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The Top 50 Talk Threads of 2009

What this tells me, is that I don't get on SE enough because I didn't read a number of interesting looking threads. And I never heard of the cheese sandwich thing. So I'm favorite-ing this in order to catch up over the next few weeks as time allows. Thanks!

Your Favorite/Least Favorite Food Shows

Mmmmm. Fried baloney with mayo on white bread.

Favorite Grilled Cheese?

Country round sourdough, sliced, buttered, grilled slowly with gruyere cheese until golden, and sprinkled with kosher salt on the crust. Ummmm.

So you woke up hungover.... Breakfast and Dinner 01/01/10?

Popcorn ("with real butter!") at the movies (The Young Victoria). Dinner has all the requisites: Keilbasa, black eyed peas and sauerkraut and potato peirogies. Thanks, MIL for those tasty pasta pods!

Cablevision drops Food Network, do you care?

You should be aware that the holding co. for FN now owns Fine Living and is planning to make it a cooking channel. Lets hope they don't make it as irrelevant as the FN has become.

Guy Fieri: Tagging Restaurants Where He Ate?

That stencil is on the wall in Houston's Cafe Pita+ also. Which he already featured on one of his shows. It's good advertising for the restaurant, but in this case, I can't agree with him about the Bosnian food. I'm sure it's good Bosnian food, I guess I prefer American hamburgers to Bosnian hamburger.

Cooking from the Glossies: White Bean and Roasted Garlic Hummus

What kind of white beans? I guess it doesn't matter. My favorite is cannelinis.

Your Favorite/Least Favorite Food Shows

@sailordave: Alton is a fraud and a car mechanic, not a cook. His gimmicky show gives me hives. His camera shots make me hate him. The sound effects are repetitive and annoying, like the glugging sounds on Three Sheets. Just cook, man. And that sister and nephew? Actors.

Oh, and I forgot Batali, Gwyneth, Mark and Claudia, "Spain, On the Road Again." Best series ever. Need to buy the CD if it's available.

Oh, and I forgot to change my SE name...

Your Favorite/Least Favorite Food Shows

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef - auto-taped so I never miss
Iron Chef Japan -that's some kinda cooking "for real"
Triple D - Because I can't eat all that stuff, but it's fun to watch
The Ultimate with Tyler Florence - best recipes I have re-created
Anything with Jamie Oliver when I can find them - cutest lisp

Least Favorites:
Iron Chef America - a poor facsimile of the genuine show
Good Eats - get off my lawn
Lidia's Family Table - snoooore

New Year's Eve food traditions

For years we've stayed in on NYE and made Dagwood sandwiches washed down with champagne and watch New York welcome the new year and most often, call it a night then at 11 p.m. It's just not our night to go out, much like Valentine's Day isn't. But tomorrow, we'll shop for roast beef, ham, turkey, pastrami, cheeses of all kinds, bolillo rolls, mustards, shredded lettuce and spinach leaves, sweet onions, green onions, jalapenos, pickles and anything else we see that might make our sandwich happier. It's a fun night of games that the kids liked when they were young. But they are grown up now and going to a "BLT" party tomorrow night or a "Black-tie, lingerie and toga" party. Where did I go wrong.

Food for when it's REALLY Cold

How do you folks who live in such frigid temperatures get motivated to hit up a grocery store to get your ingredients. I'm afraid I'd be ordering in little boxes of Chinese food rather than stay out longer than necessary.

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

FN "dredged up" those photos long ago when they put together their chef biographies.

Russian Christmas

Thanks! I did find some recipes upon googling the term. I was hoping for some advice from one who has made it. I guess it's just a thickener, but I don't know why it would be called "mushroom soup with zaprashka" if that was it's only function. Anyway, no one at the party will be Russian, so who's to know? :) The parents of an adopted son from Russia try to raise him with both American and Russian traditions. He won't know the difference either!

What's the Most Controversial thing you have ever Consumed?

Foie gras (and Joeqboo, you should try it!) wasn't at all what I was expecting. A really luxurious mouth feel and taste of butter. Exotic: grasshoppers (chapulines), blue corn (essentially molded), octopus.

And boobird, some people think force feeding geese to harvest the foie gras is cruel. Chicago briefly outlawed it in what must have been a particularly slow legislative session.

What was your favorite food memories of 2009?

@ktmc24, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Air France has great food! When we flew to Paris in June, (upgraded to first) we had lobster claws over spring lettuce with mango, cheeses and foie gras. It ranks among the top five meals we had over the next 10 days in Paris. And that was the "express" meal, since we were not hungry enough for the 4 course meal!

Xoco or Frontera?

Go to Xoco for hot chocolate and a churro. Eat at one of the other two.

What was your favorite food memories of 2009?

A certain Peking duck on a bun with scallions and plum sauce.

48 Hours in Chicago!

We were in Chicago for a mere 48 hours in September and our "big" splurge was at Publican. The food was great, but the restaurant is loud, very loud. We had the necessary dog at Portillo's, the necessary pizza at Gino's (very good) and wandered lots on foot. We stayed at the Drake and had cocktails in the historic lounge there and some seafood appetizers at the restaurant bar also. Tried to do it all, and had to fast once home again. The city is fabulous. The people are amazing. We were discussing the Great Fire on a street corner and a lady asked us if we needed any information. She confirmed the date of the fire, not that long ago! Have a great time. We can't wait to return.

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

Ha, good name, chupachups. We ate a lot of a particular candy with that name at one time when there was a dispute over the name that we were involved in. Good candy!

Ice Cubes in Orange Juice

My father also, did and still does, ice his milk. Don't knock it until you try it with a warm brownie. Again, you gotta drink it fast.

Holiday Leftovers - How are you eating yours?

Holy mackeral, Sailordave, I never thought of that. I wonder if names here can be edited. That's a little icky.

Holiday Leftovers - How are you eating yours?

Sailordave, I had to read your post twice because I thought mine eyes deceived me. What rot indeed! Poor form, GF.

Five Guys. Not so much.

5 Guys and Smashburger descended with gusto simultaneously in my area. I was not so impressed by 5 Guys, particularly the fries. On the other hand, Smashburger? Thin, crispy rosemary and garlic fries? A hamburger that stays hot to the last bite? Te amo, Smashburger.

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

I recently discovered the Colorado chain of Chipotle, which has actually been in my area for some time. I am so enamored of the burrito bowl with rice, grilled chicken, black beans, double scoop of pico de gallo, cheese and sour cream. I fancy it is somewhat healthy. And it's enough for two meals, although I have ignored that silly notion on occasion.

Favorite grocery store...

a Safeway store) for specialty items, and 99 Ranch Market for seafood and asian.