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Suns 'n Roses (Rum and Stone Fruit Punch)

From Serious Eats:

Green and white teas, designed to pristinely reflect their leaves and where they're grown, are barely oxidized, which means they're heated soon after they get to the factory by steaming or pan-firing. (The Dragon Well in the photo above is roasted in a wok by hand until dry.)

All tea comes from the same plant and the major differences happen in the handling AFTER picking...although there are other factors. Silver Needle white tea, for example, is supposed to just be the tips of the plant, which is the newest growth and theoretically "sweeter", although I don't personally know if that's more myth than truth. Some white teas taste more like green really depends on the variety.

I imagine the white tea would have some impact, but it would be a pretty subtle one here.

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies


I assume you can either do it in the microwave (simpler) or in a double-boiler set up (slightly less simple IMHO)

Pie of the Week: Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Pie

Wha....why wouldn't chocolate and pumpkin go together well? :/

I've always enjoyed pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. And pumpkin chocolate chip bread...

The 25 Best Things I Ate in Israel

But...but...but....I want hummus like that right now. front of me. With pita. Serious Eats is a cruel and withholding mistress.

First Look: Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco


(If you didn't see the season premiere of Breaking Bad a few nights ago, you won't get that reference at all...and I apologize.)

Kale & Swiss Chard for sceptic

Does he like sausage? Cause kale + sausage is a lot of fun!

Ways to Expand the Palate of Picky Eaters?

I realize that's what they say. That's what I told my mom about asparagus. But she kept making it despite my protests.

She made it roasted with olive oil, salt, and pepper. The rule was, I had to try a bite every time. I thought it was dumb, but that was the rule. She tried it breaded and fried. She tried it with bacon. She tried it with a yogurt sauce...etc, etc. etc. Eventually, I found that I started to develop a taste for asparagus. Now I simply roast it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Had I not "tried a bite" 20 times over the years, I would have just assumed asparagus was "off limits" for me.

Palates are developed, not discovered.

Ways to Expand the Palate of Picky Eaters?

I'm no expert, but I would think the starting point to expanding palates is to not make anything off limits. A taste for some foods isn't naturally ingrained into someone. I didn't like asparagus for a couple years, but I kept trying it...I kept having it cooked different ways. Now I love it and it's often part of my menu.

Kids tend to have smaller palates. You have to keep introducing them to new new preparations of old foods. You're not just expanding their palates for...say...bok choy...but teaching them how to expand their palates for the next time.

Older people are more set in their ways. At some point, if they don't like certain things, they almost hold onto that dislike as a self-identity label. Maybe others can help there.

The Foodie Rabbit Hole

It's a rewarding and crazy addiction. It's a joke with people about me. At any given time, I have a lot of random homemade items around that people aren't used to having homemade versions sauce, mayo, bread, liquors, etc.

Taste Test: Salsa Con Queso and Cheese Sauce

@tdiggitydog make/serve in a crock pot maybe?

Taste Test: Salsa Con Queso and Cheese Sauce

Add some Hatch chiles to the Rotel/Velveeta and you're in heaven...

Kenji's Recipes

I have probably made the 2 minute mayo recipe the most. (I make it every couple weeks or so) I want to do the sous vide hack though...someday.

Amazing--negative calories! says dominos

That seems wrong...unless the addition of veggies reduces the amount of cheese that the pie gets?

Starbucks for the non-coffee-drinker

To avoid caffeine....

- There's the passionfruit iced tea, which is good sweetened or not.
- The cream-based frappacinos (or however it's spelled) are coffee-less. But they are definitely not good for you.
- You can "hack" an italian soda if your SBUX is willing to bend the rules a bit. Buy a san pelligrino and ask them to make it with raspberry syrup. It's actually pretty good.
- I like steamed apple juice in the winter. I find the "apple spice" or whatever too sweet.

Important Passover Question: Is Matzo and Peanut Butter Kosher for Passover?

Most of the rules of passover are fairly arbitrary. Quinoa is kosher because the rule-makers weren't aware it existed, so there was never a rule made against it.

I believe it's the spirit of matters that counts and each individual should develop their own plan to observe the holiday. But I'm a rebel like that.

Carmine and the Starbucks Controversy

Carmine has been around for a while to dye foods. I don't know if SBUX ever marketed their strawberry syrup as vegan, but even if they did, I'd be extra wary about any red foods.

I think this "controversy" is more due to people's laziness in regards to their own food choices than anything else. Either you research what you are putting into your stomach or you risk consuming something you might not otherwise want to. If SBUX misrepresented the product, I guess it's a slightly different story, but a lot of the onus lies on the consumer either way.

I need a grown-up condiment to replace ketchup

You can get chipotle ketchup...that's fun.

I've found there are a lot of dipping sauces that go well with fries...eggplant dip, queso, jalepano BBQ sauce, parm sauce, etc, etc.

Sliced Mushroom RAGE!


There was also an episode of Good Eats (The Mythbuster one) where Brown weighs mushrooms pre-wash and post-wash and found that the water they absorbed was minimal.

Food For Thought: Xiao Long Bao and Authenticity in Food

Thanks for article...lots to think about here. Also, I want soup dumplings now...

Coffee History: The French Press


Is washing it like any other cup not an option?



I use yelp and chowhound sometimes for cheapy places to go. They are the same as any site that has reviews for anything. Whether it's Amazon or Yelp, some might be worthwhile reviews and some may not be.

Double Chocolate Tart

Serious Eats needs an "I'm on a diet" button that automatically hides posts that those on diets should not see. Like this one.