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How to Make Whole-Milk Ricotta Cheese

@sjburnt: Old-school buttermilk (the fluid released form churning butter) and whey aren't quite the same, although they are both basically milk fluids with less solids. These days, commercial buttermilk is usually acidified skim milk, which isn't the same as whey.

@amazon_ww: true - it can be so anti-climactic when a big ol' gallon of milk turns into just a few curds! I found that using a lot of lemon juice (like this recipe) and being as gentle as possible with the curd increase the yield by a lot.

@Katie Potato: next week's recipe is whey ricotta :)

@hannahbea: I've never tried, but the principles are the same. A friend makes goat ricotta for her restaurant and she also uses lemon juice, but I don't know in what proportion. I'll play around with it though!

@stphjay: absolutely! Just as serviceable as anything you'd find off a grocer's shelf, but fresher (and OK, more time consuming). Most ricotta on the market is whole milk these days (not ri-cotta), so it would work for any lasagne recipe.


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