Corin Hirsch

I'm a food and drinks writer in balmy New England, as well as the author of Forgotten Drinks of Colonial New England: From Flips and Rattle-Skulls to Switchel and Spruce Beer.

  • Location: VT/ NH / QC
  • Favorite foods: Chinon, kalbi, dumplings, broiled eel, ceviche, oysters, excellent Mexican food, gueuze
  • Last bite on earth: Beer, abalone ceviche & grilled fresh shrimp on the beach

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4 New Belgian Imports to Turn Wine-Lovers Into Beer-Swillers

Thanks for the comments. As beer consumption continues its decline in Belgium, it's quite surreal that some interesting beers are skipping local pubs and shops and being shipped to other shores. And with porous EU borders, it seems like there's a lot of mingling (labor, ideas, materials) in the region's brewing scene.


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