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A Call About Casting for a Food Show

chrisholiday, I happen to be a lawyer in the entertainment industry and just want to suggest that you refrain from participating in any project -- and certainly from signing anything, however innocuous it may seem -- until you've spoken with an attorney who knows what they're doing in this area. I've worked on many, many 'unscripted' programs from both the producer and subject sides of the table, and there are some major things you should consider before taking even a first step. seriously, find someone to help guide you from the beginning.

Happy Girl Scout Cookie Season!

ueschefgal, there used to be a girl scout office somewhere in the flatiron district where you could order and pick up cookies directly. I never made it there myself, but had looked up the info for a friend sometime in the past 5 or so years.

Where (oh where) has my fake BFF Will Gordon gone?

omg ... just had a very scary thought: after all the candy-colored tangerine flake booze, was it that damn mardi gras so-called cheesecake that did him in??

Where (oh where) has my fake BFF Will Gordon gone?

I was wondering the same thing!! Where's Will???!!?

A Brief Introduction to Chinese Islamic Food

there's not a single dish I don't want to try!! anyone have any links to sites with authentic recipes for these or similar dishes??

Please Stop Pairing Red Wine and Chocolate

malbec and very dark chocolate ... a combo that is truly greater than the sum of it's parts!!!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

love yuba's expression as she looks up to big brother hambone in slide 4!!

We Try Popeye's Mardi Gras Cheesecake

although I've never been into a popeye's -- and only eat fast food in absolute emergency airport conditions -- I am one of the legions of Serious Eaters who will follow you, Will Gordon, into ANY culinary battle! much like the various day-glowed, sour patch kid-derived vodkatinis-in-a-box you take on elsewhere, it's worth having this horrible-sounding so-called cake exist just for the pleasure of reading your review.

New Turkish Bread and Snacks in Midtown at Mmm... Enfes

totally with you re the great array of turkish breads, but could you please fix your lead sentence so it's easy for other readers to get hooked?

What Are You Eating During Snow Weekend?

lapsang, do you use zataar on that amazing-sounding dish?? do you have a recipe or link to share??

What Are You Eating During Snow Weekend?

just took a pot of black eyed peas out of the oven -- yes, I'm one of those no-soak, oven method girls! -- and have chicken, rutabaga and kale on tap to go with the peas for dinner. tomorrow's plan is kimchi soup. plus mulled wine as needed!

Add Bitters To Your Soda! 12 Combos We Love

great post!! although I use various bitters and flavored seltzers, often with lemon or lime, for everyday, coke plus orange bitters is my go-to anti-nausea remedy. it also happens to taste much, much better [to me] than plain coke!!

How to Make Delicious Vegan Udon Broth

elinore, you might want to try using just a small amount of dried porcine. they're my secret weapon for all kinds of broths, soups, sauces, braises -- any wet cooking method -- regardless of other ingredients because they don't really add a mushroom flavor, they just amp up flavor. really almost pure umami, not mushroomy.

Staff Picks: What's Your Achilles Heel in the Kitchen?

custard! I'm completely adept at all other egg and egg-based 'applications', but I've never gotten custard quite right. partly, it's because I invariably try to lower the fat and/or sugar content. but, there's also some other missing factor -- that I haven't even been able to identify -- that leaves me with edible but not sublime custards every time!

How to Stock a Vegan Pantry

glad to see you're doing this again! one question about your list: what's your source for your presumably unsweetened dried cranberries??

Chocolate in Wacky or Depression Cake

one more thought: the swap could also affect the acid/alkaline balance and therefore the vinegar/soda ratio needed to leaven the cake. not sure where to go for info on the acidity of cocoa vs chocolate, however.

Chocolate in Wacky or Depression Cake

I disagree with indygal: unsweetened baking chocolate includes approx 1 tbls of oil per ounce*. if you're subbing it for the cocoa, you will need to reduce the amount of added oil or I think you'll end up with nearly a 1/4c* more oil than the recipe above calls for. [*you should double check the equivalency because it's been a while, but my recollection is that 1 oz of baking chocolate is equivalent to 1 tbls of cocoa + 1 tbls of fat]

Vegan Superbowl desserts/snacks?

am I the only one noticing the irony of a vegan hosting a party focused on a pigskin???

Stovetop Chicken Lasagna

thanks for this post, but why not just use half the amount of real cheese and leave off the top layer of cheese?? part skim ricottas usually sub some sort of starch for the removed fat which isn't necessarily a great trade off nutritionally speaking. and, you could probably reduce the overall amount of the existing cheeses even further by adding a small amount of real parmesan to the blend ... given the mild flavor of the seasoned chicken, it wouldn't take more than about a tablespoon or so enhance the richer, cheesey [in a good way!] flavor with a net reduction in calories.

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Is $10 Exclusiv Vodka As Good as Grey Goose?

anyone else try Wodka? it's a Polish rye-based vodka that I've began using to make infusions last spring but which has now become my go-to vodka. shockingly creamy for a $10 bottle ... delivered! [in NYC, union square wines via freshdirect for those in the area] would love the Will Gordon take on this vs other rye-based vodkas!!

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Cachaca da Roca

deglazer, there is such a ritual: it's called passover.

From Behind the Bar: On Running Two Bars

you're also a wonderful writer! thanks for a surprisingly interesting and engaging series.