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Cranberry jello mold FTW

Thanks, Jerzee. I've got the layer action down. I did a 10-layer ribbon for a picnic this summer. It was stunning. Until it melted. Everything will be quite stabilized in this attempt. I'm doing a test run for Sunday. If all goes well, I'll upload to Photograzing.

The World's Easiest Cranberry Sauce

4 cups of cranberries? What would the weight equivalency be? I'm guessing that would be more than the average 12 oz. bag for sale this time of year.

Cranberry jello mold FTW

MissBrownEyes, you are brilliant! A little Grand Marnier and perhaps some very fine orange zest -- I can't wait to try that.

The Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Hullabaloo

@ByrdBrain - Lumpy gravy, meet my evil friend The Immersion Blender. Look how dry my palms are!

Broiled No-Knead Pizza (No-Knead Pizza 102)

I know this is random, but SE is covered with the stuff. Fiesta. Peacock. Wasn't sure until I saw the chip on the last photo.

You might be a foodie if....

... when your children say Steven Reichlen has funny hair.

Dinner Tonight: Roasted Carrots and Beets with Pork Chops

I expected to see that the pork chops were brined, but there's NOTHING special about the pork preparation. Of course, the carrot and beet princesses are a different story. Did you use a particularly nice chop for the outcome of these to be so juicy?

Cook the Book: Tomato Sauce with Hot Pork Sausage

How do you gauge "high pressure"? 10 pounds? 15 pounds?

Cook the Book: Cooking Under Pressure

10 nesting glass bowls that I purchased for my first real kitchen. I can't cook without them!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Homemade Holidays

A friend gifted me with some Bacon Salt for my recent birthday. I am bound and determined to use this in a holiday snack I can gift back. I'm considering a Chex mix-like creation with the smoky bacon goodness instead of seasoned salt. What could possibly fail with that?

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Perfect mashed potatoes for me.

Cranberries and Canning...

Marissa over at Food in Jars has a class coming up on water bath canned cranberry chutney. I didn't have time to look for a recipe, but she would be a great resource.

Taking turkey's temperature

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Ham and coke! Ham and coke!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Still Ham and coca-cola.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Ham and coca-cola!

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey Here!

Ham and coca-cola; bring on the retro!

Side dish for a tailgate?

I've been assigned a starchy side for the Monday night tailgate extravaganza in KC. The host is making ribs. My assignment was "jello shots and a potato salad -- or use your discretion." (I'm pretty sure the discretion was related to the spuds.) Anyway, I need a starchy side dish to serve room temperature with ribs. Any ideas beyond the stated potato salad?

Cranberry jello mold FTW

I'm thinking of a three layer epic mold. Top layer of plain, crystal clear cranberry jello. Second layer of a vanilla/flavored panna cotta. Third layer of a traditional whole berry cranberry sauce strengthened with gelatin.

I need help with the panna cotta. I'm happy with good old vanilla, but what do you think about almond? Does almond extract make cranberry sing the same way as cherries? Or what would cinnamon and spice and be like?

Turkey math: 11 B = 7 B + x T

In the past our church has prepped 11 turkey breasts to feed 150 folks at our annual Thanksgiving pot-luck. I'd like to have some dark meat for those who prefer it. Does a 2/3 white, 1/3 dark preference ratio sound correct for the masses? And if so, if I have 7 breasts, then how many thighs do I need to equal the yield of 4 breasts?

And who said we'd never use algebra?

The DIY BLT bar

For a family event this weekend, I want to set up a DIY BLT bar. What are your suggestions for perfect sandwich elements to have on hand besides the usual suspects? So far my only creative ideas are avocado and fried green tomatoes. And no, I don't have time to cure my own bacon, but thanks.

FiestaWare is everywhere!

Is it just me, or do I see a lot of Fiesta on the food blogs? See today's "Eat this, not that". Peacock, I believe. Perhaps I can convince my husband that since I am a serious eater, it really is necessary to have 18 place settings in different colors (and counting).

Taking turkey's temperature

I have more thermometers than I care to admit. But where do I put the darn things? Yes, I know about the meatiest part of the thigh, but can someone point me to a picture of what that means? Is the thermometer vertical or horizontal? Angled? Between breast and leg? In front or behind the knee? Seriously, just a picture. That's all I need.

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