again, I had to let the dough go much longer than anticipated. Each rise took at least 2 or 3 times longer than it was "supposed to"...but the good news is that it DID rise this time. Okay, maybe I wasn't getting a doubling in size, but I was getting 50%-75% rises. I baked today and while it clearly isn't a "perfect" sourdough loaf (the reduced rise lead to a denser loaf and the reduced size meant the middle was about 5° cooler than it should have been as the bottom darkened. BUT, I got sourdough bread and it tastes great!

I am hopeful that as I continue to refresh the starter, it'll keep getting more and more active and hopefully my loaves will start to react quicker. But hey, homemade 100% wild yeast sourdough bread. I'm happy.

Sourdough Starter Lost Mojo

So I'm using Peter Reinhart's sourdough starter recipe which involves making a "seed culture" over four or five days and then converting that into a starter that gets refreshed.

The first couple 24 hour periods for the seed culture went great. The thing bubbled and rose like crazy. But then something strange started to less and less virile. While it's supposed to rise more and more, it is doing so less and less. While it rose probably 50% the 2nd night, it rose MAYBE a SLIVER last night.

Should I just go ahead and make the starter anyway and see what happens? And what could have happened to it? Soap residue on a mixing bowl or something? I'm worried this is going to be a futile process for me and slightly peeved that things seemed to going so well early on just to completely stall like this.

HATCH Chile Time!

There are no better chiles on the planet than New Mexico's Hatch. They are perfect...and despite not being in the Southwest this year, I did manage to find some at Whole Foods here in the Northeast.

I'm psyched...was thinking about doing a hatch salsa...or hatch scones.

Any other ideas for me?

Agave Nectar Expiration?

So...ummm...does agave nectar go bad? I forgot I bought a bottle quite a while ago (over a year, for sure) and I just found it today...unopened in the cupboard.

There's no expiration date on the bottle...y'all think it's safe to use still? Is it like honey in that it generally doesn't go bad?

Stone fruits are back!

Plums, peaches, nectarines, plumcots, pluots, apriums, angelcots, and so on!

They're my absolute faves. And I'm pretty psyched that they're back. Carry on...

Dulce Mediterraneo Peppers

So I'm in love with these peppers from Holland. They're kind of like bell peppers but sweeter, fresher, and more complex.

Has anyone had these? I can hardly find a trace of their existence online. I can't be the only one...

What Should I Do With a Fresh Bergamot?

So, my grocery store (Central Market) had fresh was expensive...but I figured how often do you get fresh bergamot?

Anyway...what the heck should I do with it? Beyond making my own Earl Grey blend, I don't have a clue. Would it work with fish? Any side dish it would be great for?

I'm open to anything.