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  • Favorite foods: Everything but bittermelon
  • Last bite on earth: red braised beef noodle soup (Taiwanese style)

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At $65, The Misen Chef's Knife is the Holy Grail of Knives

Kenji, could you speak a bit about how comfortable the handle is, and whether it's suited for small hands, large hands, or hands of all sizes. Thanks!

Staff Picks: What's Your Recipe Deal-Breaker?

I serve pomegranate molasses as a dipping sauce with fish, usually pan-fried mackerel.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

prime rib! I can finally check the doneness really quickly!

My 16 Favorite Foods in Istanbul

I am serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Azerbaijan, a country close to Turkey. The food is remarkably similar to Turkish all this stuff is just what I eat everyday. Yummy!


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