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How to Make the Best Pesto

Yep, I usually use pumpkin seeds for my pesto.

Behind the Scenes at Co-Op Sauce: Awesome Sauce for a Good Cause

thanks for this article, I will be ordering this weekend!

Super Bowl Party Giveaway: 17th Street BBQ Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork

helped butcher the pig that was to be bbq'ed in various formats.

Let's Get Drunk Watching: The Taste

I'm watching the show for Bourdain and Nigella. I hate Malarkey with a passion. I like Uno, and have a love/hate relationship with Diane.

Sonoma, CA: The Fremont Diner Makes a Disappointing Burger in a Great Location

I believe the movie Pulp Fiction discussed the requirements of a 5 dollar milkshake. Sorry yours did not meet those requirements.

TGI Fry-Day: Chicken Wings at Belly Shack

the sauce looks good, what was it like? I'd like to copy it.

Mulberry Jam

no need for pectin? I'll have to try this one!

food mill recommendations?

thanks for the help, Oxo it is!

Turkey Tortilla Soup

how is this for heat? I have a couple of kids who can tolerate some heat, but I don't want it to be too spicy that they won't eat it, lol.


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