I love cooking and eating and am a lifelong lover of foods of all kinds.

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  • Location: NYC
  • Favorite foods: Pesto, sushi, chocolate chip cookies, French cheeses, pho, curried chicken salad.
  • Last bite on earth: A BLT with avocado, crispy bacon, heirloom tomato, bibb lettuce, spicy mayo, and toasted sullivan street bakery bread.

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Christmas breakfast: Do you do anything special?

We always have eggs benedict, Canadian bacon and a fruit salad on Christmas morning, plus lots of French-press coffee and hot chocolate and fancy tea. And then Christmas cookies and stocking candy for dessert. For Christmas Eve we usually eat a prime rib or a complicated salmon dish and then Christmas dinner totally depends on how hungry we feel. Sometimes it's Chinese food (my mom is Jewish), sometimes it's pasta, sometimes it's just fancy snacks (caviar, cheese, and gougeres).

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

favorite is definitely bagels and lox. classic and delicious. plus some red onion and a bit of lettuce.

Skipping school, acting cool--Dinner Monday Nov. 2?

we're having whole wheat penne with goat cheese, lemon zest, wilted spinach and butternut squash.


yes! Last time I went my bf mentioned to the waitress that I was a big fan of Wylie's and she offered to show us the kitchen and take me to meet him. After dinner she brought us back, showed us where to stand so we wouldn't bother any of the chefs and then we met Wylie. He was really friendly despite my incoherent ramblings and gushing.

Cook the Book: 'The Pioneer Woman Cooks'

I definitely love the Pioneer Woman and have been reading her blog for years, but when it comes to versatility, variety of recipe styles and food news, Serious Eats is the hands down winner in my book.

What's up for dinner tonight? Thursday 10/15

everyone's meals sound so good! It's freeeezing here tonight. I crisped up some leftover brown rice in a pan with sesame oil, soy sauce and sriracha and then just heated up some leftover moo shu chicken in the same pan and sprinkled it all with cilantro and sesame seeds. I steamed some cauliflower to eat on the side but the white pepper that I refilled the grinder with and then ground onto the cauliflower had a horrible smell to it, so I couldn't eat the veggies. woops.

When did you know you were...

I've always loved food and was one of those kids who would eat anything...caviar, broccoli rabe, chopped liver. My favorite pizza when I was 4 years old was a white pizza with pesto on it and I remember how much I loved eating it. I helped my mom cook a lot growing up, but it was when I got to high school and started doing my own projects that I realized I was good at cooking. I made a buche de Noel from scratch for the French club, and after I did that, it was onto other such projects.
After college when I had my own kitchen and was able to cook and throw dinner parties - that's when I realized I was a foodie. Friends would say things like, "so and so knows so much about food because she knew about x restaurant or y cooking method" and I would go, "yeah, so do I...." And then it struck me that I was one of 'those people'.

What Are We Eating Today-10/14

well I've been sick with a bad cold for the past 3 days, so I just ordered out for wonton soup and mooshoo chicken. There is absolutely no food in my apartment and I've been subsisting off Carr's water crackers with the dregs of the peanut butter jar today.
@memt7 - I have that pumpkin chili on my to cook list, let me know how it turns out for you.

Breakfast/Bagel Suggestions in NYC

Daniel's Bagels at Third Avenue and I think 37th is really good. It flies under the radar but they put out quality bagels. You might also like to try City Bakery at 18th and Fifth for their many delicious pastries (such as the famous pretzel croissant) and hot chocolate.

Linking to your own blog

@nithya - No, I'm not saying it's desperate to provide a link to a recipe on your blog provided it's on topic and adds to the conversation. I do think it's desperate when you have people who ONLY contribute to SE as a way to advertise - that is - it seems like they have a google alert set up to tell them when anyone on SE mentions 'key limes', because they have a key lime blog and want traffic, so then they post a trite comment about limes and link to their blog. And when you look at their profile, all their comments conform to this makes one suspicious.
I think it's helpful to get recipes from people's blogs when they are providing a link as a resource and it adds to the thread in a meaningful way. I'm just saying that there's a time and a place...I happen to love food blogs and am always happy to discover a great new one.

Give some lovin' to your oven! Dinner Thursday 10/8?

probably scrambled eggs and toast. just one of those days.

Did the Internet Kill 'Gourmet' Magazine?

Gourmet failed because it couldn't compete in an environment full of new participants (blogs) - but don't blame the market participants - blame the market forces - the same forces that once brought Gourmet its success. Kimball's cry-baby letter is a cathartic exercise on behalf of all journalists who understandably don't want to see their medium go away. However, there is still good journalism to be created - it just may be in a new shape and form and be governed by new rules.
The market place of ideas generally weeds out the bad journalism (the 'fools') and rewards the good ones. And if there is a large enough demand for the kind of journalism that Kimball considers worthy of his standards, and if the only way to get it is to pay for it, then these superior journalists will get paid for their work.

Kimball can have a little cry but then he should take a good look at reality and stop whining. Serious Eats, Orangette, Smitten Kitchen, David Lebovitz - are each examples of blogs that have learned to excel in the new environment, have captured the delight of readers and have put out quality journalism.

NYC Bakeries field trip

Are you going to tell us where you ended up going? Serious Eaters' minds want to know!

What Did You Eat Today?

This is fun. The first thing I ask my bf when he gets home is - "what did you have for lunch?" Yesterday I had:
6:30 AM: steel cut oat with wheat germ and dried apricots plus coffee
12:30 PM: a cup of steamed spinach with a sesame dipping sauce and an eel, cucumber and avocado maki roll
5:30 PM: some dried tart cherries and advil before my walk home
6:45 PM: a handful of smart puffs and 2 spoonfuls of butter pecan ice cream before I worked out
8:45 PM: a few cups of roasted brussel sprouts and cauliflower plus a little shredded chicken breast
9:30 PM: a little cup of ice cream and a snifter of Calvados

Looking for The Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese recipe

My recipe is similar to Martha's but it is way creamier and not baked (which I think dries out the sauce): Make a white sauce while you are boiling the pasta. Drain the pasta and put it back in the pot it came from and add 2 T of butter, then stir over a very low light. Add the white sauce to the pasta and stir to coat. Then start adding in big handfuls of grated cheese (I use cheddar and gruyere - about 4 cups total) and stir after each handful until melted. Once all the cheese is in and melted, crack in a whole egg and stir quickly to coat everything and avoid scrambling the egg. Serve right away.
The result is SUPER rich and gooey delicious mac and cheese.

Dinner's Ready! Wednesday 10/7

if it were me (and perhaps I will steal your idea), I would go for the sprouts.

Taste Test: Mustard

Inglehoffer all the way. I put that stuff on everything - and all varieties. It is divine.
Interestingly, French mustard from France seems waaay hotter than what we have here. Even if you get the Grey Poupon extra spicy, it's not as hot.

Dinner's Ready! Wednesday 10/7

@CJ McD - I'm drooling reading about your menu for tonight.

Linking to your own blog

That's a good idea. Also, if I like the way a certain commenter writes, I just click on his name to see if he lists a personal website.
It comes across as so desperate to always link to your blog (even if your comment is on topic) or say, "I wrote more about it here on my blog" and then give the link. LAME.

Suggestions for restaurants in/around Morningside Heights

@ mr guy - are you talking about Pisticci (the place on LaSalle)? If so, it's still there I believe.

Linking to your own blog

cool, glad to know I wasn't losing my mind. I'm not trying to be a tattletale, but I do think it helps the community to have less blog linking. I think you guys have been doing a great job. I just noticed in the past few weeks that this practice has insidiously crept its way back in (maybe because the Talk boards have been a little slow it's been more obvious to me when people do a drive-by linking).

Suggestions for restaurants in/around Morningside Heights

There have been a number of SE posts on recommendations for Morningside Heights.,26,36,39,34,30,38,16,33,25,32,35

Community Food and Juice is good but I think they are currently closed. Symposium is fun and the best thing to get is the symposium salad. Max Soha on Amsterdam is very good and well priced. Le Monde is reliable and good. Deluxe is pretty good for breakfast but can be unreliable. Silver Moon Bakery is a must-go place for all baked goods.