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What's the Most Expensive Meal You've Had in New York?

the one that stands out because i felt the meal and service were cookie cutter was del posto, where we roughly spent $700 for 2. that seemed like a waste.

similarly priced meals but totally worth it were daniel and blue hill stone barns.

the two most expensive meals i've had were in stockholm, one of which may have been the best meal of my life but was upwards of $1K for 2

Tea Recommendations

i like spicy teas. right now im drinking tazo's chai tea with milk, i also like bigelow's orange and spice tea.

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

im loving the love for cafe asean. i used to live right around the corner from that place and it was always a favorite

Suggestions for a large party 20 plus persons in NYC?

wow. tough task. i dont envy your position if you're the organizer. opentable appears to have a lot of options for 20 people without a private room. of those, the smith would give you a range of options for dining and is affordable. not exactly adventurous food, but with 20 people there's something for everyone there. i also once put together a very large table without a private room at craftbar, but i cant remember how many people it was for. this one definitely fits all of your criteria. you could call them and see if they could accomodate 20.

Valentine's dessert for sour gummy candy loving wife?

im thinking something with strawberries and balsamic vinegar - like a yogurt panna cotta topped with those ingredients, or maybe even strawberry shortcake.

Stress-Baking: Any good recipe suggestions?

i hope you feel better soon!

i've been on a similar baking kick (pregnancy hormones i think). i like quick breads - recently i made this one, it was seasonal and delicious. it wasnt so quick though

my husband and i also recently made a pancake cake (cake made of out pancakes with buttercream frosting in between layers and strawberry on top) - that was silly and uplifting.

i like to make pasta from scratch when im stressed - kneading the dough is a good physial activity to relieve tension and cutting into shapes / stuffing them is a zen-like activity.

Kids Cooking Class Ideas

mini muffins and cookies take 10-15 mins in the oven
make your own butter (basically involves putting cream in a jar and shaking for 5-10 min)
fresh squeezed orange juice

What Would You Choose for Your Last Drink on Earth?

hmm - my primary choice would be a really good barbaresco (a generous pour). if alcohol weren't an option, i'd go with diet coke.

What Was Your Best Bite of New York in 2013?

fried oysters at pig and khao!

that bread in the photo looks delicious, where is it from?

What are some side dishes I can make in advance?

im really digging recently chuck hughes' mushroom and speck salad as a side for winter gatherings. the recipe is available online if you google it. it's hearty, easy to make a lot of it for a group, and can be made in advance (although better warm so just heat up at game time). i just made this last weekend with guinea hens for a pre-christmas dinner. i also made corn bread which is another potential make-in-advance side.

Mail Order Beef for Burgers?

yes! pat lafrieda dry aged blend!!

Substitute for Sunchoke Soup

mmm sunchokes. too bad fd is out of them.

how about a cauliflower soup? thomas keller has a good recipe in ad hoc at home

Food gift baskets for a sick friend?

for basic baskets, i like dean and deluca or zingermans

murrays cheese in nyc is also good, mostly cheese focused but also has charcuterie, snacks, and olives

Desserts to Deconstruct

there's a place called the bees knees in nyc that does this - maybe you can draw some inspiration from their menu:

low-mid range restaurants for two girls in east village

for upper east village/close to flatiron - try northern spy food co., ippudo, maysville, boqueria

Cookie Monster: Salted Caramel Shortbread Cups

i just made these. i burnt the caramel and my finger - i'll be more careful next time when caramel gets to boiling point. i think i left it on too long.

the shortbread cups worked out well for me. i would eat them on their own or filled with other things. they puffed up (@rmhorath) but not that much. i really pressed the dough into the cupcake containers and i think that helped.

Where Are You a Regular in NYC?

huh - little collins - i had never heard of it - thanks for the tip avaryne. thats not too far from my office, i'll check it out!

Where Are You a Regular in NYC?

ok i think i'll define regular by "the staff recognizes me." by this definition, it's generally breakfast and lunch near the office: sushi ann, amma, 'wichcraft on 47th, and that newish bakery on 51st st - pomme palais

Lunch place near MOMA

how about in MOMA? the bar room at MOMA is great for lunch. and a cocktail.

special duo birthday dinner in NYC

the vibe at babbo and colicchio have energy in common. babbo is an interesting blend of intimate/rock and roll while colicchio is, as you note, bigger and has more of a bustling metropolitan restaurant feel to it. i've never ordered the tasting menu at colicchio and sons, just a la carte. they have a good wine list though, id recommend splurging on that.

i definitely would not recommend getting a room at the nomad just to eat at the restaurant. i've never stayed there though so i dont know if its worth staying there for its own sake. the location is certainly central.