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Austin Texas restaurant/ food help

Ok, there are lots of great bbq places, but most are more lunch-centric. The good ones are often sold out by dinner. If you decide to do lunch, there are three trailers that I love--Mickelthwaite Craft Meats, La Barbeque, and John Mueller Meat Company. For dinner, I have heard that both Freedman's and Lambert's are good. I can't vouch--never been myself. Parkside is good, and has one of the absolute best happy hours in Austin. Right behind Parkside, the same chef has a tiny pizza place called Backspace (it's in the "backspace" of Parkside). They have great Neopolitan-style pizza. Two more of my favs--Sway (fantastic thai food, but be prepared for community seating) and Matt's El Rancho (perfect tex-mex...get the Bob Armstrong dip!). Hope you have lots of fun exploring the Austin food scene!

Austin Texas restaurant/ food help

There is so much great food here--can you give everyone an idea of what type of restaurant you are looking for? Might help narrow down the suggestions....


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