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Japanese-Style Fried Chicken Thighs (Gluten-Free Karaage)

@Hykos and Skananigans, the gluten content of naturally brewed brands of soy sauce like Kikkoman is below 5ppm and considered safe for celiacs. I have celiac disease and switched from Braggs Amino to Kikkoman when I learned this and haven't had any troubles since.

Follow the links in this article for more information:

Masa Ball Soup (Mexican Corn Dumplings in Chicken Soup)

Thank you for the recipe. I've missed matzo ball soup since I had to go gluten free and I always have masa harina on hand for tortillas and gorditas.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Go to next time you have a bird ID situation. It uses a menu allowing the user to pick the bird's traits then narrowing down the list of possible IDs.

Golden retriever pup? Don't you realize you will never have a moment of peace for the next 5 years? You will have excellent shoulder and upper arm development.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Don't tell me you went to Popeye's and didn't get the biscuits. Not even a picture of one?

Manner Matters: Help, My Friend Chews With Her Mouth Open

Oh My! This post reminds me of one of my favorite poems I first read when I was young:
"The Goops"

by Gillette Burgess (1866-1951)

The Goops they lick their fingers
And the Goops they lick their knives:
They spill their froth on the tablecloth
Oh, they lead disgusting lives!
The Goops they talk while eating,
And loud and fast they chew;
And that is why I'm glad that I
Am not a Goop, are you?"

Manner Matters: How to Share Food Without Being Rude

I appreciate the question and Molly's answer since I share similar feelings on this issue. Isn't it insensitive to not consider another persons legitimate concerns or preferences on food safety? Double dipping doesn't bother me that much, even though I majored in microbiology, but I can understand why it would upset someone else. Share my drink so I can catch your mono? NO thank you! Put your unwashed mitt in my food so I can catch your HepA? NO thank you! This is all for the same reason I would never go around French kissing strangers and recent acquaintances.

A Guide to Tofu Types and What to Do With Them

Thank you for posting this list. I love tofu but am in a rut as far as preparing it.

Easy Butter Paneer With Spinach

Looks good, now I need to get around to making paneer since the local grocery stores don't carry it.

Manner Matters: The Finer Points of Eating With Your Hands

My mom wasn't a fan of the Colonel in White and always scolded us about licking our fingers at the table when she served fried chicken. Her fried chicken was better than the Colonels giving her the right to tell us how it should be eaten but is she still correct?

Kenji's NYC Bucket List: What I'll Miss Most

I know you know this but brace yourself for the time zone differences especially betwixt New York and San Francisco. It's really the only thing that annoyed me about living in Oregon since most of my family lived in Texas or Oklahoma and I had to remember to call home before 8:00pm or catch grouchy folk ready for bed that and trying to reach people at their desk/lab on the east coast before 5-6pm their time.

Remember, the water in the toilet tank, not bowl,is safe to drink! Use battery operated light sources since oil lamps may ignite gas leaks.

Gluten-Free Fresh Pasta

Oh wow, thank you for posting this. I've craved gluten free egg pasta but all of the recipes I found were mostly pure refined starch plus egg. Totally gross.

Can I make pasta without a pasta roller?

Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen?

Yes. In the event of a fire remember to pull the pin otherwise you can't depress the lever.

Leftovers: Imploding Cake, Powdered Alcohol, and More

I'm waiting till April 1st to see how this whole Palcohol thing turns out. Why does it remind me of bonsai kittens?

Recipes for Cooking Demos?

How many minutes are you allowed? One pot meals or wok based recipes are probably best unless you want to do flaming cherries jubilee or some other flaming type dessert. Omelettes come together pretty fast. Kenji just posted a food lab article on making the best leftover hash but it may have too many steps depending on how much pre cooking you plan on

One pot meals may also work depending on time constraints:

Gas vs charcoal grilling in a gas grill

You could but I'd worry the ash from the charcoal would clog up the gas jets making the grill useless. There is also the whole roaring fire over a propane tank thing. You can purchase an inexpensive 14 inch charcoal grill from Dollar General or Walmart for around $15 or so. Why risk ruining your gas grill for something like that?

What do you guys prefer plastic or wooden

Wood cutting board, it's easier on my knife blades and I prefer its weight and feel. I have big plastic mats for meat but I never use them if I can fit everything onto the wooden board. I remember to cut the vegetables and cheese before I cut the meat so there is no worry about cross contamination. We used large, thick plastic cutting boards at the cafeteria where I used to work. They were good cutting boards that could withstand the commercial dish washer but I never enjoyed using them. They would slip and wobble around a lot, even when I put a towel underneath, and would get nicked up pretty fast.

Simple Pleasures

Tahini and honey spread on a Quaker rice cake is one of my favorite treats but I don't make it that often. Probably for the best too.

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

I used to enjoy a cheese burger with fries in my pre gluten free days. It's probably the best breakfast ever.

What To Do With Leftover Pork Roast

Enchiladas, use some of the broth as the base for the sauce.

Culinary land mines

Gristle in roast beef or pork. It makes me gag to the point of wanting to vomit as soon as I feel it in my mouth. Also roe in a can of sardines. It's nothing like caviar- it's just gross!

Substitution for Korean chili powder in Kimchee

Thanks ya'll, I feared I would need to order from Amazon but didn't know which Korean chili powder to order.

Substitution for Korean chili powder in Kimchee

@Littauer, thanks.

@missvenuz, Thanks, I'm holding off on Amazon for now.


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