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Chain Reaction: Little Caesar's Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza

@monopod @Nshah90 I don't think it's an isolated or K-Mart-based issue, as I tried a pepperoni deep dish from my local stand-alone Little Caesars last week, and while the dough wasn't raw exactly, it was definitely undercooked in the center of the squares. The edges were pretty good, though, if you're into chain store pizzas (which I kinda do).

Still Not Sure How Much to Tip for Pizza Delivery? You're Not Alone

When I worked as a pizza delivery person (many years ago), the average tips I saw were in the $2-3 range. My pizza place did add a "delivery charge" but that was not to pay the wages/tips of the delivery driver, it was because we were using company vehicles to do deliveries, and that was to offset the wear-and-tear on the trucks.

Taste Test: The Best Tortilla Chips

@McNormal -- I completely agree.

But if I happen to be at TJ's when I need tortilla chips, I do get their white corn ones (triangles, salted). Maybe not that much flavor on their own, but if I'm dipping them into homemade guacamole, they'll do in a pinch!

Individual story pages loading slowly for me

Yep. Disabling all extensions in Chrome still results in slow loading times.

I should note that it appears it's not just Chrome -- Safari and Firefox do the same thing. Some sort of computer/firewall issue?

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

I checked the temperature of some oven-roasted chicken thighs -- a fantastic weeknight dinner!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Camp Bacon Gift Box

Next to my pancakes, so I can dip the (not too crispy) bacon in syrup.

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

This not being far removed from Thanksgiving, the last thing I stuck a thermometer into was a turkey breast.

AHT Giveaway: Omnomnomnivore T-Shirt from Threadless

Triceratops has always been my favorite dinosaur. In fact, I'm wearing a triceratops t-shirt at this very moment!


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