Cook the Book: 'The Best Soups in the World'

I miss pho! I don't know whether it was called pho as well, but had the best soups in Laos for breakfast for an entire month.
Def worth going back there, in Luang Prabang, for a morning soup.

Cook the Book: Cooking Under Pressure

Microwave. It was bought on the day I was born (as a present for my mom's hardwork?!?) and i don't use it enought to replace.
I've heard there is one exactly like mine in the History Museum of Québec city!

What to offer to an amateur brewer?


My brother is big time into brewing lately and as his birthday is approaching, I have been wondering what to get him. He loves IPA and I live oversee so that last couple of times I have visited him I brought back some IPAs from various European countries.

Can anyone think of any gifts that could be welcomed on his side? He is well equipped to brew beer at this point...

Thanks so much!
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