21-year-old college student in south Austin, TX. Is there a way to fill this out without it sounding like a personal ad?

  • Location: San Marcos, TX
  • Favorite foods: Sharp and aged cheeses
    Chocolate (better still with salt)
    Lamb gyros
    Pasta in all forms (minus angel hair, dear Lord in heaven, no angel hair)
    Sun-dried tomatoes
  • Last bite on earth: Penne pasta drenched in gorgonzola cream sauce, with a balsamic-glazed slice of medium rare steak. Yes. Please.

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This sounds awesome. I need to make it. My drink of choice this summer is the Pepperino. It includes agave nectar, tequila and jalapenos. Awesome in the south texas heat

Mixed Review: Barefoot Contessa Outrageous Mint Chocolate Brownies

I think the only thing that could possibly be an better is Mint Chocolate hookah. All the deliciousness without the calories!

Fuel City: The Best Taco in Texas?

Fuzzys in Denton or Herberts in San Marcos.

Video: Barack Obama's BBQ

"This potato salad is f***ing delicious." haha

Comment of the Day: Liberating Watermelon Confessions

I always heard it was a midwestern thing. My WHOLE extended family not only salts, but peppers, watermelons, cantaloupe and honeydew.

The World's Saddest Cookbook

@ Gregg hahahahaha. I thought that the second I saw this post. I was going through all the comments just to see if someone else referenced the Onion. This is equally hilarious.

What's your most hypocritical food moment?

@dana828 I'm with you on the Cupcake Pebbles. I saw a recipe for them in my Food Network magazine. And, of course, it arrived the same day as my Organic Gardening magazine.

Frozen Food Guilty Pleasures

Ohmygosh I could eat Lean Cuisine's Frozen Pumpkin Ravioli with Butternut Squash and Sage butter sauce all day long.
Also, Walmart (and probably other places) carries these mini quiches that I find myself driving to get at 2 a.m. all the time.

What's your most hypocritical food moment?

Haha these are amazing ya'll. Thank you for not making me feel like I'm not the only one. I am sooo guilty of the Biggest Loser too. Its usually Orange Chicken from Panda Express on Biggest Loser night. Actually the worst was this past week. I was watching the show with a spoon dipped in cake batter and another spoon dipped in frosting. I'm going to Food Hell

Special Dinner Help

I would go with the lamb. It's impressive and beautiful without being to heavy, and its not as easy to mess it up. Salmon is tricky because there are some (weird) people in this world that hate fish. And dear Lord in heaven, you canNOT go wrong with polenta, ratatouille or saffron rouille. Sounds like a fabulous dinner!

Food, Inc. viewing party...What to serve?!?

Most of the comments are great ideas. Stay away from meat of all kinds during the film since that is one of the primary focuses.
Make some homemade ricotta, and see if any of the local farms let you pick your own fruits or vegetables. And of course, the farmer's market if its organic.
Another good food choice any product by Stonyfield Farm since its heavily featured in the film.
Whatever you make, be sure to hand out recipe cards along with the cost written at the bottom so your friends know that altering their lifestyle for this cause won't break the bank.
Good job on spreading the word!

Help me choose a study abroad location via food!

Here's what it boils down to:
New Zealand: Asian influence, huge wine country, BBQ, tropical foods
Ireland: rich and homey (pot pie, beef stew, colcannon potatoes), huge beer and ale country, access to cuisine of nearby countries, very focused on local agriculture.
Go where your palette leads.

Our Favorite Burgers of 2009

No love for Texas burgers? For shame!

Home for the Holidays: What's Your Must-Visit Hometown Haunt?

In Rapid City i MUST go to Sanfords. Grilled chicken sandwich with teriyaki sauce, sliced ham, slab of cream cheese topped with a grilled pineapple. Edible heaven. And Mongolian Grill. Nothing better than feeling like you're creating your own Mongolian masterpiece.

Chain Reaction: Domino's New Pizza Recipe - What Does It Taste Like?

i LOVE Dominos. They have so many great options. Papa Johns = vomit.
When So You Think You Can Dance was on I started a new tradition called Dancing and Dominos and ordered a Dominos pizza/sandwich/pasta and their AMAZING lava cakes every Tuesday. Say what you will, but Dominos is fab.

Meet Your Farmers: Adrienne Kravitz, a Cranberry Farmer in Southeastern Mass.

Oh my goodness! I love cranberry bogs. I SO want to work at one... just for like the summer.
They don't have any near where I live in Texas. sad. :(

What's your favorite cake?

ohmygoodness. the best, summery-est, moistest cake I've ever had is the Lemon Jell-O Cake. It sounds juvenile, but it just makes people happy. Period. With a fab cream cheese frosting.

I gather from all of these posts that the best bet is Cream Cheese frosting. Just serve that. Don't even worry about the cakes. :)

Do You Eat the Bruised Parts of Bananas?

I'm so glad there are people in this world that care about this kind of stuff. Thank you for being alive fellow Serious Eaters.
As for bananas? I can wait until they're between dalmation and black lab. The black labs get put in banana bread.

What's your favorite food when drunk?

Cheesecake bites from Taco Bueno. Then french fries with ketchup from Whataburger.
Take any pretentious foodie, get them drunk, and they won't know the difference from foie gras to Big Macs

Taste Test: Mustard

@kerosena- thank you for making my day hilarious.

I'm with the non-mustard lovers. I just can't help it! Its no my fault! But I understand the distrust. I don't trust people who don't like cheese. I understand not being able to EAT cheese, but not LIKING it? Just because??? how can one live?

Video: Tabasco Singing Pepperoni Pizza Commercial

I feel like this is a punishment for gluttons in Dantes Inferno

Are You a Night Baker?

LOVE baking at night. Put on some Michael Buble and make whatever I'm craving. A few nights ago it was spanakopita. And it was goooood spanakopita.

Recreating the Adult Brownies from Andronico's

@ betteirene
That was the funniest thing I've heard in awhile. HAHA! I love fellow foodies for understanding the way food makes me feel


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